Friday, April 9, 2010

The Sweet Set Longies and the Shrug Hug Set


Spring is here and summer is on the way but its still a bit chilly in the mornings and late afternoon.  With cooler breezes in mind I will be listing a Sweet Set! Knit from uber soft “100% Purewool” a favorite wool loving Mama’s. Wonderful for newborns tender skin.  Knit in the colorway Praia


New Knits 012

I love shrugs for babies, especially when they are down on the floor scooching around.  Just enough to protect them from drafts or air-conditioning, tuck in the diaper bag and off you go!

This set will be listed on Etsy tonight!

New Knits 009 

A few other items to list but, I have a few photos to take!

Customs list will be updated tomorrow!

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