Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Custom Kenna & Longies Ready for the mail

This was such a fun knit, very different than the traditional “Girly” colors

The colorway “Ash Tree” is from Blissful  Knits. Originally I purchased it as a OOAK. But, so many liked it the colorway became a staple for Raya.

Blues, greens, grey & white.  I would never have thought to mix those colors together but I really like how this turned out.  The little lady this is was knit for lives in the Pacific northwest.  It made me think of the first time we went to the rain forests along the coast.  Everything was so lush and green against the grey rocks

Ash Tree Kenna & Longies 001

All types of tiny flowers & ferns I’d never seen before. (and my Mom was an avid gardener) Those memories led to the simple embellishment on the Kenna.   The buttons are solids from Tessa Ann, & the tunic is finished with a twisted rib hem.

The longies also have a twisted rib cuff with a soft ruffle to finish them off.

I'll pop them in the mail this afternoon & hope for Mama Pic’s!


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