Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Storm Inspired Solar Play!

The horrible storms which hit the east coast this past weekend sparked a few memories. Although we were not effected at all it, like many others it made me think of other storms we’ve experienced.  Like this one 10 days before Erika & Chris’s Party…that was “fun”.  Another was years ago & I wish I could find the photo’s.  I lived in near the beach in Spain and a huge storm front came through.  We didn’t have TV (and at the time, wouldn’t have understood any way) but, a few miles away there was a movie being made.  They were using an actual 17th century ship for the filming…..and it got caught in the storm and ended up on the rocks about 200  yds off shore.  Just being pounded by waves the next morning. 

Any ways, where this is leading to is the dye pots!

I didn’t have time to break out the dye pots and wanted some smallish skeins for winter cowls….so I used baggies and had a bit of “Solar Dying” with Irene and other storm memories as inspiration

Looks like a hot mess!

   shower tile! 003

Solar Dying 003

Storm Warning

Solar Dying 006

Sittin on the Dock

Solar Dying 004

Sailors Warning

Remember the old ditty, “Red Sky at Night, Sailors Delight! Red Sky at Morning, Sailors Take Warning…”  My “reds” are a bit to the copper side

Solar Dying 005

After the Storm

Solar Dying 008

Now to get them knit up and in the Etsy Shop!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Longies & “Legs”

Another Mama “Update”

SMSS Bloomers Legs, Number 6 of 8 nearly done

WIPS 001

I like to knit them 2 at a time, it helps to keep my gauge and the length even. I do this with all my longies and sweater sleeves. Truthfully I also detest counting rows!

Completed the other night are custom longies for Jenny using a colorway of Little Trunks Knits

WIPS 004

I believe it is “Yacht Club”

Medium on Cestari superfine

The rest of the customs are coming along well, quite a few are in the final stages.  Although I often will work on multi project at one time, I’m trying to finish any WIP’s before casting on new.  It keeps it fair for everyone waiting…and I need to make space in the knitting basket!

Have a great Sunday



Friday, August 26, 2011

Stash is FINALLY Done….almost

I spend a good bit of time taking photos of the stash yesterday.  OK, not so much time taking the photos as gathering it up!

Such as these that were in with the scraps..I’ve no idea why…

and not to sure I want to know how they got there!Stash and FO 004Stash and FO 005This yummy color way came in yesterdays mail.

I need to get a better pic as its actually shades of blues and greens…I think it wants to be longies..with green trim….and a pocket..**Sigh** soon….ishStash and FO 003 Digging it out of bins and boxes stacked in my living room.  I’m about 1/2 done YEAH! At least there is enough up to say it’s up!  I have the peace fleece and purewool to get to yet so…maybe by the weekend!

I have a playmate for the day Stash and FO 010

so I hurried out this morning to get a few quick photos of WIP’s and finished items.

The morning light was not the kindest!

Shorties for Jenny on the needles.   If my playmate cooperates they should be done today

Stash and FO 001

The mystery colorway from Jen of Little Trunks Knits

I call it Seuss-ish

AHH The lighting is cruel!

Stash and FO 011

And the drop stitch scarf.

I needed a bit of instant gratification the other morning and this was the perfect project for that!

Stash and FO 013


Playing in the dye pots the other day

Yellow, blues, greens and brown on BFL

Stash and FO 012

The Elizabeth tunic is nearly done, about another inch before the contrast hem. I’m waiting for buttons so it may go on the back burner for a few days.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

On The Needles Now

A custom Elizabeth Tunic for Karli using a custom color way of her design.  I think it’s turning out beautiful! The wool was dyed by fellow Etsian,  Christina Marie Potter of Woolen Mill Street Yarns.


This tunic will coordinate with SMSS Bloomers & Legs knit a few months ago

July 042

Also on the needles are longies.  Also a custom using a un-named color way by Jenny of Little Trunks Knits

Reds &  every shade of teal you can imagine

Unnamed colors 001

Kind of a Dr Suess feel that has me searching for my copy of “Cat in the Hat”!

  I hope she keeps in in her available colors


For the time being, customs are closed.  I’ve quite a few on the needles & the list is pretty long.  My poor Katidids Etsy Shop is looking pretty sad and needs fresh stock badly.

