Thursday, April 29, 2010

Flufffy Mail & WIP!

I LOVE my UPS Man! He brings all types of wooly goodness!

This is part of yesterdays shipment, my 3rd so far this month.

I have to make him cookies or something as I grab my boxes and run with barely a “ Have a good day” or thank you.  I just want to peek in the boxes and pet the colors. A cool crisp rainbow of yarnie goodness!  I have a notebook full of plans for summer shorties and fall longies.  A few tunics and dresses planned as well.

reno & garden 041 

Since I’m a bit ahead of schedule for customs, I’m catching up on a few things to stock in the Katidids Etsy Shop

A short sleeve Shrug in Mixed Berries to coordinate with the

 Mixed Berries ShortiesSleep gown & wip 005

Small Shorties in my “Oh Baby!” colorwaySleep gown & wip 004

and still working in between everything else on the sleep gown prototype.                

As you can see the main body is done I need only to add the sleeves and finish the neck…..and possibly a touch of embellishment.

 Sleep gown & wip 003

And progress on my studio is coming along!  We’ve been planning this for so long and now that its real I’m just so excited!

I’ve sketched the interior over and over and just can’t decide how I want it. There’s a bit of time yet to decide but at least all my yarn will be contained in one room…..I think! 


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Twins Rainbow Skirties

I wish I could capture the true colors of these skirties.

They are looking better than I’d anticipated.Rainbow Skirtys 004

Working on the second strip of colors & boy do they pop. 

Wish it was my size!

In the mail, On the List & On the dry Rack!

High Meadow remix shorties in the mail today to Sara!highmeadow remix 003

Added to the list is Medium shorties for Kim, These will be striped at Mama’s request.  I’m hoping to have them in the shop ready by Wednesday.Stock yarn 004 

Just off the needles Chocolate Bloomies To pair with the Chocolate Baby doll topChocolate Set 004

They are on the drying rack and will hopefully be in the mail to day to Maddies Mom!

Progress photos for the Rainbow Skirtie’s should be up tomorrow.

If I have a chance I’ll take progress photos of the tester Sleep gown. Its coming along slowly as I’m knitting a few rows here & there between customs but, I’m very pleased with the look.  I think it will become a favorite item for new Mama’s!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Completed Customs, Stocking & WIP’s

Bright Stripes Longies on the way to a happy Mama today!bright stripes 009

And in Honor of Earth Day,  The Etsy cloth Diaper team has a wonderful giveaway & sale running right now so be sure and check it out for all your fluffy needs!

I  also stocked a  pair of small shorties in Deep Green or OD Green,  The tie is a coordinating soft moss.  They look a little lumpy in the photo, lanolized and drying now.OD Green Shorties 006 I’m working on a new pattern, a sleep gown.  Using the same principal of the sleep sack only one piece, long sleeved….It should be available by months end.sleeps sac 003 I’m pleased with the progress so far.  Its sizing out correctly for a newborn to 3 months.  I only hope the other sizes knit up as well.  I’ll be looking for testers so be sure and e mail if you have a little one that this would fit!

I’m happy to say I’m running ahead of schedule for customs so I’ll have a few spots open for next month.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Scrappies are done!


And will be in the mail Tuesday.

  I just have to finish weaving in 2 million ends

OK, it just seems like 2 million ends!Scrappies 004

The solids needed for the twins black rainbow skirties have arrived and approved by Mama so, were good to go!WIP& Garden 009

I finished 2 pair of shorties yesterday, I just need to take photos and they will be listed.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Mama Up Dates! Bitty Brights!

The Bitty Bright’s are done!  Hip18 Rise 14 inseam 2.5 inches

Ruffle cuffs (unblocked)WIP& Garden 014

Scrappy longies customs are almost done.  They have about 2 more inches until the cuffs

& they will be ready to lanolizeWIP& Garden 013

Black rainbow colors, waiting for Mama’s approvalWIP& Garden 009

And 2 new colors available for customs!New Colors & Garden 004 New Colors & Garden 007

Thursday, April 15, 2010

What’s on the Needles!

Today I’ll be casting on custom skirties for twins! 

Black Rainbow Skirties.

The Mama sent me this photo

Rainbow skirty

And asked if I could match it in wool..It’s taken a week or so to gather the correct colors but I have them now and will start this afternoon!

On the needles now…..

  Scrappy longies for a little man

Shorties & scrappies 012

Bits of boy color scraps that will coordinate with anything!  I have about 3 inches left to complete the legs

Small Bright Shorties that will have ruffled cuffsGreen & brights 007

And My contribution to this months Etsy Cloth Diaper Teams Earth Day Theme….

Large Earth Day Shorties on Cestari

  Completed and listed in Etsy

Shorties & scrappies 004

  Also another large Green Stripes shorties

Green & brights 016

To be listed shortly

I’ll be posting new color-

ways this afternoon!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Customs & Stocking At Katidids!

Finishing up custom Striped Longies, just need to add a pocket

Babydoll Dress

Wonderful soft cottonDoll House babydoll 003

Earth Day shorties on cestari they should be listed to Etsy by MondayNew Knits 003 & playing in the dye pots! Terracotta, wine, orange gold & greens with blueNew Dyes 007 Bold girly pastelNew Dyes 004  Blues, greens gold & yellow on Cestari

New Dyes 006

All available for customs

Tropical Sea Babydoll Dress

One of the New Items I’ve become licensed to sell is the Babydoll Dress by Rachel Evans.

PW Longies Baby Doll 018

A fun & versatile dress to be worn alone or with a top and tights. To extend its use even more, its designed in a way which it will fit for quite a while and converts to a tunic as the baby grows. 

I’ve had fun rooting through my yarn for more of these and have quite a few more lined up!  If you have specific sizes or colors your looking for don’t hesitate to contact me.

This Tropical Sea Babydoll is knit with Cascade superwash for the skirt and Debbie Bliss “Prima” a bamboo/wool mix for the bodice.  Both are long wearing and easy care. 

Listed on Etsy Now!

Friday, April 9, 2010

The Sweet Set Longies and the Shrug Hug Set


Spring is here and summer is on the way but its still a bit chilly in the mornings and late afternoon.  With cooler breezes in mind I will be listing a Sweet Set! Knit from uber soft “100% Purewool” a favorite wool loving Mama’s. Wonderful for newborns tender skin.  Knit in the colorway Praia


New Knits 012

I love shrugs for babies, especially when they are down on the floor scooching around.  Just enough to protect them from drafts or air-conditioning, tuck in the diaper bag and off you go!

This set will be listed on Etsy tonight!

New Knits 009 

A few other items to list but, I have a few photos to take!

Customs list will be updated tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Welcome to Katidids Knits!


Here I hope to keep my customers updated on custom orders, progress in the knitting and shipping dates.  Oh, & sneak peeks of work on the needles!

  In the Mail today are Large Shorties for Sami Using the colorway Sailors Dread

on BFL by Doodlebirds Creations Sailors Dread 009

A Rainbow Dress using Luna Cascade with the colorway Solar Flair

I couldn’t decided if I preferred the pink or orange ribbon so I sent Mama both!

Photo shows dress unblocked and appears day glow pink!

Hayden & garden 025

Breezie will soon receive her

“Tossed Flowers” Longies 

Tweed & Tan Longies 003 The twin’s custom “Grass Is Greener” Set was also shipped today

Grass is greenerset 019

This afternoon I’ll be taking photos of working customs & should have them posted tomorrow