Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thank You For A Great Sale!

I have a ton of orders to ship today and quite a few customs to complete.

Thank you again for a wonderful Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale!

On the needles now are large longies with a custom dye from a fellow Etsian Moonlight & Laughter 

Reeds 002

It’s a nice gender neutral colorway, browns, teals & greens with a faint touch of yellow. 

These have a 19 inch rise and a 22-23 inch hip with a planned 10-11 inseam but that can be easily customized if they are claimed. 

  I have a few orders to complete first but, one of my next projects will be the new Fiona Dress or Romper from Sweet Monkey Baby.  Can you say cute! Soooo many options it will be hard to decide which to start first!

Who am I kidding I’ll end up with 2-3 working at once. So go ahead & be an enabler, let me know which you would like to see first.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Completed and Claimed Longies!

Well, these didn’t last long! 

I think they were listed for just a few hours and were claimed for purchase on Friday!  Peace Fleece Stripes 002 Looks like I need to dig out more of my Peace Fleece!

Before thanksgiving I’d decided I needed a few days break from knitting…..

The divot in my thumb nail?  From rubbing on the knitting needle!

Night Before Christmas & Cowgirl 711

They needed cut any way!

In the next day or so I’ll list Decembers fiber choices.

Let me know if there is anything your looking for.

Off to update the customs list.

Facebook fans, there is till a few hours left of the cyber Monday coupon for the Etsy shop !

Not a fan?  You can find me under


The holiday break is over!

Lots of things in the works. Plans are running through my head for this yummy goodness From Little Trunks Knits.  It can’t decide if it wants to be a Kenna or Elizabeth Tunic with longies.  But what ever it becomes will be super soft.MisDye

On the needles now are a few Peep Sweaters, Teal and a soft pink I started during our extended family Thanksgiving supper on Saturday.  Just a few more rows to complete it.

The Teal simply needs the arms sewn & ribbons.  I plan to have them listed in the shop tomorrow.WIPS & Thanksgiving 013

I’m also test knitting the Little Trunks Knits Bayside Britches in a larger size.  This one is 18-24 months.  So far Jennifer’s sizing is spot on!  WIPS & Thanksgiving 015 These are much further along now, getting close to the gusset.  I think they will be short-alls with ruffles for spring

And Lastly (for now) Striped Peace Fleece Longies.  Hunter and Mossy green stripesWIPS & Thanksgiving 017

I love the magic that is only found in Peace Fleece.  Sort of rough and course at first but, one wash and it blooms and softens more with each wash becoming cottony cloud soft.  Best feature of all it wears like cast iron for active toddlers.

I’m hoping to have them finished up tonight!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More Black Friday Goodies!

Previews are up!

Little Trunks Knits

Santa’s Reindeer Set.  Gaia bulky from Little Trunks Knits super soft and springy, knit up like a dream.

Longies and a coordinating “Something Beautiful Shrug” by Nicole of DaKine Knits

Reindeer Food 029

A sweet Elizabeth Tunic using Mosaic Moon “Tresor”  Trimmed with deep purple and paired with a ruffled soakerTresor ET 005

The buttons are by Ayarina Designs who I found on Facebook!

Tresor ET 006

On the needles now is another Reid Romper. 

I’m trying a few modifications to make it a bit more trim in the waist.  Using a colorway from Liberty Fibers called Pine Needles.  Every shade of brown you can imagine with caramel and copper blended in

Pine Needles 

More buttons from AyarinaDesigns on the way to finish it off.


Don't forget to stop by “Little Trunks Knits” for some great goodies from us both!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Black Friday stocking & few finished Knits

Watch for the “Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale with Little Trunks Knits! Preview will be up in the next day or so!

A few completed knits…..

One of my Colorways The “Pansies”set. Large longies on a mid-weight merino and Elizabeth tunic using a cascade base.Nice spring set for a special little girl.  These are listed in the Etsy shop now.

Legend of a Cowgirl 013

Also listed to the Etsy Shop are the Leaf Pile small longies.  I’d finished them over a month ago, got started on another project and forgot to list them!

 Earflap Hat 010

Stocking with “Little Trunks Knits…..

A 3-6mo Reid Romper in the colorway “Ocean Tide”  Trimmed in coordinating green cuffs and button placket.  Accented with Tessa Ann ButtonsOcean Romper 3 mo (3)

A Holiday Peep Set in Berry & Greens with coordinating berry longies. 

Such a sweet easy on and off set for infants.

Berry Christmas (7) Split sides with the back extended to cover the fluffy bottom.

A sweet go to holiday outfit.

And, using Little trunks colorway, Night before Christmas…

A modified bubble tunic and coordinating longies on Gaia bulky.

Night Before Christmas & Cowgirl 703

I love this colorway as it has all the primary colors of nutcrackers, great for the holidays but a versatile colorway that could be used year round.

I almost have my WIP’s caught up, and am starting plans for spring knits so give a shout out if you’d like on the list!

Wishing you and yours a Blessed Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Legend of a Cowgirl’s in the mail!

