Thursday, September 29, 2011

Scrappie Longies….. Art or Science?

Scrappie’s are a blast to make.  Tedious…very tedious weaving in the ends but, the best part is revisiting all those colorways you fell in love with while knitting.Scrappies for Sara 003

Creating them is often akin to piecing a puzzle….an art form.  Sometimes I lay all the selected colors out and “map” them.  Sometimes, it’s a rainbow effect lighter to darker within the same shade.

For this pair I alternated between bags of light and dark colors.  I was very scientific…I reached in and grabbed what was next.

So, you tell me Art or science?

I think I see a boy’ish pair in the near future =)


  1. Definitely an art to make a really beautiful pair like that :) I don't weave in my ends - I just do a felted join and it goes much faster for me. I usually select my yarns where each successive yarn has at least one color in common and I join at the common color so you can't see where it changed easily - fun if tedious. Your OCD will thank you, LOL!

  2. Ahh, Thank you Melissa! It means a lot coming from you!.. For some reason I've never thought to felt joins on scrappies. Yes, my OCD will find a bit of relief LOL!