Friday, May 27, 2011

Mama Mail & Updates

It’s been a busy and productive week. Lot’s of little detail things finished and updated to the Etsy Shop.

Knits completed and listed with Little Trunks Knits.  Be sure and check out Jens new hand dyed color’s.  If you like what you see but don’t knit I’m sure Jen or I would be happy to help you out!Winking smile

Yesterday afternoon saw a pair of custom overalls off the needles and,  late last night a test knit finished.  Both are blocking now and I’ll have pictures up later today…If the weather cooperates!

And Mama Mail!  I LOVE Mama Mail!

Meet Miss Morgan

In her “Hopi” Knit Overalls

Hopi 1

We need  to move the buttons up just a tad but

is she a doll or what!


I think she makes my overalls look pretty cute!

What are your plans for the holiday weekend?


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