Monday, January 28, 2013

Finished Mitts

Ready for the mail tomorrow.

My first pair of “Reading Mitts”  How cute are these!

Knit using Tosh Vintage in Cedar to coordinate with the


second Pfeiffer Falls Hood


Hood Lain out to dry

I really like the mock picot edging and eyelets


All that warmth with a nice feminine touch.

Stitching up a second pair now

What’s on your needles?


Saturday, January 26, 2013

A treat for me

Another  “Age of Brass and Steam Kerchief”

Only this one is for me!

We were at the RV show and I needed something I could work on that didn’t take a lot of focus.  This turned out to be the perfect project & I love the results.

I used Plymouth Yarn “Happy Feet”.

The colors greens, wine and berry with a touch of honey will blend are perfect with my wardrobe.



A little something that I an toss on for added warmth and to dress up my jeans.


Wip’s are coming along.  I’ve a sweater waiting for a hood & I know it will involve a serious game of yardage chicken..reading mitts

one to match the hood and another in shades of greys.

I should have updates and finished photos Monday

Have a wonderful weekend




Monday, January 21, 2013

A Simple Touch Of Luxury

That feel so good & a treat for your dry winter skin

Stitches are knit by me with eco friendly 100% cotton in various patterns

The cotton gently exfoliates and is soft enough for babies skin

My Soap sacks are large enough to handle the big bars and help minimalize waste.  The draw string holds your soap in place & provides a easy hang cord.

Fresh Blue, White & Yellow cheerful spring colors


Neutral Sand and White


These Blue, Ivory & Sand  Spa Cloths are knit double stranded for that extra touch of luxury


making them them a treat for you and a perfect for gifting.

Customize your color to match your bath and they will be ready to ship within a week.

What are your perfect color combinations?


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Age Of Steam and Brass Revisited

Off the needles and in the mail.

I love the simplicity of this pattern which can be worn as a shawl or, draped in front as a scarf.

  It’s a relatively quick knit and allows colors like this “Nova” from Blissful Knits


become paint on a canvas


Right now it’s somewhere between Indiana and Modesto, California on the way to my niece Kelly.

I hope she finds as much joy in using it as I did in the knitting.



I’m still working on the second Pfeiffer Falls Hood. 

Knitting this many cable repeats has been surprisingly peaceful


As of this morning it measures 45 inches long which, is just a hair over half way….unless the mama decides she would like it longer.

What are you working on today?

Friday, January 18, 2013

Organizing My Patterns

My patterns are/were out of control.

When I moved my yarn and fabric into the studio I had everything neat and organized.  Everything but the patterns that is.  Finally able to have a dedicated space, as I gathered them up from various spots about the house I stacked them on the shelves….and as the pile got bigger ….the less I wanted to dive into this mess.


Then through the early fall & holidays I had a case of frenzied knitting for gifts and customers…..and printed more patterns. 


And there were even more designs I knew I didn’t have time to make then but, didn’t want to forget about.   Needless to say I’ve been finding patterns all over….. in the kitchen, in folders in the studio….


I had a major mess.

I spent yesterday alternating between knitting and sorting patterns. I admit it was a all day project and a bit over whelming.  At one point my entire dining room was covered in paper piles, kids hats, sweaters, mittens socks etc.…then the same for adults. But by the end of the day all were sorted in to categories and nearly half into notebooks


3 notebooks down and 4 to go


The remaining piles are sorted so it should be quick work to get them in notebooks

Any patterns I pitched were shredded and added to the compost bin & the folders were some I’d already had.

From here on out I shouldn’t have a problem keeping them organized.

How do you keep your patterns sorted?


Monday, January 14, 2013

Fresh Listings For Waldorf Babies

My brother in law had a few dental appointments last week involving oral surgery….needless to say he couldn’t drive so I was his ride.  While sitting in the waiting room people watching/waiting I knit.  I’ve a few customs in progress but, I don’t like taking others yarn out and about…so I grabbed some stash yarn to play a bit.

Using the last of the Gradient color way from “Little Monkey Stitch N Spin”

& patterns from Ashely Darling…

The Darling Little Romper….shorts or swim suit version for a 10-12 inch doll


The Darling Little Sweater Dress for a 10-12 inch doll


And a modified 3 Tiered skirt and scarf or kerchief also for a 10-12 inch doll.IMG_1852


A few customs nearly ready….

Finishing up a couple of custom rompers

These are designed to fit a 16 inch “Vine Baby”

Rough unblocked progress photos for the Mama

I need to work on the eyes for this one.  I tried to set them so you could change the expression but it turned out a bit creepy to me


The tiger is still waiting for his face.  Trying to decide what I want to do here


A sweater who’s hood should be finished this evening.

  I’m using “Fleur” from Blissful Knits and it’s a dream to work with.


More progress photos should be up tomorrow.