Friday, July 30, 2010

On the Needles Bayside Britches & custom Longies!

One nice thing about having to slow down a bit, it gives me time for some play knitting 

The bad thing about it…it gives me time for play knitting!   A bit of a double edged sword……I just counted up and I have 14 items for stock on the needles.  Shorties, skirties, longies, overalls, sweaters & booties.  We won’t talk about what I have piled for buttons and those last ends simply waiting to be tucked in.

I’ve picked up quite a few new pattern licenses this past month and keep hopping from one to another excited to try them out with various yarns and colors combinations.  Time to put on my big girl panties and get some completed!.

Right now I’m working on a new pattern “Bayside Britches” from Little Trunks on Hyena cart.

Now a new favorite pattern, I know you’ll be seeing more of these!

I’m rummaging thru my TessaAnn Buttons to see what I have to match.

These should be in the shop this weekend!

I’m using a new to me dyer Happy Hands in “Juicy Melon” A nice DK weight

bayside 007 I love her color repeats and will be purchasing again!

Just off the needles  Custom Longies, they are surprise gift so I won’t say who they go to but

YYMN Custom 004 Knit on Cestari a YYMN in the colorway “Puppy Dog Tails” from

“Once in a blue Moon Baby” a fellow Etsian.

These are unblocked fresh off the needles.

I’ll be working on a Kenna Button top and longie set next

More updates soon!


Monday, July 26, 2010

A few Items Listed This Weekend

No worries!  I didn’t knit on meds!

These were ready before surgery & I hadn’t had an opportunity to list them is all!

First up is a STK Sleep Sack in the Colorway “Squash Blossom” A nice mid weight Merino that is super soft for new beans.  I love the colors in this one, a full range of squash colors from seed to blossom to fruit!

sleepsack 012

A simple coordinating hat completes the set. 

This would be a good set for gift giving.

Next up is a pair of longies,

The colorway Aegian From Babylongleggs on Etsy.

Super soft and absorbent aran BFL shades of ocean blue, greens, teals and yellow.  The legs are stripped in the coordinating teal

sleepsack 020

Hip 22, Rise 18, inseam 10 inches.sleepsack 021

Both items are listed and available in the  Etsy shop!

Ready to ship are 3 orders and a few garments I altered for customer which I should be able to ship/drive tomorrow. Those that have had a few extra days wait will find a extra little something in the package for their patience! 

Friday, July 23, 2010

I’m Just a little behind

After battling and try to ignore a week long stomach pain I caved & drove to the emergency room Thursday ….which resulted in the removal of my Gall bladder (it even sounds nasty).  How ever, as much as I hate taking medications I have come to realize staidol & dalaudid (and now percocet) are my friends. 

Good friends that get you thru the rough time.  I know I probably miss-spelled them but you know…. I don’t think i really care.  Of course that could be the percocet  talkin. 

So for the next few days, customs are on hold…unless you don’t mind the chance of a leg hole in the back or a short row on a sleeve….possibly a combo of both!

I just need one more day & then I’ll be back

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Availiable Yarn for customs 1St batch

Just starting to load photo’…Details for each need to be added but this is a start! 

Mix of Merino’s, BFL

, Cestari & Alpaca

Alpaca 024

Availiable Colors 022Availiable Colors 008

 Availiable Colors 011Availiable Colors 017

 Availiable Colors 009   Availiable Colors 014 Availiable Colors 015  Availiable Colors 018  Earthrainbow & Trim 004 Availiable Colors 013Availiable Colors 021Partial Stash 026 Partial Stash 008 Partial Stash 012 Partial Stash 014 Avail Colors 008

New Fluff 006 Avail Colors 007 Avail Colors 004 Avail Colors 014

Monday, July 12, 2010

Good Earth II Shorties & Pam’s Custom Knit ready for the mail

Custom knits for Sara ready for the mail.  BFL super soaker shorties. 

These will be wonderful for night time usegood earth II shorties

Pam’s Capri’s are also ready, knit with Araucania Nature Wool .  

