Friday, October 29, 2010

Fluffy Mail & Christmas Knitting!

I have fluffy mail!  I love, Love, LOVE Fluffy Mail!

Today’s Delivery is another shipment from Moonlight & Laughter.

I’d asked for a boy, a girl and a GN colorway…

L@@K what she sent!

  IMG_1081 IMG_1083



Can’t wait to dive into this wonderful squishiness!

OK, I should be packing as we leave tomorrow…have I even pulled out a suit case?  NO!  I keep starting new projects.  Yesterday using Little Trunk’s Knits colorway “T’was the Night before Christmas” I started a Christmas outfit. 

I know,  using colors with that name, what else would I make right?

I used her free Summertime Bubble Top pattern I modified it as a tunic!  I’m now working on matching longies. 

I really appreciate the shorter repeats & lack of pooling

Fluffy Mail & NBC 007 

But finishing them will have to wait!

Fluffy Mail & NBC 006

Don’t forget, Little Trunks Knits has a stocking today!  Come see the squishy goodness!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stocking on Hyena Cart!

Newborn Longies are just so sweet!

These were knit with Merisoft hand paint aran weight.  A luxurious yarn that is perfect for a new baby’s tender skin.

These will be up for preview with “Little Trunks Knits”” on Hyena cart!Snow Blossom & Bitty Blues 007

Custom knit for Miss Maddie, the “Ruffle Queen”Snow Blossom & Bitty Blues 017 

with coordinating sister pants for Miss Gabby!

Snow Blossom & Bitty Blues 001

And the Smudge Pot Longies are also completed and on their way to a cloth diapered little manSmudge Pot Longies 008

I’m hoping Mama will send a photo or 2…..Hint, Hint!

On the needles now are Honey Crisp longies by Huckleberry Knits.  We had tornado warnings and a nasty storm today so I had quite a bit of free time in the basement which means a lot of time knitting.  I hope to have them completed tomorrow.

Stay warm out there!


Saturday, October 23, 2010

I have Fluffy Mail!!

  Stuffed mail boxes are fun especially when its full of fluffy mail!

“T’was the Night before Christmas”

A hand-dyed goodie from Jennifer of

 “Little Trunks Knits”

Twas-the-Night-Before-Chris8 oz of fluffy  Gaia Bulky goodness!

I have to see what this wants to be as what ever I decide could be used all year long! 

A win, win for extending any garment use.

Got your wool on?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Custom Smudge Pot Longies Update

What a fun colorway and very aptly named!

This reminds me of smeared newspaper print after children have been painting

 Smudge Pot working 001

Grays, browns, copper,and blues

Smudge Pot working 002

And yes, my toes are freezing but I refuse to give up the flip flops yet!

Snow Blossom longies I’m starting over as I found a bolder pink which matches better.

And, I’m on the search for Selah Never land if anyone has some they would like to part with. 

An oz or 2 would work as its for a finishing trim

Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bayside Baby & Wip Custom Knits


I can never leave a pattern alone and with Jennifer of Little Trunks permission, I made a few mods to her Bayside Britches pattern.  A full bib with button straps  and, I LOVE how it turned out!  I like the wider bib for warmth and coverage for a baby. 

These will be stocked with Little Trunks Knits on Hyena Cart on October 29th!Owlie Bayside Mod 009

The wool is a OOAK colorway from Laurel Love Boutique on Etsy. Next to the skin soft peruvian wool, accented with Tessa Ann Buttons

Owlie Bayside Mod 003

Next on the needles are Smudge Pot Blue by Stash Up Yarns. 

I’m really liking how these are turning out.

Smudgepot working 001

Also on the needles are Mosaic Moon Snow Blossom….pic’s up soon!

Hope everyone is enjoying the seasonal change!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Custom Longies & Ruffle Mania!

  This was my first time using a Sugarbubbie colorway & it won’t be the last!  

  The short color repeats in “Treasure” Knit up beautifully!

   Treasure & MO 006

Mosaic Moon. ….surprise, surprise, right?

This time its “Malayan Orchid” A custom knit for the Marvelous Miss Maddie

a girly girl who loves her ruffles.

Treasure & MO 008

On the needles now are medium “Grass Lizard” Longies

 Treasure & MO 013

This I think is the 3rd colorway I dyed. 

I’ve started this pair numerous times and for one reason or another never finished them. 

This time I just have a few inches to complete the legs.


The other day I was updating the customs list and I wiped it out.

I’ve looked through all my notes and I think I have everyone. If I’ve left you off, Please let me know!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mixed Bag of Longies & Unwanted House Guest

Today there is a bit of everything! 

Longies just stocked to the shop.

Small hand dyed

on Cascade 220 baseLeaf Pile 004

Completed customs for Tia.

Mosaic Moon in Newgrange, in the mail to a little manNewgate &wip 009

Mosaic Moon “Malayan Orchid” custom longies for Maddie.who, just became a Big Sister!

