Sunday, August 28, 2011

Longies & “Legs”

Another Mama “Update”

SMSS Bloomers Legs, Number 6 of 8 nearly done

WIPS 001

I like to knit them 2 at a time, it helps to keep my gauge and the length even. I do this with all my longies and sweater sleeves. Truthfully I also detest counting rows!

Completed the other night are custom longies for Jenny using a colorway of Little Trunks Knits

WIPS 004

I believe it is “Yacht Club”

Medium on Cestari superfine

The rest of the customs are coming along well, quite a few are in the final stages.  Although I often will work on multi project at one time, I’m trying to finish any WIP’s before casting on new.  It keeps it fair for everyone waiting…and I need to make space in the knitting basket!

Have a great Sunday



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