Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Manly Hat & Boku Skirty

The Manly Hat, inspired by so many patterns in Ravelry.  I took design ideas I’d picked up from many and reworked them into this hat.  Long enough to cover the ears (a must as far as my hubby is concerned), snug fit yet not tight on the head & easily modified to fit newborn to adult.

A YYMN custom Manly Hat ready to ship.

Finished knits 003

Knit using Berocco “Campus” color 2484.  Rich chocolate, blues & tans.  You will be seeing more of these in the Katidids Etsy shop soon


Stocked to the Etsy Shop yesterday, an “Aloha Flirty Skirt”  pattern by Dakine Knits using the

A-line skirt version

BoKu Sweet Heart 006

For this skirt I used Plymouth Yarns “Boku” in color 16.  If you’ve not used Boku, its very similar to Noro in price and texture.  Boku has 5% silk making it a tad softer & has different color combinations than Noro, making it a nice alternative.

More Spring knits will be stocked soon!

Stay warm out there


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Lanolizing Your Wool

Lanolizing your wool soakers doesn’t need to be a dreaded task, actually it’s pretty easy and takes just minutes.

There are various tutorials on line to do this but, I’m going to share what I do.

Start with a clean garment after washing with a gentle shampoo. A clear shampoo you would use on your baby or your own body. Do not use commercial wool products such as “Woolite”.

Place your clean soakers (inside out) in a bowl of warm water becoming totally saturated


While these are soaking, heat a cup of water. I place mug of water in the microwave about half full

(& yes, I have one specific mug I use just for this…believe me when I tell you it is not a good thing if you grab this mug and pour your morning coffee in it)

To your warm water, add a small bit of lanolin…about the same amount as 1-2 peas. Lanolin,  004Add a small bit of that same soap you washed the soakers with to the cup and stir. You only need a small dot of soap not a “squirt”Lanolin, Vivienne Waldorf Longies 005The water should be pretty warm & the lanolin will melt, mix with the soap and the water will become a milky white. Lanolin, Vivienne Waldorf Longies 006

Lift your garment gently out of the water, pour the lanolin mix in the bowl & stir it in.

Lanolin, Vivienne Waldorf Longies 007 Gently place your garment in the bowl and let it soak for at least 10-15 minutes. I wait about 5 minutes and flip the garment over to ensure good lanolin coverage.

If you get side tracked and forget they are soaking, don’t worry about it! I’ve left them soaking overnight and it’s not a problem.Lanolin, Vivienne Waldorf Longies 008

After they have soaked & you are ready to remove them from the water, have a bath towel handy on the counter. Lift your soakers out of the water and gently squeeze the excess water out. Do not twist or wring! Gently turn your garment right side out and lay out on the towel. Now roll it up in the towel and apply pressure to remove the moisture. I place the roll on the floor and stand on it for a minute or 2.

Unroll and lay flat to dry reshaping as needed.

A few reminders…

At no time will you twist or wring your wet garment! That will cause felting!

Often a new garment will often bleed a bit of dye the first few times you launder them. Do not mix these garments with others when lanolizing as it will bleed & discolor other garments.

I have 2-3 older towels I use for lanolizing. If you have a bit of dye bleed you don’t want to ruin a good towel. You can toss these towels in the laundry with your other towels it won’t hurt a bit.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Vivienne, On the Needles Now


by Helen Rose

from NEED

I’ve had a few ask for this top and am making my own “test” of the pattern prior to using a customers wool.  I adore this in a semi solid but knew I didn’t have enough so I’m using a kettle dyed colorway from Little Monkey Stitch n Spin called “Sunset”

Vivienne Top 001

I’ve 2 more inches till I start the lace patterning & so far I’m loving the pattern.

I’ve found it to be very well written and the one question I had for the designer was answered quickly…..and ended up I was reading things in to the pattern. I should have this done tomorrow and plan to make bloomers to coordinate

And listed yesterday to the Katidids Etsy Shop 

Another Seed Stitch Cowl

The reds, greys & black are nice gender neutral colors

Super soft and squishy, it easily slides over your head & has plenty of length to tuck around the neck line of a coat.  Reds, greys and black nice gender neutral colors.

Seed Stitch Cowl 005

Also on the needles, are the longies for a Waldorf doll. I’ve frogged them twice but think I have the pattern down now & will finish them today.

Snow last night and it’s chilly today….I’m staying inside and knitting

Got your wool on?


Saturday, January 14, 2012

Another Gap-tastic cowl knock off

Is ready for the mail.

Although the pattern “Gap-tastic Cowl” is originally written for a chunky to bulky weight yarn (that is so popular this year) I’ve been making them in worsted weight.

Knit with 2 skeins of Noro Kureyon 270

Noro Cowl 002

I love the muted yet vibrant colors of Noro

Noro Cowl 003

The lighter weight provides a softer drape for those that don’t care for the bulk but, will still wrap easily around the neck twice to cut out the bitter cold air.

