Friday, September 30, 2011

Hello Cutie Patooties!

Hold your ovaries girls!

How sweet are these little ladies In their Katidids Knit’s!

First down the runway is the ever happy Miss Eloise

Styling her Ash Tree Kenna and longies..look at her perfect runway flirt with her adoring crowd


Next up Miss Izabella, queen of curls.

Styling her Elizabeth Tunic and SMSS bloomers,  She stands waiting for her many fans to bestow her smiles

ET Izzy

Thank you Mama’s for sharing you little’s with me!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Current Customs & Status Updates

9/29/2011 Somehow I've lost the prior customs list. I'm attempting to recreate it. I should have it updated by tomorrow afternoon.

Completed & ready to ship
Jenny- 2 pr Medium Longies

Karli, Kenna in Izabella, waiting on buttons

On the needles
Marianne-Poetry Romper, additional yarn on order
Karli- Izabella SMSS Legs
Karli- Athena convertible longies

Kalle-Cream shrug
Karli-Handspun sweater
Marianne- Honeysuckle, longies & Hat- Avalon
Marianne- Cali Cargo, Bloomers & headband-neverland
Sara-Longies- yarn selected
Marianne- Kenna & Skirted longies-Junebug
Marianne- Tallulah-very berry
Marianne- Christmas skirty, shrug hat & Legwarmers
Marianne-Fresh Longies
Karli-Kenna Button Top and Coordinating Leggings Popsicle-waiting on trim
Karli- undecided garment with custom colorway

Scrappie Longies….. Art or Science?

Scrappie’s are a blast to make.  Tedious…very tedious weaving in the ends but, the best part is revisiting all those colorways you fell in love with while knitting.Scrappies for Sara 003

Creating them is often akin to piecing a puzzle….an art form.  Sometimes I lay all the selected colors out and “map” them.  Sometimes, it’s a rainbow effect lighter to darker within the same shade.

For this pair I alternated between bags of light and dark colors.  I was very scientific…I reached in and grabbed what was next.

So, you tell me Art or science?

I think I see a boy’ish pair in the near future =)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Custom Kenna & Longies Ready for the mail

This was such a fun knit, very different than the traditional “Girly” colors

The colorway “Ash Tree” is from Blissful  Knits. Originally I purchased it as a OOAK. But, so many liked it the colorway became a staple for Raya.

Blues, greens, grey & white.  I would never have thought to mix those colors together but I really like how this turned out.  The little lady this is was knit for lives in the Pacific northwest.  It made me think of the first time we went to the rain forests along the coast.  Everything was so lush and green against the grey rocks

Ash Tree Kenna & Longies 001

All types of tiny flowers & ferns I’d never seen before. (and my Mom was an avid gardener) Those memories led to the simple embellishment on the Kenna.   The buttons are solids from Tessa Ann, & the tunic is finished with a twisted rib hem.

The longies also have a twisted rib cuff with a soft ruffle to finish them off.

I'll pop them in the mail this afternoon & hope for Mama Pic’s!


Monday, September 26, 2011

Knitting, knitting , knitting!

Ready for the mail

A Elizabeth Tunic for Karli.  The colorway is a custom color request she made of Christina Marie Potter a fellow Etsian.  Buttons she ordered with Tessa to coordinate

Paired with SMSS Bloomers and coordinating legs & she’ll be ready for any occasion!

ET for Karli 003

Also for Karli and in the mail is a modified Tickle Hat.  Flat top that will have an Owl face appliqued.

Hats 003

After all the larger customs I needed a bit of instant gratification or close to it

Listed in the Etsy shop

A few more tickle hats

First is an baby size using Mosaic Moon Malayan Orchid

Earglaps and tassle but, no cords.  Mama’s have been requesting I leave them off so …here are a few more with out them.

Hats 011

Hats 005Hats 010

Another hat, scrappy style this time!.  This is a newborn but it has a LOT of stretch and will last quite a few months. 


Blocking now are scrappy longies for Sara.  They should be dry to mail tomorrow.

On the needles is another Kenna & Legs.

This one is for Karli to match the Owly hat.

Slowly working my way through the customs and, adding winter longies to the shop. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Quick Legs Update

Just a quick Mama update!

legs 001

2 more inches of the ‘Legs” left to go. They should be ready this evening.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Working On Customs

I can tell the weather is changing just by looking in the knitting basket.  Longies instead of shorties, cowls, long sleeved tops or tunics & scarves.  The colors tend to be richer and deeper than the bright colors of summer and spring.