Starting the legs this evening!MO WIP 006

Last night I was up knitting late, the house was quiet…

except for this faint,soft noise…..



I checked the faucet, no drips.

Checked the back door, nothing there.

The dog didn’t react at all so I went back to knitting. 

Then “thwack”……..”’thwack”……”thwackthwackthwack”

From the corner of my eye I saw movement




I had a guest.

A very small 1 inch unwanted guest.


MO WIP 001

For such a tiny guy

this little sucker can move fast!

I found him at 11:30PM and didn’t catch him until 2:00AM!

All I can figure is he must have been an unseen hitch hiker when I brought plants indoors!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

10/10/2010 Sale on Longies and Tunics

Need more wool longies for your little one? 

Well, now’s the time! 

All Longies and Tunics are on sale! 

Tomboy 009 Dryads & newgrange 003

Most Tunics are wool but, there are a few non wool for those that like the look but, prefer other than wool

new stuff 050

A Mix of sizes and colors

sets 011

& babydoll 015

This sale runs today & tomorrow only so be sure and stop in the shop!

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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Wool Longies, Dryads Dance & Newgrange!

Dryads Dance is Done!  Ready to put in the mail Monday.    Dryads & newgrange 026 

Each time I work with a new colorway of Mosaic Moon it becomes my new favorite.  This one will be wonderful for year round use but perfect for the Christmas season! Great gender neutral colors also.

Dryads & newgrange 023

Tia, Newgrange is on the needles!

Dryads & newgrange 017

I hope to have them finished and ready for the mail Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Custom Longies on the Needles & Longies stocking!

On the needles now, custom longies in Mosaic Moon’s Dryads Dance .  Such vibrant colors.

I love how this is knitting up & think the Mama will also.Dryads Dance working 003

Tomboy Longies!  

Yummy BFL!

Tomboy, The little one that crawls UP the slide, finds every water puddle and dirt pile. Plays with trucks as easily a a doll.

Tomboy 009

She’s your sugar and spice that's likely to have a frog in her pocket!
Arrives lanolized and ready for her next adventure.
Hip 20-21
Rise 18
Inseam 11

Stocked in the Katidids Etsy Shop last night.

Got your wool on?

Monday, October 4, 2010

October Colors Available for customs

Colors, colors Everywhere!

I have 3, possibly 4 openings for customs in October, to the first of November.

Colors I have available from the top of the wool bin……

Starting with “Boyish”

From “Stash up Yarns” 8oz  Smudge Pot Blue! All shades of blue with grey, greens browns and a touch of copper. Great for boys by could be a gender neutral colorway

 oct colors 004 

Next up the ever yummy Mosaic Moon.  8oz of Newgrange on MMR

oct colors 008

Think all things chocolate with a touch of caramel and chestnut from Liberty Fibers 8 oz

oct colors 007

Gender neutral and holiday colors are:

YUMMY Moonlight and Laughter, “Rainbow to the Stars” 7oz

oct colors 011

Stitches Under the Sun

“Ice Skating “ BFL 7oz

oct colors 022

Little Trunks Knits

“Santa’s Reindeer” Bulky Gaia 8 oz

oct colors 020

And the Girly choices:

Wildflower Whimsy, “Autumnal Rainbow” 8oz  Lily

oct colors 013

One of my color-ways,  6 oz on heavy worsted

oct colors 014

Inspired Mama Makes, “Earthy Rainbow” 6oz twistoct colors 017 

Another of my color-ways, 4ozoct colors 018

Last but not least

Beautiful Nurturing Threads. Caramel Apple 4ozoct colors 019 

First come first served!  YYMN customs fall in order of date your yarn is received.

Longies, tunics’, baby-doll’s, overalls, hats…they are all open!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Katidids Guest stocking on Hyena Cart!


Once again I’ve been invited to participate as a guest with “Little Trunks Knits” on Hyena Cart!

Slice of Pie,  “Pumpkin Pie” of Wildflower Whimsy.Trimmed with Tessa Ann Button.  6-12 mo Kenna Button Top, coordinating longies & matching Tickle Hat.

Be sure to stop in as Jennifer has some beautiful sets and, hand-dyed yarn offered!

Berry set & Pumpkin Pie 011

Listed today in the shop are a pair of Scrappy Longies, girly style!

scrappy girl 005

Today seemed to be “finishing day” as I also listed another Kenna Set. Trimmed with Tessa Ann buttons.  Wild flower Whimsy again (I love the colors and softness!)  This colorway is called “Lufaloo” Brown, pinks to berry, green & deep lavender.  Rich shades with deep lavender longies.

Lufaloo set 009

In the mail yesterday to a brand new little lady, The Berry Peep with coordinating longies.  I love the simplicity of this set & believe I will be making many, many, more!Berry set & Pumpkin Pie 005 

This weekend I’ll pull colors for October customs offered.  More Wildflower Whimsy or Mosaic Moon and Little Trunks colors in the mix!

Are you ready for winter holiday colors?

Have a great weekend!