Monday, November 8, 2010

Were Home!

Let the knitting begin!

We had a wonderful trip, saw much of Europe we’d not visited before.  Prague, Passo, Vienna, & Budapest. 

I came home with blistered feet but, no new yarn! Shocking for me but, no overweight luggage this time.

Good news; suitcases are unpacked

Bad news, the mountain of laundry

Good news; the washers downstairs

Bad news; the dryers broke!

Good news; waking at 4:30 AM allows me extra time for knitting & hanging laundry drying time!

Bad news; adjusting to the time changes and waking at 4:30 AM!

I am not a morning person!

So after starting last night, this morning progress on custom longies to match the Crushed Daffodil Elizabeth tunic

Green longies 003Notice the word *go*  in the photo’s corner?

Somehow, my photo board was used as a cheer poster!

I can’t imagine who **cough Isaiah cough** could have created this masterpiece…on both sides!

Green longies 002 Green longies 001

I used the only clear corner

Good thing I’ll be out this afternoon to pick up a new one!

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