Once I’m caught up I’ll open it back up.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Custom Knits Ready for the Mail!

Using Lickety Stitch “Bella Rose”  Longies andBella Rose Longies and Onsie 004

An SMSS Pinafore.  I’d knit a I cord for the neck line and it just wasn’t enough so, I picked up a gray ribbon and added it

instead.  This was my first pinafore, it was fun watching it take shape.   I know there will be more of these in my knitting future!Bella Rose Longies and Onsie 005

And the All-In-Onsie is finished, buttons by Aryiana

Bella Rose Longies and Onsie 002

SMSS “Legs”  pair 5 of 8!Esmeralda 007

More on the needles but I need photos, longies, Elizabeth Tunic, onsie, …..

Back to knitting!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Butterfly Beauties!

I just love it when Mama’s send or post photos of their little ones wearing hand knits.  Even more so when some are mine!

This was a collaboration of myself & Jenny of Little Trunks Knits 

Details are;  pattern Butterfly Dress & coordinating semi-solids on gaia worsted Little Trunks Knits and trim, by Family Pendragon “Banshee”

Matching dresses for 3 sisters


The girls love their dress and the oldest made comment when she outgrows it as a dress, she can use it as a tunic.  One smart cookie! But, I think she may have trouble keeping it from her younger sisters.

Oldest butterfly

Thank you Mama for the photos & allowing me to share them!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

More Mama Updates

Progress photos for Mama’s of custom knits

YYMN Custom using Lickety Stitch BBR

Bella Rose All-in-Onsie

Shown unblocked & I’m waiting the arrival of buttons from Ayarina to finish

Bella Onsie & longies working 002

Again using the Bella Rose, longies.

I’m grafting the gusset now and hope to have them done tomorrow

Bella Onsie & longies working 003

We finally have a break in the heat!

The temps are beautiful this morning & that means a much needed/overdue trip to the garden. The tomato plants are seriously out of control & heavy with red ripe juicy fruit.  I see canning batches of tomato sauce, salsa and chili base in my VERY near future!


School has started across most areas here in the U.S. so drivers,



Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Born In A Barn Hand Spun Convertible Longies

We had a family reunion in Greencastle PA this past weekend so there was lots of driving!  12 hours from Louisville to PA in a motorhome.  I had taken a large bag of knitting projects with high expectations of completing 2-3….Not!  Well, I had good intentions and did make significant progress on a few items.

Mailed before we left were the SMSS Convertible Bloomers using handspun from “Born in a Barn”.  I think they turned out beautiful and hope the Mama thinks so too! The buttons were custom from Tessa Ann.Handspun SMSS Bloomers 056

I played in the dye pots the other day, I think this hank will be longies for the Etsy Shop pretty soon.

Handspun SMSS Bloomers 029

And a earlier photo of the custom All-in-Onsie.  I did work on it while we traveled and have started the soaker portion.  I plan to finish it tonight or tomorrow

Bella Rose 001

I plan to take updated pics today.

Hope you had a great weekend!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Overdue Up-dates!

So, just how far behind can you get posting and still be considered a knitting blog!

There has been lot of knitting but, also a lot of weeding, mulching, weeding, harvesting, canning (and more weeding) in the flowerbeds and garden. 

This heat is so draining!  Ugh, we (and every other state) could sure use a cooling rain!


I’ve been working on so many customs the poor Etsy Shop has not had may updates.  I plan to change that soon.  In the mean time there has been a lot of custom knits sent out this week and more I’ve yet

to photo

In the mail,

A headband to coordinate with SMSS 028

the Pink Banshee Butterfly Dress


the Ruffled soaker also in the mail

Faded Jeans Ruffled soaker 003

And today this custom set will ship

SMSS 019

along with set #4 (of 8) SMSS Bloomers Legs

SMSS 052

Another set off bloomers is drying and I’ll have photos up for Mama tomorrow.

I have a sweet photo of a little one in her “All-in-Onsie” Check out those sweet cheeks and toes!


For some reason I can’t enlarge the photo, sorry!

Try to stay cool & remember to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!