I love how the colors knit up with these

Pam 038

And a pair of large scrappy stripes for the shop.

The colors reminded me of inlayed wood.

  Deep mahogany, fresh cut pinebrown 007 It was a productive weekend. My customs are nearly all caught up (aside from winter longies on hold yet) so, for shop stocking I’ve cast on for a pair of Bayside Britches with some Mosaic Moon! I’ve also a pair of longies waiting for cuffs for the Etsy Cloth Diaper Team Theme of “Rock Star”

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lavender Rainbow & Custom Knits in the works!

The Lavender Rainbow dress is done!  Chest of 20 inches, average 18-24 months.  It needs a ribbon I think.There was just enough left over for a matching hat.  Lavender Rainbow 010 There was just enough left over for a matching hat.  A bright and easy care dress to carry you through the winter.

On the needles now is Pam’s Capri’s &

working 004

shorties for Kim. 

They should be ready by tomorrow and in the mail on Saturday.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Upcoming Stocking Wool Shorties & Molly Bubble Babydoll Dress

A bit of pool knitting this weekend.  Our A/c was out in 90+ temps and I about lived in the pool.  Just in case anything got wet I did not knit customs over the weekend

Items I’ll be listing in the shop tonight are…

Cestari Shorties in another of my colorways.  This time “boyish” gender neutral gray, white, copper and olive/wheat. Cestari reminds me of Peace fleece for durability and the way it blooms & softens with each laundering.  An awesome yarn for toddlers for its absorbency.

wkend knitting 003

Next up is a modification of the Molly Bubble romper knit to a Dress.   I used a super soft and light weight cotton for this summer dress.

wkend knitting 010  

Another Tikki Rainbow dress is on the needles.  I’m using acrylics for this one as I’ve had so many ask for “other than wool

wkend knitting 018

A mix of purples and teals.  I really like how the colors are working up.

Now that we have A/C again it’s back to customs!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Starting My Christmas Knits Early!

I needed to give my hands a small break from wool and started digging through my stash.

Its been so hot and our air conditioner just died in this 90+ heat.  Needless to say all kinds of “cooling thoughts have been running through my mind.  Frosty, shaved ice sounds great.  Cold and ice made me think of the Holidays & Christmas knitting!

My cool knitting? 

A Christmas Baby Doll dress!

0-3 months, knit with super soft 100% cotton

Deep red bodice with variegated greens, white & reds.

Christmas Tunci 020

Paired with a tights and top and your little lady is ready for any holiday event!

A bit of Christmas in July.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Just off The Needles,Nicole’s Elizabeth Tunic /Dress & Shorties

I have to say I’m very pleased with the way this outfit turned out!

For this custom knit, she selected one of my hand-dye colorways and we had no problems with pooling!

A sweet little dress and pink summery shorties

Nicoles Tunic and shorties 003I love the buttons they match perfectly!

  I used a large lavender in front to accent. This fall I will make lavender longies to match and extend the dresses use as a tunic.Nicoles Tunic and shorties 004

I can’t wait to see pic’s from Nicole!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Who Says Girls Can’t wear Blue?

Just listed to the Etsy Shop 

Small Sky Blue Shorties.  You know that nice clear blue that you can wear with anything.  It even matches the Sumerset Tunic top!

Notice there’s not a draw string?  Well, The buyer gets to select the color.  White, Navy, Green …Pick a color from the rainbow and its yours or, you could just use the same blue!

canning & Knits 025

Also listed today is a pair of medium shorties.  These have a large hip so there is Plenty of room for pre-folds or super fluffy diapers.

These were knit with super soft Araucania Nature Wool in earthy shades of taupe, chocolate yellows and oranges

canning & Knits 019 

There are more Large Shorties & Sleep Sacks in the works but, I’ll also be starting Tunics & Longies for fall and winter.  I just received a shipment from Wildflower Whimsy (formerly Zen) that I’m ready to dive into!