Thursday, May 31, 2012

Custom Arabella

I’m still working on the Arabella.  I know I’m going to love it when it’s done.  Right now?  Not so much.  Started out with just under 150 stitches cast on. Now that I’m on the ruffle we’re talking over 500 stitches in one row. 


arabella 001

Today Isaiah passed 1st grade on the “A” Honor roll….He may be passing 2nd Grade before I’m done with the next row.

I liked this before I started. I just wish I hadn’t done a stitch count.

No more whining

Off to knit


Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bits of Test Knitting

In between customs I’m enjoying a bit of test knitting & have found 2 new cute patterns

Soon to be released from Claire Gentry the “Lucy Top/Dress” (shown in 2-6 month sizing)

A seamless one piece garment that can be worn as a dress & as the seasons change and your little one grows a top or tunic. 

I know you will be seeing a selection of these in the Katidids Etsy Shop 

My understanding is this pattern in time, will be available in sizes up to teen

Lucy Top-dress 002

The second test knit is Little Star Sweater by Emily Barbee.  I’m making the 6-12 month long sleeved version.  The pattern is written for short and long sleeved versions & has versions for sweater/tunic or dress lengths. 

Little Star Sweater 001

All I have left to complete is the cuffs & bottom trim and adding the buttons.  I hope to have it done this evening

Also on the needles are a pair of  toddler sized wide legged beach comber short’s

Beachcombers 001

They need a few more inches of length and a pocket added to complete.

Hopefully both will be completed this evening but I think the allure of the sunshine and pool are pretty strong

Have a wonderful and safe holiday weekend.

And remember to thank a Veteran for their service!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Eloise Onsie, fresh off the needles


I’ve had this pattern in my knitting queue for quite a while & have just now gotten to it.  Wish I’d found the time sooner.

Eloise Onsie, a fairly new pattern by Claire Gentry

The pattern as written is a sweet onsie  with a mock gathered neck & capped sleeves.  I added a skirt…just because.  I’ve another lined up as I think it will be so versatile for any baby’s wardrobe

Photos are fresh off the needles and unblocked

Eloise Onsie 003

I added a skirt…just because.

Accent buttons from Ayarina’s Button shop on Etsy

Eloise Onsie 002

And there is nothing to brighten your day like FLUFFY MAIL!!!

Teal soaker & fluffy mail 004

Finished the other day is a medium teal soaker

Hmmm, looks blue here

Teal soaker & fluffy mail 003

The wide legged board shorts are almost to the gusset.  I’ve been playing around with the leg fullness…photos up soon

Have a great day


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Kokomo, Racer Back Top, ready to ship and stock!

Is there a 12 step program for test knitting?  I sure hope not, because I really enjoy it.

As I mentioned in one of my last posts, I was honored to test knit the new “Kokomo” beach inspired pattern from Melissa of DaKine Knits which is part of her new “Sweetheart series”


A fun racer back top with a sweetheart neckline edged in a simple lace hem.

Knit with Zen String “Living Light” …Zen string you know that one has been in the stash for a while!Hearts Ease & Kokomo 001

This one is a custom knit using Family Pendragons “Enchantment” & it will have loose legged board shorts to coordinate.

Cub & Kokomo 001

And a 3-6 mo (waiting for it’s coordinating soaker) using fellow Etsian "Ewe and Me Yarns “Dandelion Daddy”

Cub & Kokomo 009

And a sweet pink soaker already in the mail

Pink Soaker 002

On the needles now is a pair of wide legged board shorts and a teal soaker.  Hoping to have the soaker ready to wash and block tomorrow which means….I need a latte`.

Have a great evening


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Hearts Ease Custom Set Ready to ship!

Custom Kenna & SMSS Bloomers ready for the mail today.

Using a sweet color way from Jenny of  Little Trunks Knits,

“Hearts Ease”

Deep berry, pinks, yellow, chocolate, orange with touches of white

Accented with solid buttons from fellow Etsian,  Ayarina of LovelylittleThings

Hearts Ease & Kokomo 006

The shading in the top photo is a bit washed out, the shade is much deeper as that reflected in the bloomers

The convertible bloomers are so versatile, shorts in warm weather and legs that simply button on for extended use.Hearts Ease & Kokomo 009


Also shipping out today

Sunshine On My Shoulders!

A sweet shrug using a fun color from

 Blissful Knits & Dyeworks  using Adore SW MerinoHearts Ease & Kokomo 013


Blocking and drying…a fun test knit for Melissa of Dakine Knits.  Photos up tomorrow!

Enjoy the sunshine!


Saturday, May 5, 2012

Are you the “Yarn Lady”?

Is how I was greeted today in my driveway.  I’d  been out running errands, started to stop at the end of the drive way to check mail and saw the postal truck up at the house.  When I parked in the drive way I heard “Hey…Are you the “Yarn Lady”? It was a temp driver for the day  & I had to laugh…guess I have had quite a few “fluffy mail packages if that’s how I ‘m referred to by our local post office!

Blissful Knits “Dark Knight” On BBR offered for custom work

Dark Knight

Some beautiful spring colors from a “new to me dyer I’m trying out”  A next to the skin soft merino I can’t wait to knit up!


Fluffy mail received today YYMN custom workFluffy Mail 001

And a bit more custom work

Fluffy Mail 002

Guess I better get busy!

Have a great day

Katie  AKA “The Yarn Lady”

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Greenman Kimono & A few other finished knits

I’m obviously way behind on my posting! Summer has hit early so the garden and flower beds all need attention and there is a wedding a week away. Oh my gosh, it’s 9 days and counting! 

0-6 months “Greenman” Seamless Kimono & Shorties

Superwash kimono for easy care and matching soakers

Listed to the Katidids Etsy Shop yesterday


house & FO 028

A YYMN custom shrug ready for the mail using a wonderfully soft  teal semi solid from Raya of Blissful Knits

house & FO 034

Also stocked to the Katidids Etsy  shop a super sweet small skirty

Using Gaia in the colorway “Ballerina Girl” from Jenny of Little Trunks Knits.  I love the bold pastels of this colorway.  So sweet and delicate.

Ballerina Skirty 001

It’s been a pretty busy yet productive week! 

I’ve a custom Kenna completed (choosing buttons) and matching bloomers on the needles.

And there will be a few Kaia dresses stocked…next week.

Off to knit!