Friday, June 22, 2012

Gradient Candy girl Ready to stock


I know I said it before but this dress just flowed off the needles.  The colors are stunning & I wish I could properly capture themGradient Candy Girl 009

Size 6-12 months using Little Monkey's Stitch n Spin Worsted Merino I just looked in her shop and I don’t see anymore gradient.  I really hope she has more available soon

Gradient Candy Girl 007

And the Lollytree Convertible Longies are also done.  I’m waiting on the buttons to ship.

Lolly Tree 001I fought the colors wanting to stack and block but I’m pleased with how these came outLolly Tree 002

Next on the list, Custom Keiki Overalls!

MArianneColors 013

Off to skein some wool


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