Friday, August 20, 2010

September Offer for Customs & Little Trunks Knits Stocking On Hold!

Due to a family emergency for Jennifer, the grand reopening for Little Trunks Knits is on hold. 

I know she would appreciate any good thoughts and prayers you send her way

So as an alternative, I’m offering 4 openings for customs.

Here are a few of the yarns I pulled from the top of the pile.

Wildflower Whimsy “Pumpkin Pie” on Lily Merino.8oz /500 yds

September Customs 008 

Mosaic Moon  “Malayan Orchid” on MMR, 8oz/420 ydsSeptember Customs 012

Moonlight & Laughter “Rainbow To The Stars” 7oz/ 434yds

September Customs 011

And Wildflower Whimsy Autumnal Rainbow on Lily Merino.8oz /500 ydsSeptember Customs 006

Some others (but not all), can be seen here.  I do have more MM to choose from if you’d like….. just let me know. 

Open to customs for Kenna Button Top, Longies, Kaia Babydoll, Elizabeth Tunic, Cargo Dress, Rainbow Dress, Sleep Sack, Bean Snuggler, hats or Bayside Britches.

If its not listed just ask!

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