Stay warm out there!


Friday, January 13, 2012

Knittin and Playin

The Braided head band.  I love this shade of plum, wintery but fun too.

I played with the pattern a bit, added more of a band on either side and the cables still pop but don’t stand out quite as far. I think I’ll be adding a few of these to the shop, if there are colors you’re looking for let me know.

Braided Headband & Noro Cowl Blaby Hat 001

We had our first real snow yesterday & I celebrated & played for a while with the spinning wheel.  I’ve not hardly touched it for 6-7 months.  It felt good to feel the fibers and hear the hum of the wheel.  I spun up some single ply.  I do need practice!  It came out a bit of a thick and thin but useable….and use it I did.

Homespun Baby Hat

Braided Headband & Noro Cowl Blaby Hat 008

Nothing super fancy but, it was nice to actually make something from my own work!


Have you joined Pinterest?

Talk about fun!  A virtual bulletin board of …..well just any thing!

I’ve found some really great organizing, decorating & craft ideas.  I was looking for some Easter crafts to do with the kids and found this… hard boiled eggs and crayon!  Who comes up with these idea’s!  It was fun but, I’ll have to figure a way for the kids to dodo this as they were hot!

Noro Cowl 001

I didn’t see any directions but if you try this, as soon as you’re done with your design, run it under cold water (on the back side of the egg) to help set the design.

Gotta run

Stay warm out there!


Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Braided Headband & Stocking Katidids Etsy Shop

A few days ago I made this headband for my daughter.  It turned out as the pattern directed but I thought it’s a bit large and bulky…so I played with the pattern a bit and modified it to a trimmer version. It’s done and drying.  I should have a few photos up tomorrow.

Head Wrap & Taos Shorties 002

My Katidids Etsy Shop finally has new stock!

I’ve a few more items to list but so far this week…

Large “Taos” shorties, a beautiful colorway from Wildflower Whimsy.

Head Wrap & Taos Shorties 006

Small World Tree Shorties I just love the rich colors of Mosaic Moon!

World Tree Shorties 002

And the Large Noro Capri’s

Noro Capri's and MM Stash 010

Winters finally on it’s way and I’m knitting summer garments?!?!?!

On the needles now is a Kenna Top In “Junebug”

Also a mini pair of longies I’m working up for a customers Waldorf doll.  If the pattern works out, I may start stocking them if there is any interest

And some more Noro…

Puga & Noro 004

I’m not sure what it wants to be yet, any ideas?

Snow tomorrow in the forecast means I’ll make a early morning run to ship orders…which means if I’m out early there will be NO snow!  Murphy’s law

Stay warm out there!


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Fluffy Mail

Right before Christmas I received my last Co-op of the year & all are available for customs

Mosaic Moon

SelahGwion BFLFairy PrincessBirthday Girl BFLWickedOld FableJacobsLadder on GaiaKnitting In Vegas Twist

If you’re not familiar with the colorways, just hover your cursor over the photo and it should show the name.

So far this week I’ve stocked 6 items to the Katidids Etsy Shop & I’ve a few more to go. I’ll be stocking more shorties by weeks end.  Let me know what colors and gender you’re looking for here or as Katidids Knits on Facebook

Stay warm out there!


Nina Capri’s Done

And stocked to the Katidids Etsy shop!'

Girls Capri’s using an aran twist from

“Blue Dog Fibers” a fellow Etsian in the colorway “Nina”

Nina Capris 011Not the greatest photos, I hope to take better today as these colors are just wonderful.  Deep berry, wine, chocolate, yellow, greens and blues all blended for a fun girly colorway

 Nina Capris 008

Rather than longies I decided on capri’s as this is such a fun spring feeling

Nina Capris 007

Stocked to the Katidids Etsy Shop 

Hip 21-22
Rise 18
Inseam 5.5

The Noro Capri’s are dry and I should have photos up this afternoon or tomorrow at the latest along with a small pair of “World Tree” shorties

It sure feels odd knitting shorts and capri’s when snow is in the forcast for the end of the week!

Stay warm out there


Sunday, January 8, 2012

“All Around The Town” Longies Listed Today

Primary colors of red, blues, greens and orange, a unisex mix of color that will match a multitude of tops or shirts.  A nice sturdy “springy” merino that will wear well.All Around the town Longies 005

On the needles now, well actually they are drying….Capri’s.  Yes, It’s barely winter and I’m thinking of spring already.  Pictures will be up tomorrow once they are dryAll Around the town Longies 009

I popped into my local yarn store this weekend and they’d just unpacked a shipment of Noro.

 “Just look and drool” I thought…. & I was OK till I touched it…petted it.  OK fondled it.

I bought it.  Like I really need more wool!

So, Noro longies are on the needles.  Progress photo’s up tomorrow.

Stay warm out there!