On the needles now are convertible longies. A YYMN custom using “Athena” a fun colorway by Love Ewe Yarns on licorice twist. 

Tal & Conv 001


In a holding pattern right now is a Reid Romper using Little Trunks Knits “Poetry of the Earth”.

  I started the romper and quickly realized I would run short so Jenny is dying up more for us.WIP 002

The colors are so rich and vibrant I can’t wait to start back up.


Also on the needles is a “Tallulah Dress”  An adorable pattern recently released by By Suzanne Williams of La Petite Krott Creations.

Tal & Conv 003 

I plan to have it completed for stocking on the 22nd with Little Trunks Knits…that’s the plan anyway!  I’m using another colorway of Jenny’s  “Foxtrot”.  I wanted the skirt to have a soft drape so we chose gaia worsted for this one.  This kettle dyed variation is knitting up wonderfully.  I can’t wait to see it completed.

Stocking to the Katidids Etsy Shop tonight is a small pair of longies

Tal & Conv 008

I’ve had them in the works for a few weeks, I simply needed to weave in the ends & finished them the other night.

The pink Shrug is in the mail, I neglected to take photos before hand!

I also shipped #8…the last of the 8 pr of legs which coordinate with 2 pr of SMSS Bloomers.  I’ll have to see if I can get a “group” photo of them all.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

More Customs in the mail

It was a pretty busy weekend, productive here anyway.  Yesterday and today I spent a bit of time at the postal center mailing customs out…I think I need to take those ladies in some cookies so they don’t groan when they see me coming!

Mama updates of a few things that were shipped

The Cali Cargo. Along with it is a small headband and flower. It was a fun knit and the colors are stunning Accent buttons by Corina of Ayarina’s Buttons

Completed customs 005

Eyelet Cardi with a “Tree of Life” Tessa Ann Button

Completed customs 008

A scrappy SMSS Fae Folk Hat in Bella Rose from the skein that keeps on giving.

I just pulled the trim colors and started in.  I think there is about 5 yds of the Bella Rose left!


Completed customs 010

A wispy blanket for a photo prop, can’t wait to see sweet babies wrapped in this one

green wrap 002

A simple chocolate shrug.  I love these for changing weather.  Just enough on the shoulders to extend the use of summer clothes

Kalle Shrug 002

Custom longies using wool dyed by Jenny of Little Trunks Knits

Sunset 003

All in the mail…. soon to be seen on a baby near you!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

On & Off The Needles!

It’s been a crazy busy week! Looks like there’s some catching up to do here.

I’ve quite a few customs in the final stages of knitting or blocking but here are a few…

Here are a few updates for Mama’s

Legs #6 of 8 for Karli.  Custom color buttons By Tessa Ann

Colorway “Stetson” By Christina Marie Potter of Etsy

New Stash & Legs 007

#7 “Alice in the garden” Another great colorway by Christina Marie Potter & more custom buttons by Tessa Ann

New Stash & Legs 008 

The last set #8 should be on the needles by Monday


A Cali Cargo

Pattern by DaKine Knits.

Using MMR dyed by Green Strings in the colorway “Fresh”

This was my first time knitting this pattern and it was great!  Very well written, clear directions & easy to follow.  So many look at this as a summer dress but I think it would be great to use through the fall and winter as a tunic or paired with a long sleeved tee and tights.

I actually just finished it, but its blocking.  I hope to have better pics tomorrow once the pockets and buttons are sew on.

Fresh Cali 002

Next on the list is longies using a unnamed colorway by Jenny of Little Trunks Knits.

I love the colors in this so, I’m hoping she can replicate it or come pretty close.

We will have a H/C stocking the 22nd of Sept & the plan is to have these ready to list.  I’ve yet to decide on the sizing but, I think it will need pockets for sure!


New Stash & Legs 003

Casting on this evening more longies.  This time a custom colorway for Sarah.

She emailed saying “fall-ish” but then made comment  What I really want is longies with ….and gave me a list of colors.  I in turn emailed Jenny & said I have a customer looking for…..she (Jenny) played in her dye pots and sent this!
BEAUTIFUL!  I can’t wait to get started!

New Stash & Legs 004

Also blocking and waiting for buttons is a chocolate shrug for Kalle.  It will be ready for Tuesday”s mail