Saturday, May 28, 2011

Knit Overalls & A Bit Of Test Knitting

I have some of the best customers! It’s fun when you have one that’s creative & thinks outside the box It’s even better when they can explain in detail exactly what they want!

Knit using the Knit Overalls basic design & using Little Trunks Knits “Pixie Stix”…

Convertalls?  No, that sounds like a revival..

We’ll think of something to call these!

Bad pic’s again but it was constant rain & I hope to get better tomorrow.

Button on legs, using Tessa Ann’s of course, rump ruffles and ruffled legs.

Ready to be mailed Tuesday morning!

Convertable overalls 005

A bit of test knitting!  This is the start of the “All in Onsie” pattern by Sweet Monkey Baby on Hyena Cart.  I’m using Wildflower Whimsy’s “Secret Garden”  LOVE IT!!

I’m much further along then the photo shows, just at the hip now.  Hope to have it completed tomorrow if time allows


Another test knit, the Vest/Singlet by Diana Townsley

A simple sweet top which could be used by either boy or girl.  Fresh stash 003

A nice summer top that could be also used in the fall for a vest or simple over tunic

We have sun shine and a day off tomorrow! We will be laying floors in the new workroom so I’m not sure how much actual knitting will be done. 

Tuesday I’ll have pic’s of some drool worthy yarn orders that have arrived

Enjoy the weekend


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