Thursday, March 31, 2011

Custom Skirties Ready For The Mail

Ruffled Skirties!

Using the Little Trunks Knits “Super Trim Soaker” And my color way “Wildflowers”


And "Flowers Gone Wild” from fellow Etsian Moonlight & Laughter


Laundered, lanolized and will be in the mail today


Just finished and ready to list to the Katidids Etsy Shop

“Earth Love” Large Shorties on BFL


On the needles now

A custom Elizabeth Tunic using Little Trunks Knits new color way

”Ballerina Girl”


Beautiful soft colors on Gaia worsted.  Makes me think of tutu’s and tights

Coordinated with a pair of bloomers, this will be a sweet summer outfit!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Flowers Gone Wild WIP

We Had a Crazy busy weekend and none of it involved knitting but, the good news is the addition is over half way done!!

I did however get this far on the custom

“Flowers Gone Wild” Skirty before we started on the drywall & mudding.


I wanted to provide a quick customer update with a few photos. I used my favorite soaker pattern from Little Trunks Knits the “Super Trim Soaker”.


As you can see the actual soaker and skirty are done with one more leg and the draw cord to complete….Which should be done with in the hour. Smile

Friday, March 25, 2011

Etsy Stocking!

While I’m waiting for yarn shipments for customs I have a bit of time to knit for the shop! And it’s about time right?

A few things listed to the Katidids shop this week.A fun ruffled skirty in blues, pinks & teals.  Woodsman Shorties & Skirty 005

Small Woodsman shorties in “Purewool” Woodsman Shorties & Skirty 003

My camera settings are off and I’m trying to fix it but, The skirty is not quite as day-glow as it appears, it is a bright and cheery garment.  The shorties are a deeper green than they appear also! Once I figure out the problem I’ll retake these photo’s!

For FB friends of KatididsKnits watch for a weekend deal!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fluffy Mail ! Oh, The Yarnie Goodness!

My poor mail lady, I need to gift her with some mitts for this winter.  Stalking shops is one thing but stalking the mail lady is a bit creepy I’m sure LOL!

On the way to me some drool worthy yarnie goodness….

From Family Pendragon “Camelot”,  Worsted / Aran Merino Superwash.   A new dapple dyed colorway for 2011


From Little Trunks Knits,  “Emily” Gaia Worsted kettle dyed 8 ozKettle dyed Emily

Also from Little Trunks Knits, “Boys Of Summer” 8 oz Gaia worsted Kettle dyedBoys of summer kettle dyed


Eweandmeyarns 5oz of “Spring Melon” on merinoSpring Melon

Also Eweandmeyarns 5 oz of “Dark Violet Berry”Dark Violet berry

Arrived and ready to use is 

Eweandmeyarn 5oz “Red Sunset” merino

Sunset Red

Moonlight and Laughter “Flowers Gone Wild” 7oz MerinoFlowers Gone WIld

Wool ready to use!

I have customs opening for April so,

Check out my current Cottage Licenses if you need some inspiration!

Watch for next week’s stocking with Little Trunks Knits!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Overall Stocking & Etsy Stocking!

Double Stocking!

  Overall stocking at Little Trunks Knits is up for preview now and goes live at 11am! 

Oh my gosh, such a cute collection of overalls, shortalls and skirted shortalls from Jenny, Heather of Bottom Stoppers & myself. 

Be sure and stop in and make your selection. 

Also stocking at the Katidids Etsy shop. 

A adorable Elizabeth Tunic in dress length.  Superwash wool makes it easy care and cooler than cotton.ET and Goldfish 010

Deep Teal Large Goldfish Shorties.  Nice and thick for summer night time use. 

ET and Goldfish 014

On the needles now is a cute skirty in a mix of blues and pinks that should be listed to the Etsy Shop by weeks end.

Blues Skirty 001

Summer is on the way! Are you ready?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Easy Access Romper Pattern Release!

Raya at Blissful Knits has a fun new romper pattern which I was fortunate enough to test knit.

The Easy Access Romper

Easy Access Romper 001

So many options …. great summer or winter use. 

The bodice & neck are ribbed for a trim fit, collar, arm & leg options…..truly an all season romper!

It’s been a busy week finishing knits for the Overall Stocking on the 22nd with Hyena Cart’s

Little Trunks Knits.

The Sassy Lassie Overalls & a Super-wash Elizabeth Tunic are done and ready for photos.

Could I actually be caught up and ready to knit for the Etsy shop again?


Look for shorties and a few other things to be stocked soon & custom spots are available

Friday, March 18, 2011

Custom Knits Ready for the MAIL!

Freshly washed, lanolized and ready for the mail Elizabeth Tunic & Capri’s

I love this colorway.  I think it will coordinate with anything!  This set will see a lot of use that’s for sure~Custom Romper & Overalls 009

Molly Bubble Tunic using Splash licorice twist from Same Knit Different Day

Draw strings of lime & the splash, also 2 ribbons.  I couldn’t decide which I liked better so, I included them all as each gives a totally different look.Custom Romper & Overalls 015 Custom Romper & Overalls 016

Both are listed in the Shop now.

You probably noticed my photos are back outside….I love the natural light.  But there is another reason……..

Custom Romper & Overalls 005

The budding artist found a BIG white board to decorate!  What can you do, she had fun and I got very lucky…it wasn’t the walls or carpet!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fluffy Mail & Overall stocking with Little Trunks!

Fluffy mail on the way to  me from Little Trunks Knits! One of Jen’s NEW custom color-ways…I’ve yet to decide what it will become.  Any suggestions?


Other fluffy mail was 8oz of beautiful squishiness Mosaic Moon Grandmothers Garden on targhee. Yes, it is available for customs !

