Monday, May 30, 2011

Works In Progress

Custom Butterfly dress on the needles…this photo was taken Saturday early morning.  I’m right about 5.5 inches into the skirt now….just 9 more to go!Wip's  Kidletts 027

There is also a test knit nearly completed I have the front of the soaker to complete and the skirt…hopefully I van do that tomorrow.

We were able to put the linoleum down in my work room!

Wip's  Kidletts 033 

I love the flooring!  Look at all those outlets!

He planned it up so no matter how I set the room up I have plenty of outlets handy.  Still have window sills, closet doors and baseboards to go but it’s getting sooooo close now!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Knit Overalls & A Bit Of Test Knitting

I have some of the best customers! It’s fun when you have one that’s creative & thinks outside the box It’s even better when they can explain in detail exactly what they want!

Knit using the Knit Overalls basic design & using Little Trunks Knits “Pixie Stix”…

Convertalls?  No, that sounds like a revival..

We’ll think of something to call these!

Bad pic’s again but it was constant rain & I hope to get better tomorrow.

Button on legs, using Tessa Ann’s of course, rump ruffles and ruffled legs.

Ready to be mailed Tuesday morning!

Convertable overalls 005

A bit of test knitting!  This is the start of the “All in Onsie” pattern by Sweet Monkey Baby on Hyena Cart.  I’m using Wildflower Whimsy’s “Secret Garden”  LOVE IT!!

I’m much further along then the photo shows, just at the hip now.  Hope to have it completed tomorrow if time allows


Another test knit, the Vest/Singlet by Diana Townsley

A simple sweet top which could be used by either boy or girl.  Fresh stash 003

A nice summer top that could be also used in the fall for a vest or simple over tunic

We have sun shine and a day off tomorrow! We will be laying floors in the new workroom so I’m not sure how much actual knitting will be done. 

Tuesday I’ll have pic’s of some drool worthy yarn orders that have arrived

Enjoy the weekend


Friday, May 27, 2011

Mama Mail & Updates

It’s been a busy and productive week. Lot’s of little detail things finished and updated to the Etsy Shop.

Knits completed and listed with Little Trunks Knits.  Be sure and check out Jens new hand dyed color’s.  If you like what you see but don’t knit I’m sure Jen or I would be happy to help you out!Winking smile

Yesterday afternoon saw a pair of custom overalls off the needles and,  late last night a test knit finished.  Both are blocking now and I’ll have pictures up later today…If the weather cooperates!

And Mama Mail!  I LOVE Mama Mail!

Meet Miss Morgan

In her “Hopi” Knit Overalls

Hopi 1

We need  to move the buttons up just a tad but

is she a doll or what!


I think she makes my overalls look pretty cute!

What are your plans for the holiday weekend?


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

WIP’s Updates & Previews are going up!

Stocking again this week with Little Trunks Knits & previews are going up!

Jen has 2 new colorways availiable & they are stunning!

I have “Allison's Garden”


On order!


Convertible overalls are nearly done.

Another row of bum ruffles, straps and then the legs. 

The custom Tessa Ann Buttons arrived and are waiting to be attached

WIP'S 007

The bodice for the big girl “Butterfly Dress” is done!  Now it’s on to the waist band and skirt!

WIP'S 010

Off to get listings up!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Butterfly Stocking!

“Butterfly” top and coordinating soaker on the way to a happy little lady.

BF Americana & Yellow 007

I’ve no idea why I waited so long to knit this pattern from Little Trunks Knits 

I love watching the “Butterflies” come to life as it’s knit.  Jen really has a winner in this pattern.


“Americana Butterfly”

listed to the Katidids Etsy shop  

BF Americana & Yellow 012

Knit using Cascade 220 for the bodice and lace paired with  Araucaina Nature wool for the skirting. Reds & Blues fading to cream,  perfect for Memorial Day and 4TH of July Celebrations!

On the needles now..

A custom pair of “Knit Overalls” using yet another color way of Little Trunks Knits called Pixie Sticks.  Maybe not the best of photos but it gives the mama a photo update!

Butterfly & Pixie sticks 016

The second custom on the needles is another “Butterfly Dress”

Butterfly & Pixie sticks 018

This one is a large child size which means a LOT of stitches!   My needles are a bit short to really get any rhythm in my knitting & thankfully I have a larger pair on the way!


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Manos, Soft and Squishy Manos Longies!

Oh how I LOVE thee!

These small longies just knit up to fast.

I kept squishing & petting these as I knit them.

Manos Longies 008

Colorway “Wildflowers” with the cuffs and waist band in Wine thick~n~thin.

Since every little one needs a soft squishy hat..

Have I said I love the softness of Manos?

Manos Longies 010

How weird is it to use grapefruit as a photo prop? I almost drew a face but…that would have just been too creepy! 5 minutes late it was my breakfast. These should be listed to the Katidids Etsy shop this afternoon.

