Thursday, June 21, 2012

Gradient Candy Girl

As promised the 6-12 mo. Candy Girl Dress in progress. This gradient hand dyed from Little Monkey Stitch~N~Spin is perfect! The colors just flow one to another with subtle blending.

Gradient Candy girl 001 

I started this on our flight to Myrtle Beach and was just completing the first green portion. The rest was on the return flight. I didn’t realize but there were a few people in the aisle seats behind me watching the progress & everyone loved the colors. Rich and vibrant yet soft shifting shades. It’s truly been a joy to knit & seems to just fly off the needles. I’ve a few inches to go before the lace and hope to have it done tomorrow.  I believe I’ll need to tap into the second skein so I’ll use the remainder for a matching soaker.

Also completed are the custom LollyTree convertible longies. They are blocking now and I’ll have photos tomorrow. The buttons have yet to arrive but I’ll add those when they get here.

I know it’s hot as anything for most of the country right now but, I’m starting plans for fall and winter knits.  I’ve quite a few customs on the list right now but will be also working on stock for the Katidids Etsy Shop. so let me know what you’d like to see.  You can leave me a message here on Facebook and as always the Katidids Etsy Shop via a convo.

Enjoy the summer


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