Monday, February 28, 2011

WIP’s…Shorties & Bayside’s On the needles

Shorties for the Etsy shop in the works, Size M/L using Moonlight & Laughter” In The Reeds”bsc 005 These will be a nice weight for night time use.

And The Girly Bayside Britches are turning out cute I think.

bsc 001

Buttons and ruffles are all that’s left to be done. 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Ruffled Bayside Britches on the Needles!

Bayside Britches, BFL & Ruffles, can it get any better? BFL BA 002

I stopped in Grinny Possum Fiber Arts (my Local Yarn store) and found some new Heathers Cascade 220.

I loved this color combination and immediately thought of a Elizabeth Tunic set.BFL BA 004

The October Morning Bayside Shortalls are done. 

I’m just waiting for the right buttons to to appear.

I also started a pair of GN to boyish” shorties. 

And The Spring Cleaning Sale in the Katidids Etsy shop will be on until tomorrow.

15%off in stock items!

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

WIP…Bayside Britches & Face in the Color-way

Progress is being made on the “October Morning” Bayside BritchesBay Side mm 001 Actually I’m further than planned this morning.  I sat down with my morning coffee and was looking over progress made last night……and the colors just sucked me in.  Then the soft silkiness of the BFL made it difficult to put down. 

Often working with a colorway, I can see a babe wearing it…a cherub face with ribbons or curls.. a rosebud mouth blowing bubbles..or a silly smile with a pile of Lego's  

With October Morning, I see…a mischievous grin that means trouble of some sort..jumping in mud puddles, poking a stick in the waters of the creek…..and band-aids! 

Although this pair is a 9 month size, I think Mama will be seeing signs of that little man already!

So tell me, do you see faces in color-ways?

Or, am I more than a just a little bit” crazy!

Have a great weekend!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Bayside Britches, on and off the needles!

Customs Bayside Britches for Steph, pre blocking. 

Washed, lanolized and ready to ship in the morning!.Denim & adobe preblock 003

On the needles now Is another 9 mo pair.  This time using Mosaic Moon “October Morning” on super soft BFL.  Traditionally this would be a fall colorway with the green, blue & rust but, using the blue as a trim its almost “springy”

Bayside MM 002

And I think it’s time for a girly knit so, another pair to be needs to be started.  I think I’ll be using Ewe Need It’s

“Mermaid Cove” on a nice spring merino.  Bayside MM 003

The size of this pair is yet to be determined but,

I’m feeling in the mood for ruffles!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Skirty Listing at Katidids Tonight & WIP Update!

  More cruddy photo’s.  I can’t seen to get my lighting right for correct colors.  Tomorrow if its not raining I’ll try for better. 

But in the mean time….to be listed in the Katidids Etsy shop tonight

“Violet Park” Skirty, Using the Little Trunks Knits Super Trim SoakerVP Skirty 007  These shades look more blue”ish” but is actually a deep lavender soaker.  The skirty is a blend of purple, lavender and orchid with every shade between cream to chocolateVP Skirty 006

One of the current WIP’s

Bayside Britches  shorties for Steph

Another Little Trunks Knits Pattern!Adobe & denim 001

This colorway is one I played with last year,

“Denim & Adobe”

Just a quick progress photo & if everything goes as planned I’ll have it completed tonight.

Lets hope the projected tornado and 70mh winds pass us by!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Custom Shorties

2 pair of shorties for a lucky little man &, I have to say I had a blast working with this Mama.   It’s nice when your customers become friends.

First up “Mr Roboto” by Dear Husband on BBR

Liam trim 044

It was fun watching these shorties take shape.  I have an extra skein of this colorway that may become Bayside Britches Short-alls if not claimed soon for a custom.

Next up was “Liam” by Lollytree  Yarn on BBR

 Liam Completed 002

Both were YYMN (your yarn my needles).  Liam was marked as a second but, I have to say I was very impressed with the integrity of this dyer.  There is a tiny & I mean TINY overlap of brown to the green. If she had not said it was a second, I would have thought it was just part of the colorway! 