In my haste to list the “Tulip Time” Pretty Girl Dress I realized I forgot to make the soaker!

Pretty Girl & Soaker 016

This morning I updated the listing to include it. 

The soaker is a solid pink to allow Mama’s flexibility to create other outfits

Facebook friends! Don’t forget the Friday the 13th sale runs through midnight!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Greta Hat, A Sweet Test Knit

Amy Of Alligator Knits has come up with a super sweet little hat

A soft brimmed hat called the Greta Hat.  I believe there will be plenty of brim options and any one will be perfect for the beach, ball games, summer weddings or simply walks on sunny days!

Greta Hat 005

The decorative tie will adjust to fit a wide range of sizes

This one I made to coordinate with the Pastel Stripe Molly Bubble Romper

Which Came first & MB Romper 006

On the needles now is a “Butterfly Dress” another great design of  Jenny’s from Little Trunks Knits.

Peri Butterfly dress 015

I’d cast off last night and only then found an error in my lace hem…I couldn’t let it go so it’s nearly done for the 2nd time!  It should be ready this afternoon.

Monday, May 9, 2011

OOAK Spring Break Shortall”s

Boys Of Summer, Spring Break Shortalls!

A OOAK Colorway using the same shades as

Little Trunks Knits “Boys of Summer”…

just a little out of control! 

I love how these turned out! 

Boys of Summer 027

Just a little bit wild, but still good boys!

Accented with Tessa Ann’s Tugboat Set

Boys of Summer 028

These will be stocked this Friday with Little Trunks Knits!


On The Needles Now!

OOAK color by Jenny of

 Little Trunks Knits

Many of the colors in “Boys Of  Summer”

SO, although its an OOAK I call it

“On Spring Break!”…like boys gone wild.

Another Pair of “Knit Overalls” using BBR.

Spring Break 025

I’m working on the legs now and need to decide what color for the straps and cuffs but, I’m pretty sure I’ll use the orange (or possibly the green) and accent with Tessa Ann Buttons.

Back to knitting!

Hope your enjoying the sunshine!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fairy Petals & Pastel Stripes

“Fairy Petals Longies”, color way by  Nurturing Threads


Large Longies stocked to the Katidids Etsy Shop nowFairy Petals Longies 011

Pastel Striped “Molly Bubble Romper” 0-3 months, knit using a variety of Ella Rae Classic Marl’s & solid Tessa Ann Buttons. MB Romper 004

These will be part of my guest stocking with Little Trunks Knits this coming Friday!


Happy Mothers Day!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Chicken Scratches

Chicken scratches

Knit with the “Knit Overalls” pattern by Kylie Marie Brown using Brown Sheep Wool

I’ve had these buttons for a while just waiting for the right project. I love Tessa Ann’ buttons and have…well, waaaay to many that are waiting for projects! Wait, that’s like saying to much yarn…is there such a thing?

Chicklet overalls 018Chicklet overalls 021

Anyway, as soon as I saw this yarn I immediately thought of these buttons & could just see the project completed.  These are smalls & will be listed with Little Trunks Knits this coming Friday the 13th (Friday the 13th ? eeeew!) I have enough leftover I think to squeak out a little hat…I just have to decide on the style…..  Hopefully before Friday!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Stocking Time!

Nasty wet weather and a healing foot has left me with ample knitting time, so I’ve quite a few to list and more in the works.

  It’s the photos and listing I’m way behind in!

Hopi overalls have yet to be stocked but my plan is to have that done tonight along with……

Soakers to coordinate with these Tunics….that have been done for MONTH’S

I’ve no idea how I missed the soakers but, using the “Super Trim Soaker” pattern from Little Trunks Knits” they are done and ready to be listed as sets.

 Knit Overalls 021Knit Overalls 024

The soaker draw string will be included when purchased

The small “Water’s” overalls are done with buttons attached

Knit Overalls 031Knit Overalls 029

Owl Buttons from buttonsbyrobin on Etsy for gender neutral use.  Super absorbent and with a pocket big enough for a paci stash!

For the medium overalls I used a color-way on BBR from Little Trunks Knits “Spring Daisy”

Knit Overalls 034

Finished with ruffles and Tessa Ann Buttons

Looks like I’d better get busy listing!

Enjoy the sunshine!


Monday, May 2, 2011

Overalls Ready For Buttons!

Knit with Sheepy Time Knits “Waters” & using the “Knit Overall Pattern”a fun 3-9mo pair of overalls is ready for buttons.  The mix of light and deeper blues with teal makes this a nice gender neutral colorway which could be finished for a girl or boy.  Waters 005

Trimmed in complementary deep teal, seed stitch cuffs, straps & pocketWaters 007


A couple of choices…I just can’t decide!

Waters Buttons 015

The Owls from

buttonsbyrobin a fellow Etsian 

Waters Buttons 016

And these from Tessa Ann!

Waters Buttons 017