Friday, January 28, 2011

Stocking with Little Trunks & Etsy!

Large longies in Black and Blue Marl Listed to the Etsy Shop yesterday

I love these colors, great to hide stains and spots toddlers always seem to find

Black and Blue Marle 004

Stocked with Little Trunks Knits ,

A Sweet Mama Small Sugar 0-6 Month Kimono Jacket.  Chocolate Cascade 220 and Purewool colorway for the longies and trim. 

Accented with a Tessa Ann Button.SMSS Sets 047  

And using other SMSS pattern…

Gift Wrap Bonnet in soft pink

Accented of course with a Tessa Ann button on the chin strap.

SMSS Sets 013

And a 0-3 Month Ian Polo Romper.

Ian & Flirty Skirty 006

Which sold, as soon as the sale went live. 

Such a cute romper, I know I’ll be making more of these.

On the needles now is a Belle Romper, and a pair of small gray marl longies.. Just completed a custom modified Tickle hat. Modified because I ran out of yarn!  Also Molly Bubble Tunic is done, I need to make the coordinating soaker. 

I spent an hour or so today making project bags for summer shorties. I’m in a stripe mood so look for a bunch of fun colors in the near future.

I also bagged up enough scraps for a pair each of boy & girlie scrappies!

Now is when I wish I had another pair of hands!

Monday, January 24, 2011

More Stash photos

Pure Wool

 @stassh 001 @stassh 002

@stassh 006@stassh 013

Little Trunks Knits 

@stassh 004

Moon Light and Laughter

@stassh 003    @stassh 015  @stassh 009@stassh 007@stassh 005

A few of the solids…I have 6 bins of solid, just name a color!

 @stassh 018@stassh 010 @stassh 011 @stassh 012 

  @stassh 016

Part of new shipments and some of what is left to photo.  More Mosaic Moon, WW,…. Enough scraps for 3-4 pair of longies or skirties.  

I have 2 custom spots for February and 3 for March left. 

I’ve have been stocking the Etsy shop this week and will be stocking with

Little Trunks Knits Hyena cart on Thursday the 27th. Be sure to stop by as I know Jen will be stocking some of her yummy colorways! 

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Have You Seen My Battery Charger

No? Well me either!

I was taking photo’s of stash yarn  (yes I finally dug it all out!) and right as I got started my battery died. 

I had it with me in Calif. and know I had it when I got home.  I know I put it up in a safe place…….

Well, I’ll show you the photo’s I did take before the red light started flashing

A few finished knits

Small’s to be listed with Little Trunks Knits on Hyena cart next week

Ian Romper 013 

Extra Large Longies I listed tonight in the Etsy shop

 Pink Peep 002

Also listed tonight in the Etsy Shop is a Sweet Valentine Peep sweater.  I love the design of these. Dress it up or   Split on the sides and secured with a ribbon to let the sweater flow front and back. Enough to keep a little one warm but not over heated.

Besides, if for no other reason than they are just so darn cute!

 Pink Peep 010 I have this sweater in teal, chocolate, gray, lilac & berry in the works with other colors waiting.

I didn’t get ery far with the stash photos but, here it is so far…


3 ply

Pink Peep 013

Single Ply

Pink Peep 015

Stitches Under the SunPink Peep 014

There are 3 laundry baskets of yarn waiting for photos…and I’ll start posting them this week……as soon as I find the charger




I saw where she put it….

Ian Romper 016

& I can be bribed with a carrot, grape…cherries, I’ll do any thing for cherries


Pretty Boy!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Knitting For Spring

Stocked today in the Etsy shop, 3 “Something Beautiful” Shrugs Shrugs 003 The Pink & Turquoise are short sleeve to fit 9-12 months

The Sweet Pea Green is 3/4 sleeved to fit 12-24 months.

Bright colors of Easter eggs to pair with Little Ladies Easter or spring dresses. Other colors pastels & bold, in sizes (NB-3 mo to 8/9) are in the works. Short, 3/4 and long sleeves are available.

Orders for these will have a 3-4 day order-out the door!


Talking a break from shrug knitting I cast on a pair of small longies

I purchased this wool from another WAHM and forgot to tag the colorway.

New SM Longies Nice and thick, springy wool in rich jewel tones.  These will be listed in the shop before the weekend!

The weather man is calling for 5-6 inches of snow tomorrow so, I’ll be having PLENTY of knitting time inside where it’s toasty warm……

as long as we don’t loose power.

Stay warm out there!


Monday, January 17, 2011

Something Beautiful In the Shop


A “Something Beautiful Shrug” listed in the shop today. 