These shortiesare on the way to Florida where I’m sure it’s MUCH warmer!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Test knitting Progress & Custom Sleep sack

Oh My!  I’m lovin how this test knit is working up!  The Violet Park is knitting up wonderfully also with very little pooling

new WIPs 012

  The sleep sack is completed and ready to be blocked.  “100 Purewool” is such a joy to knit with and even nicer to use for newborns tender skin. 

Sleep sacks are the perfect gift for bleary eyed new parents.  The stitching keeps the bottom snugged up but allows easy access for those middle of the night diaper changes we all stumble with while we’re half asleep.

PW sleep Sack 001

Quick access without fumbling with additional buttons or snaps for the parents & babies are changed with out having to stuff those noodley legs back into a sleeper.

Which means a happy, dry sleeping baby…. and snoring parents

Friday, February 18, 2011

Did you see “Dreaming of Spring” Etsy Cloth Diaper Team Treasury?

Be sure to check out the Team treasury here!  You won’t believe some of the great cloth diapering products the team offers. 

Check out all the fluffy goodness!

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Test Knitting & A Custom Sleep Sack

Raya of Blissful Knits has done it again!  The woman must have 500 patterns in her head just clamoring to be created! 

She has 2-3 new recently released and, this is a test for another. 

What is it? 

Well, you’ll just have to wait and watch it develop!

Cast on using “Violet Park” purchased from fellow Etsian eweandmeyarns.

After seeing the prototype and others testing I know this will be a popular pattern!Test Knit 

Also on the needles is a custom Sleep Sack.  Sleep sack 007

Pattern by Mandie of Sheepy Time Knits using Purewool.

Since the Mama has decided to be surprised as to the baby’s gender this colorway was a smart choice. I think she’s going to love it.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Making Progress

Calipso Soaker

Nearly done this morning with the Calipso Soaker which is good as I’m nearly out of yarn.

Calipso Soaker 001

Deep coral pink, bright green, mulberry & bright blue. 

Colors that make me feel the island breeze, hot sand between my toes & hear the sound of powerful waves crashing on the surf………

calgon take me away!

I hope to have these listed in the Katidids Etsy Shop tonight…..if I’m back from my mental vacation

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Monday, February 14, 2011

1 Soaker stocked today

Today, Knitting time was at a premium. 

I had the pleasure of Evie’s company…..a sick Evie. 

This was her happy face for the day.

Everything but apple juice was yucky.  Mad and sic baby 003

However, I was able to complete this GN soaker. Mad and sic baby 004 Yummy silky BFL.  Listed in the shop!

Other than that, this little bit is all I accomplished!

New Soaker 001

Shipments due to go out today will go out tomorrow morning,  Sorry for the day delay but I just couldn’t take her out today.


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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Baby Baysides Stocked Tonight!

Just listed in the Katidids Etsy Shop

0-3mo sized Bayside Britches another wonderful pattern from Little Trunks Knits .

Bitty Baysides 002 My hand-dyed on aran weight merino,  Super soft for newborns.

Accented with Tessa Ann buttons.

Soaker Stocking at Katidids Etsy!

It seems nearly half of my customers are expecting this spring or summer & I’ve had quite  a few request’s for warm weather soakers. 

After knitting the long legs of longies all winter, knitting soakers with the “Super Trim Soaker” pattern from Little Trunks Knits feel like instant gratification!

These will be listed tonight or tomorrow in the Katidids Etsy Shop

All will come with waist ties, photos were taken before blocking.

Using one on my hand-dyed

Gender neutral, Brown, Orange White & Teal knit with a nice aran weight merino

super soft and very absorbent

Soakers 004

I’ve had this yarn for a while but it was really to light for a soaker.  More of a sport weight but, knit double stranded it makes a super dense soaker!Soakers 010

On the needles now is another gender neutral colorway. 

