Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Braided Headband & Stocking Katidids Etsy Shop

A few days ago I made this headband for my daughter.  It turned out as the pattern directed but I thought it’s a bit large and bulky…so I played with the pattern a bit and modified it to a trimmer version. It’s done and drying.  I should have a few photos up tomorrow.

Head Wrap & Taos Shorties 002

My Katidids Etsy Shop finally has new stock!

I’ve a few more items to list but so far this week…

Large “Taos” shorties, a beautiful colorway from Wildflower Whimsy.

Head Wrap & Taos Shorties 006

Small World Tree Shorties I just love the rich colors of Mosaic Moon!

World Tree Shorties 002

And the Large Noro Capri’s

Noro Capri's and MM Stash 010

Winters finally on it’s way and I’m knitting summer garments?!?!?!

On the needles now is a Kenna Top In “Junebug”

Also a mini pair of longies I’m working up for a customers Waldorf doll.  If the pattern works out, I may start stocking them if there is any interest

And some more Noro…

Puga & Noro 004

I’m not sure what it wants to be yet, any ideas?

Snow tomorrow in the forecast means I’ll make a early morning run to ship orders…which means if I’m out early there will be NO snow!  Murphy’s law

Stay warm out there!


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