Thursday, January 5, 2012

Buttercup Cables Hat & longies on the needles

Buttercup Cables Hat

Everyday Cables Baby Hat

A free pattern by Lisa Story

from Handmade and Homemade Blog

Quick and accurate. Start to finish only took 2 about hours

It was a bit awkward leaning into the van for a photo but, doesn’t she look just thrilled!

Buttercup Cables 003

She is just shy of a month old & the hat looks like it will last all winter.

On the needles now are longies for stocking in the Katidids Etsy shop.  This is a hand dyed of mine I call “All Around the Town”  It was inspired by Hayden & Isaiah’s hot wheel cars that you’ll find in beds, pockets and under cushions when you visit my house.

All around the town Longies 001

Off to knit or clean I can’t quite decide…..but I’m sure you know which will win!

Stay warm out there!


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