We postponed out Overall stocking on Little Trunks until 22 March to allow us more time to have even MORE cute overalls ready so…. I have time to make another pair!  This time…..

“Sassy Lassie” a new colorway of Little Trunks Knits, on Journey Merino.  The colors don’t show very well here but, its a rich purple, pink, lime and hunter green.  Sassy Lassie 001 

This photo was taken last night, right now I’m ready to start the gusset.  I really like how these are turning out.  I have to dig through the Tessa Ann buttons to see what will coordinate.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Couple of Customs Ready

Customs in the mail, Western Sky Knits “Ellie Lou” on cestariElla soaker 154in the mail today.

Elizabeth Tunic & Capri’s with Inspired Mama Makes “Earthy Rainbow” on Licorice Twist & Cascade 220. The set is drying now and as soon as I finish the headband it will be in the mail!

Earthy Rainbow Set 005

Splash Molly Bubble is blocking as we “speak” and I’ll have photos up tomorrow.

It’s been a busy week so far & the sun is out for once!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Molly Bubble On The Needles

A quick custom update.

On the needles now is a YYMN custom “Molly Bubble Romper” using  “Splash” on Licorice Twist from Same Knit Different Dye. 

MB 001

Beautiful colors and dye work!

We’re using the rich blue for the bodice and I’ll make a drawstring in each of the accenting colors to give quite a few options. Blues, lime, white & turquoise… It was hard to decide which color to use for the bodice as each gives a totally different look.  …

Hey, the sun is shining!

Have a great weekend


Thursday, March 10, 2011

Overalls, Overalls & MORE Overalls!

First Up!

Custom Scrappy Bayside Britches with a modified bib.  Toddler size soon to be on the way to a happy Mama. 

Happy Me also!  I was able to clear out a TON of scraps…..nearly all I thought until I found another bag stashed.  But, that’s ok, this fall I’ll add length to the legs if the Mama chooses.


Next up, Keiki Overalls test knit using Stitches Under the Sun colorway “Watercolors” on BFL. Tessa Ann buttons as accent.                                                                         This was such a fun pattern and I LOVE the way these are made.  The straps are double for a nice sturdy strap, there are hip button to adjust for chunky monkey’s.  Just the true denim overall feel! OVERALLS 001

Boy”ish” Bayside Britches this time using Mosaic Moon’s “October Morning” .yet again on BFL and more Tessa Ann buttons.  A rich chocolate this time. All of these and the Mosaic Moon “Spring Basket” Kieki Overalls will be stocked on Hyena cart with Little Trunks Knits next weekOVERALLS 006And a lesson learned,

The hard way!

I don’t think I’ll ever again forget the final rinse when dying wool.

I loved these!

I nearly cried when I pulled them out of the lanolin bath.  I’d forgotten they were soaking (I won’t tell you how long)

The purple ran. If I’d noticed it right away I could have rinsed them out but…they soaked to long and the dye is set.

So, If anyone wants a good deal on “knock around the house”  modified Bayside britches with button legs, let me know!

I’ll make you a good deal!

Dye Run 001 Dye Run 002

Dye Run 003

I even have buttons to sew on…I may cry while I do it but, It’s a mistake I won’t make again!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Keiki Overalls In Progress

Small Keiki overalls in progress. 

These should be done but I’ve had a few distractions.

One is  choosing the finishing style. Keeping in mind these have pink straps, my thoughts are of a pocket & seed stitch cuff in green and ruffles in pink.  Help me decide with your comments here or on FB!Keiki & Teal sw 004 There may be enough for a little shrug to create a set

A nice spring super-wash in Teal that I believe wants to be a “Pretty Girl Top” is on the list.

Keiki & Teal sw 003

Off for new glasses before I knit anything else!

Monday, March 7, 2011

On and off the needles. Dress, Shorties and a Sneak Peek!

Bug`n`Bear just released a new Tunic/dress pattern called “Pretty Girl Top”

And by now you know I’m a sucker for baby girl anything so I just had to slide one in!

I didn’t have any bulky weight the pattern called for so,  I modified it a tad for worsted weight.

Using Moonlight & Laughter's hand dyed baby soft merino & cascade 220

0-3 Months dress!

Pretty Gir; Tulips top dress 002

How cute is this!  It would make an adorable Easter dress!

Listed in the shop now~Easy off and on over the head, no snaps or buttons.  I have just enough of the colorway left for a matching soaker and/or sun hat.

Dry and ready to list are Large shorties

Keiki 007

An my second test knit of “Keiki Overalls” by DaKine Knits

Obviously a WIP but, I love how the colors are coming together!

Keiki 001

The photo is from this morning, I’m ready to join the front and back now.  Smalls are so much quicker than a large!

Off to knit!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Crazy Busy Week

Its been crazy but productive week. 

Finished knits are stacking up waiting for drying room. 2 test knits completed (photos to come soon) the boyish Bayside’s and modified girly Bayside short-alls…also a scrappy pair of short-alls. Oh, and a pair of large shorties…

overallscrappies 003

I completed the knitting portion of the scrappies last night and am busy weaving in a bazillion and one ends. A couple of primary color TessaAnn Buttons and they will be ready for a lanolin bath and blocking.

And a test knit for Melissa of DaKine Knits.  A wonderful new design called “Keika Overalls”. 

I know at first I honestly though,” another overall pattern!” .  But, I think this design is so cute it will be a major hit!   Melissa has added creative touches to her design that will make it super popular but,  you have to wait for blocking to see the finished product or…. you can go here for a sneak peek!

Keiki Tester 007Between this pattern and the Bayside Britches, I doubt I’ll need another overall pattern!

Yup, that’s it!

This is all the pic’s there are until I have items blocked and buttons sewn on.

I’ve been seriously slacking in the “finishing” department and am working on that today.