A pink”ish” coral 19 inch chest to fit a average 9-12 month old.  After numerous requests, this one is washable.  Coral Shrug 003

Accented with a Tessa Ann ButtonCoral Shrug 007 

Amy’s custom shorties!  YUMMY Mosaic Moon yarn again! Ready for the lanolin bath and then the mailamys & green nb set 008

Newborn/small Longies set.  Knit with super soft 100 Purewoolamys & green nb set 012

Perfect for tender newborn skin. I’m plan to have a green kimono jacket (trimmed in the main colorway) to list separately in the next few days.

2 girly rompers on the table in front of me still waiting (2 days) for buttons….. which I’ll do tonight.

I will not knit till the buttons are on, I will not knit till the buttons are on i will not knit till the buttons are on iwillnotknittillthebuttonsareon…..riiiiiight

Sunday, January 16, 2011

More Sweet Stuff on the Needles

More “Sweet Stuff” on the needles

Again using a Valley Yarns solid for the bodice and Purewool as the contrast. 

It’s much further along this morning, the legs are done & I’m working on the button closure with only the sleeves left to finish.

2nd sweet stuff 015 I’m hoping to have enough for a matching hat & possibly booties

I need to run out this afternoon and try to find flat buttons and ribbon to match.

Amy’s MM shorties are nearly done & I should have photo’s up tomorrow/

The green & blue longies are completed and have a matching sweater….. just waiting for a button to be sewn on.

I’m excited and looking forward to another guest stocking with Little Trunks Knits at months end and have projects in mind for that.  Possibly a boy”ish” romper and a few sets. 

Be sure to friend me “KatididsKnits” on Facebook to see review photos & in the next few weeks coupon codes!

Stay warm out there!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Looking For Sweet Stuff?

You’ll find it here!

   Remember the Molly Bubble?  How about the Fiona romper?  Well, this is my version.  Trimmer body and a few other mods….  Knit of Purewool & Valley Yarns,New Romper 001 seed stitch leg cuff with ruffles. Button closure for easy diaper changes. Sweet Stuff…. listed in the shop today.

About as girly as it gets!New Romper 005

On the needles now, are another pair of customs for Amy. 

The richness of the colors is a give away its Mosaic Moon in the colorway “Elements”066

I should have these ready for the mail on Monday.

Also in the works for shop inventory are boyish longies in another Purewool colorway069

I have to look the name up as it came untagged.  Muted shades of olive, light blue and a mushroom (this photo makes it look pink)color.  These will be small longies & if there is enough left I’ll have a coordinating jacket…possibly a matching hat.

I have one slot open for a January custom.

Oh, and you can find me on Facebook as KatididsKnits !

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Romper…WIP & Alpaca Longies

The past few weeks I’ve been playing with a romper pattern.  Obviously I’m still working on it.  I still have the sleeves to decide on and a ribbon or cord to choose for the waist & the button/snap placket to add…..

Pink alpaca & working romper 013

It’s much trimmer than other designs and the waist placement is a bit different.  Now the trick will be if I can figure all the changes to do it again.

With Valentine’s Day rapidly approaching I thought the shop needed some Pink!Pink alpaca & working romper 002

I found some beautiful soft pink alpaca in a wonderful yarn store Rumpelstiltskin Sacramento, California while staying with my Mom.  What a wonderful store. They have a wide selection of yarns /fibers & friendly helpful staff. 

Almost as nice as my local yarn store Grinny Possum Fiber Arts!

Stay warm out there!

Stocking in the Katidids Etsy Shop

Stocked last night

Hunting Mushrooms Shorties, size large

new knits 006

Sherli’s Roses Longies, size medium

new knits 018 

Reid Romper, listed and sold

new knits 023 It will be in the mail this afternoon along with

Amy’s custom longies!

Amy & romper 003

On the needles now is a girly romper & Amy’s 2nd pair of longies/shorties.

Blocking (and waiting for photos) to stock this afternoon are Pink Alpaca longies.

Lots of things started sweaters & sets I need to finish this week.

I plan to start summer inventory for the Etsy shop and Little Trunks Knits soon so, feel free to throw suggestions out of what you’d like to see!

Hope your staying warm out there!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Amy’s Longies on the Needles

A custom knit for Amy’s little man that are working up beautifully!

Wonderful clear colors and short repeats with very little pooling or patterning. Nice soft & sturdy Cestarti wool, great for crawlers and toddlers.

Amy's longies 003 

Amy’s little man will get a lot of use from these as so many shirts will coordinate.

I love this colorway & would like to find more but it wasn’t labeled.  If you recognise it please let me know.

Also on the needles is a Fiona romper in Purewool.  The body came out fuller than I’d like so its been frogged and I’m reworking my gauge.

I’ve a few projects completed and tomorrow will have photos up & those items stocked in the Etsy Shop.  Reids romper, Bayside shorties and longies of course!