Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Crazy Knitting!

I think anything I knit tonight would likely be a little wonky or look a bit crazy.

I nearly melted today in the heat…high 90’s with a over 100 “feels like” temp, running a bunch of errands with Isaiah & the AC in the van died. 

So we are driving with the windows open and making our stops, working our way home…the second to the last stop the latch on the van door flipped and the door wouldn’t shut…in the middle of a parking lot.  Now, the doors not really a problem, I know how to fix it but, its been about 6-9 months since I’ve driven the van & all my little tools in there have grown legs and walked away.  I just need a screwdriver to “flip” the latch. 

Let me tell you, a toothbrush won’t work,

a magic marker won’t work.

Best Buy & Bed Bath & Beyond don’t sell screwdrivers. 

Our 3rd trip into BB&B for shade and cool air the young clerk handed me a screwdriver from behind the counter and said “here, just don’t say anything and bring it back.”  Within 2 minutes it was fixed.

We’d been in the parking lot for 90 minutes, in that darn hot sun.  I’m taking that sweetheart a gift card tomorrow!  And you might wonder why didn’t I call someone for help?  Well, the heat was already getting to us at the prior stop and I left my phone on the counter!

By the time we got home we were both half sick, to hot to even get in the pool, so it was cool showers and lots of frozen juice bars.

So no, there will be no crazy wonky knitting tonight!

Tomorrow, will be back to normal


  1. What a DAY!! Rain rain and more rain here. Even had my heat on for a few minutes today.

  2. Wow what a day! Want some of our rain? Did you get your phone back?