Saturday, August 21, 2010

Finishing Friday! Button, Buttons, Buttons

What is it about finishing things!  I seem to have a block when it comes to adding those last ties or buttons that complete an outfit. I’ll knit all day but sew a button on? BLAH!!!!

  I’ve been sorting and reorganizing all my wool and have found quite a few items that just needed a few little details such as buttons….

A Small Bayside Britches in a Rainbow Marl, trimmed in red with blue buttons

new stuff 052

Rainbow Dress, accent buttons and ribbon added

new stuff 051

Bitty Bump Boy sweater in Blues…Poor thing just needed…..Buttons!

I love these sweaters.  I didn’t have bulky boy”ish” colors so It was knit with 3 strands of worsted

I did alter the pattern a bit & made the sleeves 2 inches or so longer. I also lengthened the body.

BoY bump 420

As you can see the sleeves are now long enough to extend its use thru fall to a light winter or, fold up and cuff as I have one sleeve. I had just enough left to make a little hat to coordinate.  It’s a fun little sweater that makes a perfect gift and tuck right in a diaper bag..

Friday, August 20, 2010

September Offer for Customs & Little Trunks Knits Stocking On Hold!

Due to a family emergency for Jennifer, the grand reopening for Little Trunks Knits is on hold. 

I know she would appreciate any good thoughts and prayers you send her way

So as an alternative, I’m offering 4 openings for customs.

Here are a few of the yarns I pulled from the top of the pile.

Wildflower Whimsy “Pumpkin Pie” on Lily Merino.8oz /500 yds

September Customs 008 

Mosaic Moon  “Malayan Orchid” on MMR, 8oz/420 ydsSeptember Customs 012

Moonlight & Laughter “Rainbow To The Stars” 7oz/ 434yds

September Customs 011

And Wildflower Whimsy Autumnal Rainbow on Lily Merino.8oz /500 ydsSeptember Customs 006

Some others (but not all), can be seen here.  I do have more MM to choose from if you’d like….. just let me know. 

Open to customs for Kenna Button Top, Longies, Kaia Babydoll, Elizabeth Tunic, Cargo Dress, Rainbow Dress, Sleep Sack, Bean Snuggler, hats or Bayside Britches.

If its not listed just ask!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I’ve a Guest Stocking on Hyena Cart with “Little Trunks Knits”!

I’m so excited! 

Jennifer has generously offered me a guest spot in her grand reopening of

Little Trunks Knits” 




I’ve offered 2 pair of “Bayside Britches” (Jennifer’s pattern)

Bayside & hat 007 Garden Party  & AL Bayside 007

And a longie & hat set

Fishy & Juicy Melon 005

Be sure and come check it out!  There are quite a few guests including:

Kristi of TFK-dyed yarn

Angela of Fairyblue-semi custom or custom slot

Heather of Dragonfly Graphics-a banner package

Sarah of Honeybee and small fry-gorgeous knits

Teresa of FCOL-advocacy shirts

Amy of Alligator Knits-dyed yarn

Stop in and say Hi!

Here Fishy Fishy Wool Longies & Another Cutie!

Just Listed to Katidids Etsy “Here Fishy, Fishy” Medium Longies with coordinating hat.  Fishy Set 009

I can just visualize a little one with fingers swishing in a Koi pond saying here fishy fishy!

And, meet Miss Peyton!


Is she a doll or what?


What a sweet model in her custom knit Elizabeth Tunic & shorties


I love that red hair and such a sweet smile!  Thank you Nicole for sharing the pictures!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Bayside Britches Cutie Patootie Action Shots

Meet Miss Maddie! Mama said she was “more interested in watching Elmo then modeling her woolies!”


Is she a doll or what?


I have 3 more pair of Bayside Britches ready to list, 1 boy, 1 girl and another G/N that will be stocked very soon. I’ll let you know when they are up and available.

On the needles now are longies for Sara’s little one.   A unnamed colorway of mine on a thick & springy aran weight BFL wool of pinks, browns greens with a touch of white.

Saras Longies working 005 Close to adding her ruffles and they will be in the mail.

Next up will be a few more items for the shop, longies and possibly another Kenna set.If you don’t see what your looking for let me know,  I’m always open to color/design  suggestions




Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kenna Button Top/Dress & Longies

Recently I received a customs request from a Mama due with her 2nd child in the next few months.

She needed a baby dress to attend a wedding this fall and it needed to coordinate with her dress. Ambers Kenna 027

The perfect solution for big babies…

The Kenna Button Top extended to a dress!

Ambers Kenna 026

Knit with Wildflower Whimsy Lily in the colorway “Plum Blossom” & Cascade 220 for the longies.

Simple embellishing for a finishing touch. 

Amber has large babies and this dress will work perfectly for the wedding and, become a great winter tunic set as her little lady grows

I plan to have more Kenna Button Tops/Dresses listed in the shop soon

Puppy Dog Tails Custom Earflap Hat

For my customer Sara, I knit custom pair of YYMN longies in the colorway “Puppy Dog Tails” a week or 2 ago……

YYMN Custom 003  then decided she need a hat to coordinate. But, I was out of yarn so, I pulled together the main colors and came up with …..

Bayside & hat 020

A fun and funky tasseled hat.

It’s on the way and I hope she sends action shots.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Bayside Britches & Sleep Sacks & Thank You Knits!

First of all, A quick knit For Compost Boy who was a major help during recovery.  He was my fetch & carry kid.  He was also the tattle tale if I was doing something I wasn’t supposed to be doing.  So as a bribe to keep him quiet thank you for all his help, a pair of mitts for small hands.  mptts 010

I think they were a hit as he sang me a song about how much he loves his mitts!Fall sleep sack 013Another Bayside britches completed.Kallies Britches 005

Sold before it was completed!  Tessa Ann Buttons completed the outfitFall sleep sack 012

A Sleep sack with matching hat set.  I love how easy these are to use.  I think it lasted 2 days in the Etsy shop

Right now I have another bayside britches on the needles, this one boyish.  Nice earth tones and mossy greens.  I should have it completed tonight. 

I’m also working on longies, small boys & small girls.

I do have a few open spots left this month for customs