Thursday, January 5, 2012

Buttercup Cables Hat & longies on the needles

Buttercup Cables Hat

Everyday Cables Baby Hat

A free pattern by Lisa Story

from Handmade and Homemade Blog

Quick and accurate. Start to finish only took 2 about hours

It was a bit awkward leaning into the van for a photo but, doesn’t she look just thrilled!

Buttercup Cables 003

She is just shy of a month old & the hat looks like it will last all winter.

On the needles now are longies for stocking in the Katidids Etsy shop.  This is a hand dyed of mine I call “All Around the Town”  It was inspired by Hayden & Isaiah’s hot wheel cars that you’ll find in beds, pockets and under cushions when you visit my house.

All around the town Longies 001

Off to knit or clean I can’t quite decide…..but I’m sure you know which will win!

Stay warm out there!


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A few Customs and Family Knits

Newborn Longies so tiny and sweet! A custom for Sara that will be gifting these to a little bean due in March.

The wool was hand dyed by fellow Etsian & Etsy Cloth Diaper Team member Little Monkey's Stitch n Spin  a Worsted Merino in the color “Neptune”   She has some really neat colors (yes I’ve picked up a few others) so be sure and check out her color work.

Neptune Longies (6)

The Gap-Tastic Cowl is completed and will be in the mail tomorrow. This Shasta Daisy Knits bulky so squishy and soft it will be hard to let this one go.  I may need to knit one for myself.

Gaptastic Cowl (4)

Ruhun Cowl/Headband a pattern by Kristiina V. I found on Ravelry

I used a wool acrylic blend in taupe, for a bit of cable practice

Ruhun in Taupe (2)

That was pretty easy so I decided to step it up a bit and tried this head band for my daughter Rachel.  She lives in Indianapolis and seems to think below 0 temps deserve hand knits to keep her ears warm! (But, It also works great as a cowl.)

Anthropologie Inspired Braided Head wrap by Jen Geigley again found on Ravelry

I modified the pattern and omitted the button band, added 2 more “braids” and kitchner stitched it together.

Braided Head Band 001

Since that was really easy this afternoon I cast on this hat for Alix called

Everyday Cables Baby Hat

by Lisa Storyfrom Handmade and Homemade Blog

Buttercup 001

The hat is done!

I’ll have photos of it tomorrow when I try it on Alix.

  For the life of me I don’t know why I was ever afraid to try cables!

It feels like a whole new knitting world has opened up.  I know there will be a few disasters along the way but I’m really excited to challenge myself to more complex patterns

Stay warm out there


Starting the New Year right with a free pattern “Sweet & Simple”

It’s been so unseasonably warm here I haven’t worked on many cold weather knits for the family.  Yesterday it started snowing and we realized Miss Evie needed a hat. With 3 little ones, Erika prefers something easy care as in, throw it in the washer and dryer.  So we chose Premier Yarns Serenity Chunky Weight in what else but “Candy Pink”

Sweet & Simple- Evie’s Hat

Jan Wips 007

Materials Needed:

Needles size 6 for the brim

10 for the body

1 stitch marker

95-100 yds. of chunky yarn

With smaller needles CO 62, place marker and join in the round
Knit 4 rounds of 1X1 ribbing
Switch to larger needles & knit till (at least 6.5 inches from brim ) about 3 yards remain & kitchner the top closed

Grab a deck of cards and wrap about 20 times, make a tassel & attach to hat.

Be creative, grab your scraps and stripe it, add pom-pom’s or braids

Toddler to youth sizing

Brim at rest measures 14 stretches to fit my 21inch noggin

If you use the pattern, I’d love to see what you make !

Please link back here or Katidids on Ravelry


Stay warm out there!


Monday, January 2, 2012

2011 Ended with Empty Needles!

Everything is DONE, the needles are empty & will probably be the last time till 2013 rolls around.  It helped a lot that Larry was gone overnight hunting, I never sleep when he’s gone so rather lay in bed watching the minutes click by on the clock,  I stayed up and knit.

I finished The Tallulah Dress , pattern by Suzanne Williams from LaPetite Krott Creations on “Foxtrot” hand dyed by Jenny of Little Trunks Knits

When I hear the name Tallulah, I think of a young sassy cajun girl doin the 2 step…laughing & dancing the night away on a hot humid southern night. The music is blasting, feet are thumping against the wooden floor, children running and playing darting in and around the tables.  Folks are sweating in the heat.  The lights hanging around the dance floor like fire flies sparkling against the dark sky. 

  The full skirt, fitted bodice and lace at the bottom solidify that image in my mind….so I give you,

Tallulah, Not the 2 Step, The Fox Trot!


Tallulah a bit of a tom boy but loves her feminine touches of lace with a flirty full skirt


I’m not sure why but each knit has it’s own personality to me & I often wonder how close I come to the recipient…or who they grow up to be.  Silly I know but… can you just see the old folk in the corner tapping their canes to the music, watching the dancers with wistful smiles of days gone by.

2012 is going to be a wonderful year!