Sunday, June 24, 2012

Waldorf Doll Clothes & on the needles now


I had a wonderful afternoon with little people yesterday which meant I couldn’t focus on any detailed knitting.  Since play was the order of the day, what would be better than working on play clothes…for Waldorf Dolls!

Buttons & Knits 004

Earlier I’d started a custom “My Keiki Overalls” using Malabrigo. 

Shortalls 002

And, Its Button Bonanza time!  Yesterday I received my order of solid buttons. 

I got tired of running out so I ordered 10 of each color from Ayarina’s Button Shop.

Buttons & Knits 001

I’ll open the packages tomorrow when I have a container ready for them

Not much else this weekend, I’ve been in the garden trying to win the weed war……weeds 1 Katie 0

Have a great evening


Friday, June 22, 2012

Gradient Candy girl Ready to stock


I know I said it before but this dress just flowed off the needles.  The colors are stunning & I wish I could properly capture themGradient Candy Girl 009

Size 6-12 months using Little Monkey's Stitch n Spin Worsted Merino I just looked in her shop and I don’t see anymore gradient.  I really hope she has more available soon

Gradient Candy Girl 007

And the Lollytree Convertible Longies are also done.  I’m waiting on the buttons to ship.

Lolly Tree 001I fought the colors wanting to stack and block but I’m pleased with how these came outLolly Tree 002

Next on the list, Custom Keiki Overalls!

MArianneColors 013

Off to skein some wool


Thursday, June 21, 2012

Gradient Candy Girl

As promised the 6-12 mo. Candy Girl Dress in progress. This gradient hand dyed from Little Monkey Stitch~N~Spin is perfect! The colors just flow one to another with subtle blending.

Gradient Candy girl 001 

I started this on our flight to Myrtle Beach and was just completing the first green portion. The rest was on the return flight. I didn’t realize but there were a few people in the aisle seats behind me watching the progress & everyone loved the colors. Rich and vibrant yet soft shifting shades. It’s truly been a joy to knit & seems to just fly off the needles. I’ve a few inches to go before the lace and hope to have it done tomorrow.  I believe I’ll need to tap into the second skein so I’ll use the remainder for a matching soaker.

Also completed are the custom LollyTree convertible longies. They are blocking now and I’ll have photos tomorrow. The buttons have yet to arrive but I’ll add those when they get here.

I know it’s hot as anything for most of the country right now but, I’m starting plans for fall and winter knits.  I’ve quite a few customs on the list right now but will be also working on stock for the Katidids Etsy Shop. so let me know what you’d like to see.  You can leave me a message here on Facebook and as always the Katidids Etsy Shop via a convo.

Enjoy the summer


Monday, June 11, 2012

Finished Knits

Still on the dry rack

Ruffled shorties for Lucy. 

Using some wonderful merino from Little Monkey's Stitch n Spin in the color “Neptune”

Neptune 001

A few YYMN customs ready for the mail

Talk about soft and squishy!

Aran twist hand dyed by Raya of Blissful Knits “Holly Berry” using the Dakine Knits Longies pattern modified to be convertible longies.  These are nice and thick perfect for night time use as the the mama requested. Packaged up and ready for todays mail

Holly Berry For Karli 003

Also ready for the mail this custom “Treasure Island set.  More wonderful colors for Raya of Blissful Knits.

A super sweet Arabella Top, pattern by Teresa (Tia) King and matching headband

arabella 005

Convertible longies to finish the set accented with buttons from Ayarina

arabella 013

Another pair of  YYMN convertible longies.  This time I used Harrisons’s Hand dyed BFL DK (double stranded) for another pair of night time super soakers. 

Circus Conv Longies 001

I need to pick up buttons for the legs today and then they will be on the way

Whew! I need to update the knit meter after this past week..better yet,  Time to find the table top!

Have a wonderful day


Monday, June 4, 2012

A couple of “nearly’s”

Nearly done that is.

A couple of Mama Updates

An Arabella Top and bloomers…Top needs trim on the straps, I cord ties and embellishing.

I took a break from working on the top and started the bloomers.  I’m about 2 inches from the gusset.  The plan is to have them done by Wednesday…..that’s the plan anyway.

WIPS 001

Another custom  nearly done….Dakine longies modified into convertible longies. This pair is waiting for a trip to the store for buttons (tomorrow)…and the ends to be woven in.

WIPS 002

Again the plan is to have them ready Wednesday mailing.

There have been many many e mails back and forth with plans for other customs that should be finalized in the next day or 2.  When I know every thing is set I’ll update the customs list in the order those garments were finalized. 

The Katidids Etsy shop is getting pretty sparse but I do have a few items waiting to be listed.  The next sunny day will be one for photos.

Until then, I’ll be knitting!