Thursday, July 21, 2011

Custom SMSS Bloomers & WIP’s!

Custom SMSS Bloomers using Woolen Mill St. Yarns,  Organic Superfine Merino dyed by Christina Marie Potter

Chocolate bloomers

Coordinating legs also dyed by fellow Etsian Christina Marie Potter in the colorway

“Apollo & Starbuck”

July 047

Custom buttons for all 8 pair of “legs” will be arriving soon from Tessa Ann.  3 down 5 to go!

Custom Updates….

On the needles now is a ruffled soaker.

I’m using the leftover “Faded Jeans” from BlueDogFibers

Faded Jeans soaker working 001

We’re squeaking out every thing we can from this skein! I’ll be completing the legs and ruffles this afternoon


I’ve yet to take photos but also on the needles are another pair of SMSS Bloomers using some gorgeous hand spun from “Born In A Barn” & 2 more “All-In-Onise’s.

Don’t forget to stop in Little Trunks Knits On Hyena Cart.  I still have the Reid Romper Listed and Jenny has some Stunning custom slots open!

Stay cool out there!  This heat is record breaking!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Crazy Knitting!

I think anything I knit tonight would likely be a little wonky or look a bit crazy.

I nearly melted today in the heat…high 90’s with a over 100 “feels like” temp, running a bunch of errands with Isaiah & the AC in the van died. 

So we are driving with the windows open and making our stops, working our way home…the second to the last stop the latch on the van door flipped and the door wouldn’t shut…in the middle of a parking lot.  Now, the doors not really a problem, I know how to fix it but, its been about 6-9 months since I’ve driven the van & all my little tools in there have grown legs and walked away.  I just need a screwdriver to “flip” the latch. 

Let me tell you, a toothbrush won’t work,

a magic marker won’t work.

Best Buy & Bed Bath & Beyond don’t sell screwdrivers. 

Our 3rd trip into BB&B for shade and cool air the young clerk handed me a screwdriver from behind the counter and said “here, just don’t say anything and bring it back.”  Within 2 minutes it was fixed.

We’d been in the parking lot for 90 minutes, in that darn hot sun.  I’m taking that sweetheart a gift card tomorrow!  And you might wonder why didn’t I call someone for help?  Well, the heat was already getting to us at the prior stop and I left my phone on the counter!

By the time we got home we were both half sick, to hot to even get in the pool, so it was cool showers and lots of frozen juice bars.

So no, there will be no crazy wonky knitting tonight!

Tomorrow, will be back to normal

Friday, July 15, 2011

Finished Knits & It’s HOT HOT HOT!

It’s been so darn hot!  A few days we’ve had a combined temp of 104, with 80% humidity levels UGH!  My hands are sticking to the needles while INSIDE.  The poor AC is having a hard time keeping up. 

So, there are a just a few knits ready

First up a custom All-in-Onsie ready for the mail

And bad photos again, the glow from the patio umbrella cast a peach glow Allinonsie 004Knit with Yummy Blissful Knits “Dream in Color” on BBR and Tessa Ann solid buttons to accent

Allinonsie 005

And stocked to Little Trunks Knits Hyena Cart, a fun Reid Romper (Pattern of Blissful Knits) Using Little Trunks Knits “Boys of Summer” on Gaia worsted.  Short sleeved and full legs it will be great for transitional weather.  I do have enough of this left to extend the legs or, make a coordinating hat.Allinonsie 007

Again accented by Tessa Ann buttons!

On the needles now are custom SMSS bloomers which should be completed tonight, a butterfly dress which I’m completing the straps, another All-In-Onsie & a ruffled Super Trim Soaker.

Whew! Need to get these done in-between picking blackberries and green beans exploding in the garden.

Enjoying the summer!

Friday, July 8, 2011

All-In-Onsie’s on the needles!

Another fun knit!  Sweet Monkey Baby’s All-In-OnsieMarianne DIC 002

A YYMN custom using one of my favorite artists,  Blissful Knits!

The colorway is “Dream in Color” on BBR & it’s knitting up beautifly!

And the Canadian post is running!

I just received replacement buttons to complete an order.  Robin of “Buttons by Robin” got them in the mail as soon as I ordered and the next day …….the postal strike! They finally arrived today!!!  YEAH!!!!   I’ll have them attached and out priority tomorrows mail

Off to knit!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

“Legs” & Shipping Updates

Updates for Karli! 

Lot’s of SMSS “legs” to come for for Miss Izzy & this is the 2nd pair (unblocked) off the needles. Karli 006

The colors were selected by Karli & custom dyed by fellow Etsian Christina Marie Potter of Woolen Mill St Yarns.  Buttons are on order with Tessa Ann to complete the pair.

Packages in the mail today for Karli, Amy & Ashley!

Thank you for your purchase’s & I always love to see pic’s…hint, hint!

I’m starting plans & working on knits for fall & winter, what colors & styles would you like to see?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Custom Longies Ready for the Mail

YYMN Custom Longies using “Faded Jeans” from fellow Etsian Blue Dog FibersKarli 036   Accented with pockets and sweet custom buttons from “Tessa Ann”.  I added simple embellishment to coordinate with the buttons

Karli 037

And the bloomers with legs. 

We’re waiting for custom buttons to finish them

Karli 039

On the needles now are more SMSS “legs” to coordinate with the bloomers above

Karli 034

This was a custom colorway the Mama requested and was dyed by Christina Marie Potter of Etsy.  I LOVE it!  Great color choices and will look really cute when done

Also on the needles is another pair of custom SMSS Bloomers, and 2 “All-In-Onsie’s.

Pic’s to come~

Monday, July 4, 2011

Custom SMSS Bloomers ready to ship

Custom SMSS Bloomers for Karli ready to ship

Using “Organic Superfine Merino” dyed by Christina Marie Potter of “Woolen Mill St. Yarns” in the color Raspberry & Natural.

SMSS Bloomeres & Legs WIP 030

Nearly done, coordinating legs using “Mad hatter” also by Christina Marie Potter

SMSS Bloomeres & Legs WIP 032

To celebrate 4th of July, use code 4thofJuly in the Etsy Shop for 20% off!

Hope everyone has enjoyed a fun & safe holiday!