Another of my hand-dyed on BFL. Teal & Brown Soaker 002

Shades of teal, browns and white.  Super soft and silky for a new baby.

2 test knits are also on the needles with pic’s to come soon.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Belle Romper & Pay ATTENTION When Blocking

Can you say the worst blocking job in history?  I was so worried about blocking the button placket correctly I forgot all about the front!  This is the sad result the next morning. Lessons learned right?

My first Bell Romper.  A great pattern by Cristi Hall.

It was a fun knit and I can’t wait to see photo’s on the recipient.

Correctly blocked of course!

Belle 1

A slimmed down version of the Fiona Romper a pattern by

Elizabeth Daugherity of Sweet Monkey Baby

Fresh Knits 024

I should have listed tomorrow in the Etsy Shop

Earth Day Shorties on cestari….

Earth shorties 002

And a “Woodsman” Reid Romper  on “Purewool”

The summer version, with short sleeves and legs.Woodsman Romper 006

Look at these buttons I found from buttonsbyrobin on Etsy!

  I think they fit it just perfectly!

Woodsman Romper 004

Spring must be on the way, it warmed up to 35 degrees today…stay warm out there!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Stocking Today In The Katidids Etsy Shop

The “On the Needles” list is dwindling! I’ve been finishing up all the working projects from last week (month)

Today, I listed:

Peace fleece shorties in Georgia rose

  Pink Peace (1)

Small soaker skirty in merino

Fresh Knits 030

Pink shorties with a flirty skirt.

  Fresh Knits 035

Merino with Malayan Orchid for the skirt

It seems every thing this week has been pink.  Last night using “Purewool” I cast on for a Reid romper.  This is where it was when I went to bed

Fresh Knits 042

It’s done now and will be listed in the morning (along with a few other items). Just wait till you see the cute buttons I found for it!

Stay warm out there, Spring’s coming….someday

Friday, February 4, 2011

More Spring Knits Added To the Katidids Etsy Shop!

Sweet 3-6mo Summer top and coordinating soaker.  Knit of Cascade 220 & 100% Purewool for the contrast colors.  Knit using the Molly Bubble Romper (SweetMonkeyBaby) bodice.Pink& Green set 010

Soft Pink Medium Soakers using the Super Trim Soaker Pattern From Little Trunks Knits . Great to use with all those summer tops and sundresses!Med Pink Soaker (1)

Lastly Large Creamsicle shorties using Lambs Pride Wool.  A gender neutral mix of oranges. Makes me think of licking ice cream off of stick fingers and the sound of the ice cream truck!Orange Creamsicle Shorties (1)

In progress is a custom Belle Romper

I need to finish weaving in the ends and attaching the buttons.   Belle & Dress 009 This was a fun pattern I’ll be making more of.

Although, I’m pretty sure the next will be the shorts version for summer.

I’m trying to finish up all everything I have in the works so I can concentrate on summer outfits but, with the snow & freezing winds it seems a bit odd!

I need to update the customs list but I do have 2 openings for February.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Starting Stocking Summer Stripes!

Repeat that statement 3 times very fast LOL!

Just stocked to the Katidids Etsy Shop 

Boys Medium ShortiesBoy StripesGray marl 082  Girls Medium ShortiesBright Stripes 004 That sold right after they were listed!

I have a similar pair in the works and even more color mix idea’s but shout out what you would like to see

Also listed are a pair of small Gray Marl longies Boy StripesGray marl 084

Ready for photo’s are a pair of creamsicle shorties.  I should have them listed tomorrow.

On the needles now is a Belle Romper, I have just a few more inches left on the legs & the button placket.  Should be completed tomorrow.

I have a few things stocked with Little Trunks Knits on hyena cart.  Be sure and stop in and see some of Jenny’s beautiful hand-dyed wool!

Stay  warm out there!