Friday, June 25, 2010

Mini Stocking & More Colors

We just came home from 3 days in Chicago. Our second evening we were treated to a private sunset cruise on lake Michigan.  It was beautiful, clear skies, warm breeze and the water was an amazing emerald and teal in the setting sun.  When we came home I had to try and capture those colors in wool.  Although my colorway doesn’t do the awesome sight justice, here is

“Changing Tides” knit up in a Soaker Sleep Sack.Green Sleep Sack 007

Emerald green, light and deep teal with touches of the gold sun set. Listed in the Etsy Shop now.

Other new colors are….

Blues, greens & brown with a touch of white on BFL

 New Colors 025

And a bit punkish, Black, greens, orange, royal blue & Deep Purple

 colors 003

And for the softer side, Pinks, greens, yellows, & peach with lavender to Purple

colors 005

AND!  A  soft and squishy Purewool order is in! 440 yards in each colorway!

colors 006

I see some newborn knitting in my future.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A few More Customs in the MAIL!


Pam’s Skirty is in the mail.  

A nice colorway that will be great to use through winter. It was a fun custom dye that I’ll try to repeat for sure.

Skirty & scrappy hat 078

Simple Gray shorties for Sara.  Solid shorties are a good staple item for babies wardrobe.  Gender neutral colors such as this gray could be used for future children…. boys or girls.Skirty & scrappy hat 076

And a scrappy hat for Cindy to coordinate with the scrappy longies she purchased last month.  It was a hoot trying to match up the same color repeat.  Not all the colors were used but, enough to tie them together, 

Skirty & scrappy hat 084

Playing in the dye pot last week, I think this will be a all season color way.  Soon as my needles are free I think these will be longies!  Who am I kidding, my “want to do” list is already a mile long but, this skein is available for customs! 

Skirty & scrappy hat 043

On the needles now are customs for Pam again.  Capri’s this time.  The colors are really popping in these!

Skirty & scrappy hat 087

I’ve just recently found a wonderful color artist  Moonlight & Laughter on Etsy.  yummy color ways!

  Daisy Chain


This soft hand dyed light bulky weight yarn is called "Algonquin", hand painted in shades of chocolate brown, sand, caramel and green.

Hand Painted Aran Weight Wool Yarn-475 Yds/250 grams

Both I have in my stash available for customs!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Baby doll Ready for Shipping!


Corrine’s Baby Doll Set is ready for Miss Milla

Garden & storm 017

Pam’s Skirty should be completed tonight and in the mail Saturday.  As you an see there are just a few inches left.  Actually this photo was taken earlier this afternoon, it looks like 2 inches left to to complete them.

Pams skirty working 007

At this point I’m still taking customs but, it will be 10-14 days to start.

Are you on the customs list? 

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Playing In the Dye Pots

who knows 033 who knows 034

If you see anything you like let me  know and I will add you to the customs list!

who knows 027 who knows 029

 who knows 037who knows 028who knows 035



New Colors to play with!  Now to find the time to knit for the shop!  This weekend we worked more on the addition so there wasn’t much knitting done.

I did however start on on Corrine’s capri’s as I’m waiting for a

who knows 020 finished length measurement for the baby doll top. I can’t believe I forgot to ask for that!

Pam’s skirty will be started this week.  I’m hoping to have both orders ready to mail by Friday.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

I’ve Been Knitting!

I’ve been busy with customs and the shop is looking a bit stark! 

Today I completed ”Summerset”.  0-3 mo Elizabeth Tunic & shorties just listed to the Etsy shop Summer set Tunic 005

I’d started the tunic a month ago and got side tracked with other knits, but it’s completed now.  I love the bright & bold pastels.  So garden partyish!

And a update for Corrine. (washed out photo, sorry Corrine)

This was a fun colorway to create. 

The top is nearly done I just need to verify the length & on to her matching Capri’s.

New Set & corrine's 004

Then shipped off to Australia.

Next on the list is a skirty for Pam.

Pams colors 027

Thanks again ladies for the excuse to play in the dye pots!

So many Colors & only 24 Hours in a Day!


I’ve been having so much fun playing with COLOR!!

Quite a few of the customs are completed and in the mail.

A sweet Pink & Chocolate Tunic and shorties.

I lucked out and found adorable little pink flower buttons to coordinate

Kalle & rainbow 033

Pink soakers for under summer dresses

Kalle Soakers 004

Pastel Rainbow Shorties. 

The yarn is a licorice twist purchased from fellow Etisian Inspired Mama MakesKalle & rainbow 024 It’s so nice and soft, great clear colors and consistent repeats. I went back and purchased a second skein to have on hand.

Her shop is currently closed & will be for a or a few more weeks as she is celebrating the birth of her new little one.

I’ve been knitting steadily on custom orders and need to slide a few in for the shop stocking!

One of the items I added is this pair of shorties as my entry to the Etsy Cloth Diaper Teams

Kalle & rainbow 021

June theme stocking of “High Seas”.  Deep ocean Teal with sea coral and little urchins.

I’ve been playing in the dye pot for a few custom orders and will have progress pictures up soon.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Knits are in the Mail!

Creek Side Shorties. 

One of my G/N color way's,  Soft ruffles added for a bit of a girly touch but,

Teal & brown 007

  If the next child is a boy the ruffles can be re knit to standard cuffs

The Wool Soaker Sleep Gown I have been playing with for a while is done!

I’ve redone the neck and am happy with the results. 

Sleep Gowwn COmpleted 005

The opening looks large but, has ribbing that draws it closed with out being tight about the neck

I’ve a few more in the works.  One is in a soft blue the other a light green.

These are a super soft mid weight wool, to be lanolized and used as a soaker. 

The bottom is ribbed as a sleep sack allowing easy access for those night time diaper changes!

I just listed a pair of Large Longies

Addition & Gray Pearl 036

The wool is Hand-dyed by fellow Etsian libertyfibers in the colorway Gray Pearl.

She has some wonderful color ways be sure and stop in! 

This is a great blend of blues, grays, a touch of taupe/brown & cream. Suitable for boys or girls.

Just completed is a Custom Tunic For Kale.

Pink trimmed in chocolate 

Partial Stash 022

So I’m finishing chocolate shorties with pink trim to coordinate.

I should have these completed tonight and in the mail on Saturday.

Tomorrow I hope to list this tunic

I’ve had a few Mama’s ask for colors “other than pink”  & I think this fits the bill. 

Girly but not pink. 

Partial Stash 004

I can’t decide if I’m going to add shorties or a little soaker…possibly a soaker as its 3-6 mo size. What do you think?

Off to knit!

Oh, and to take photos of my Mosaic Moon order I just received!

Love that UPS man!