And I think it turned out really cute!  Using “Legend of a Cowgirl” on licorice twist from  Pinkbody this YYMN was a fun knit. I honestly wasn’t to sure about the licorice twist shading when I first saw it but, knit up it gives wonderful color shading you just don’t get with a solid yarn

I can’t wait to see photos of Gabby in this outfit

Legend of a Cowgirl 006


I was in a pink mood and LOVE the Elizabeth Tunic pattern so, using a solid cascade and a colorway of mine came up with the “Pink Pansies Set”.Legend of a Cowgirl 01112 Month Tunic & Large Longies will be listed this evening in the shop.

About this time I hit a “PINK”overload & grabbed a “other than PINK” colorway.  This one is called “Ocean” from Ewe and me yarns a fellow Etsian. (Great customer service & FAST shipping by the way.)  Aqua to teal with touches of sea foam green, perfect colors for a “Reid Romper”  from Blissful Knits.

I started it last night and stopped just past the arms.

Legend of a Cowgirl 009But, it got me into trouble as I started back on it first thing this morning (before I was dressed). I got sucked into watching it develop & was still knitting, …….. in my rattiest robe, funky brown slippers, bed hair and pillow creased face when the RPS man knocked on my door this morning at 9:30.  Unfortunately, where I was sitting he knew I was up so I couldn’t not answer the door.  I was pretty embarrassed but it was even worse when I realized I KNEW the guy!  He laughed as I turned 80 shades of mortified dig a hole in the ground & hide red!

But, that is exactly what happens when I knit, I get sucked into watching a garment come to life. The colors flow and the stitches slide faster and faster as the garment grows.  **Sigh** I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Other than to be dressed when there is a knock on the door!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

It’s Been a week of catching up

All the back logged knitting so I have a few customs in the mail

For Nicole, a pair of longies to match the Elizabeth Tunic and  shorties she had made this summer. 

Night Before Christmas & Cowgirl 708

I knew she intended on ordering longies for winter made so, I saved the leftover colorway to tie it all together.

  Nice way to extend the use of an outfit Nicole!

Solid green longies to coordinate with the Crushed Daffodils Elizabeth Tunic for….another Nicole!

  Stripes and Green 013I thought I was out of it but i found a tiny bit of the coordinating colorway, Enough for a drawstring at least so I’ll make it and send it along.

Congrats on your impending birth! 

Trying to find another set of needles to replace those I left on the bus, I started rooting around in one of my projects bins and found these longies started.  We all have them, projects we start and then set aside for one reason or another.  I have quite a few I work on between customs but, these are a pair I forgot all about.

I can’t tell you when I started them but based on the other items I would say last winter!

Stripes and Green 016

I’ll be selling them in the Etsy Shop as seconds, due to a flaw in the black stripe… which I didn’t see until I cast off.

Working customs…

Using “Legend of a Cowgirl" on the needles now is a Elizabeth Tunic and longies for baby Gabby.  Night Before Christmas & Cowgirl 709

I love this colorway and can’t wait to see it completed. 

With Tessa Ann buttons of course!

I’ve a other projects in the works including a few holiday knits so start tuned!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Lost needles and WIP’s!

Travel between Prague & Passo, we had a 2 hour bus ride.  So, like any good knitter I put the time to good use.

 Prague, Passo, vienna, budapest 083

I had the top nearly completed.….

when I realized I put the increases on the wrong side of the buttons holes!

Unfortunately that was the last time I saw my size 6 Addi’s as I must have left them on the bus.  The only good thing is the driver made comment his wife knits & I hope he found them for her.

Last night digging through one of my *Blush* 3 (yes 3) project bins  looking for another pair of size 5 needles, I found these medium longies started as far as the gusset.  Bits of colors in the bag to stripe.  I’m not sure what I had in mind when I started them but using black, gray, wine, coral and pink….. this is how they are coming out now.

Vac & WIPS 738

In that same bin I also found this hat started.  Generally I package  a project together with pattern, yarn & needles  “Go Bags”.  Everything you need  ready to knit , simply grab and go.  This one had about 2 inches knit but no pattern in the bag. Winging it,  I finished it off this morning.

Vac & WIPS 731 

Nice gender neutral colors of greens,  mahogany red & touches of white.  I should have it listed in the shop tonight.

If I can only find more hours in the day….. I could finish the other 8 projects in that bin.


Monday, November 8, 2010

Were Home!

Let the knitting begin!

We had a wonderful trip, saw much of Europe we’d not visited before.  Prague, Passo, Vienna, & Budapest. 

I came home with blistered feet but, no new yarn! Shocking for me but, no overweight luggage this time.

Good news; suitcases are unpacked

Bad news, the mountain of laundry

Good news; the washers downstairs

Bad news; the dryers broke!

Good news; waking at 4:30 AM allows me extra time for knitting & hanging laundry drying time!

Bad news; adjusting to the time changes and waking at 4:30 AM!

I am not a morning person!

So after starting last night, this morning progress on custom longies to match the Crushed Daffodil Elizabeth tunic

Green longies 003Notice the word *go*  in the photo’s corner?

Somehow, my photo board was used as a cheer poster!

I can’t imagine who **cough Isaiah cough** could have created this masterpiece…on both sides!

Green longies 002 Green longies 001

I used the only clear corner

Good thing I’ll be out this afternoon to pick up a new one!