Sunday, May 15, 2011

Manos, Soft and Squishy Manos Longies!

Oh how I LOVE thee!

These small longies just knit up to fast.

I kept squishing & petting these as I knit them.

Manos Longies 008

Colorway “Wildflowers” with the cuffs and waist band in Wine thick~n~thin.

Since every little one needs a soft squishy hat..

Have I said I love the softness of Manos?

Manos Longies 010

How weird is it to use grapefruit as a photo prop? I almost drew a face but…that would have just been too creepy! 5 minutes late it was my breakfast. These should be listed to the Katidids Etsy shop this afternoon.

In my haste to list the “Tulip Time” Pretty Girl Dress I realized I forgot to make the soaker!

Pretty Girl & Soaker 016

This morning I updated the listing to include it. 

The soaker is a solid pink to allow Mama’s flexibility to create other outfits

Facebook friends! Don’t forget the Friday the 13th sale runs through midnight!

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