Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Mixed Bag of Longies & Unwanted House Guest

Today there is a bit of everything! 

Longies just stocked to the shop.

Small hand dyed

on Cascade 220 baseLeaf Pile 004

Completed customs for Tia.

Mosaic Moon in Newgrange, in the mail to a little manNewgate &wip 009

Mosaic Moon “Malayan Orchid” custom longies for Maddie.who, just became a Big Sister!

Starting the legs this evening!MO WIP 006

Last night I was up knitting late, the house was quiet…

except for this faint,soft noise…..



I checked the faucet, no drips.

Checked the back door, nothing there.

The dog didn’t react at all so I went back to knitting. 

Then “thwack”……..”’thwack”……”thwackthwackthwack”

From the corner of my eye I saw movement




I had a guest.

A very small 1 inch unwanted guest.


MO WIP 001

For such a tiny guy

this little sucker can move fast!

I found him at 11:30PM and didn’t catch him until 2:00AM!

All I can figure is he must have been an unseen hitch hiker when I brought plants indoors!

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