Friday, August 31, 2012

Cowl’s Stocked To The Shop

Seed Stitch cowls, one in deep berry that will look wonderful with dark winter colors.The second in a denim blue jeans blue that will be wonderful with …you guessed it jeans!
Cowls and Overalls 007Cowls and Overalls 002

And a couple of patterns I’ve been playing with
The Broken Basket Cowl
Cowls and Overalls 013
The Planting Seeds Cowl.
Cowls and Overalls 014

Both are fun and designed to be worn by men or women and are available in just about any color you could imagine!
For once, everything is stocked to the Katidids Etsy Shop

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Storm Knitting,

In the heat of summer?  Yes!

With tropical storm Isaac hitting Biloxi and & new Orleans we have family who evacuated the area and and came to stay with us till the storm passes.  They pulled in Monday late afternoon and we’ve been having a wonderful visit.  It’s my husbands, cousins, son’s. wife and daughter Whew! Her husband is stationed in Biloxi and needed to stay behind..

Talk about branches on the family tree! Isaiah was here last night and said Grandma,how are they related to me?  Not willing to explain 4th & 5th cousins to a 9 year old I cheated and said your cousins!  Family is always family right?

So, I haven’t tried to work on any customs so far this week.  To much going on to really focus.

There has been knitting in spurts while we chat and visit

Some striped longies.

WIPS 002

A denim blue seed stitch cowl… I finished the last few rows and cast off

WIPS 003

And a mulberry seed stitch cowl

WIPS 004

Seed stitch cowls I hope to have stocked in the next 1-2 days

Warm winter items for the shop that are always popular, and a simple pattern I can easily follow while we visit.  So far their house us ok, a lot of heavy wind and rain.  If  the power stays on she will head home Thursday & I’ll get back to work on customs.

Hope those of you in the south are staying safe and dry!


Friday, August 24, 2012

The Button Box (s)

No more searching for buttons!

Buttons 001 

I was/am using repurposed wipes containers to hold sets & bags but after a while it became a bit cumbersome.  Rooting through sets to find enough solids and then having incomplete sets when I needed them.

I was tired running our of colors for knit sets & frustrated when my knitting choices were determined by what buttons I had available. Nothing is worse than having a completed knit waiting weeks for buttons…because good buttons are worth the wait and take time to create!

So when the opportunity to bulk order was presented, I  jumped on it!

 Button Shop (3)

All those little buttons in the container

Buttons & Leg 001

1/2inch buttons for doll clothes

Buttons & Taters 001

A few dozen fit easily in a baby food jar

There are some great button designers out there right now.  Some are literal works of art.   A few of my favorites are Ayarina’s Designs, Buttons by Robyn, digit’s designs & Tessa Anne.  All fellow Etsy vendors. Each have ready to ship in the various shops and are willing to create custom buttons to coordinate with your projects.

Each have wonderful products and the customer service is fantastic.

Besides that, they are just plain fun!



Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A few finished knits

I’m seeing fall coming to our neck of the woods, it’s fall or drought dying trees.

So I’ve been pulling out the fall colors…

Small longies & cap.

Both are knit from patterns of Dakine Knits

The hat is “Be Peaceful” from the “Be” Series

Fall 006

Another pair of longies,(Blissful Knits-Pegasus)

this time with a Pixie Hat to coordinate

Pixie Hood & Pegasus 001

And a test knit “Gilead Sweater” another great design by Emily Barbee  a wonderful up and coming knit designer.  She has a fun collection of patterns listed in Ravelry.

It’s been done for 2 weeks waiting on buttons to be sewn on. 

Gilead Sweater 001

I’m thinking it needs a pair of green longies to coordinate

& embellished with the sweater color


Lot’s of other projects going on, I’ll have more up in the next day or so.



Friday, August 17, 2012

Small bits stocked

While there has been very little blogging there has been knitting.

The Ravellenic Challenge ended with the Olympics and while I did not meet all of my personal goals I did medal in a few….I think I ended up with 8 total.

Catch a Breeze Cowl 

Catch a Breeze Cowl 002

Waldorf Longies

Steps 012

The Apple Cart Longies using Dakine Knits Longies Pattern

Steps 017

A Fun Waldorf Set

Test & WIP 009

And a “Baby Blue Pixie Hood

Yet to be listed…

Pixie Hood 010

“Knitting in Vegas” Leggings, a custom knit. Using Dakine Knits Pattern

KIV 003


Waiting for buttons and the ends to be woven in is a pair of  Dakine Knits  “My Keiki Overalls”. which I modified to convertible legs. Rooting through the button box now…

Keiki Convertables 005

On the needles now.. Longies using a new color from Raya of Blissful Knits called


WIP & Fluffy Mail 012

I’ve a few more inches left to go on the legs. 

Unblocked they are measuring 20 hip and 18 rise and up for grabs. 

Fluffy mail which arrived yesterday

“Citron” on twist, another yummy color of Raya’s, ordered for a custom.

WIP & Fluffy Mail 013


More Blissful Knits!  Another new color

“Kimono”  8 squishy ounces, also on twist

WIP & Fluffy Mail 016

Kimono is just wanted to live here so it is available for custom.

Whew, I know I’ve left quite a few things out. 

The sweaters are completed and simply need buttons, there was more fluffy mail Mosaic Moon scraps for waldorf doll clothing, we’ve been working on shelving & storage space for the work room.  Drove to Indianapolis to visit family and the State Fair…I will be entering knits next year…

deep breath after this spastic post

Back to knitting

Hope you’re having a great one

Monday, August 6, 2012

I’m way behind with posts


Nothing knitting related today other than my why there was no knitting yesterday & my hands are super stiff and sore this morning..but it was sooooo worth it!  

I’ve lots to show you but I wanted to share a 5 yr project coming to an end…and the cause of the stiff and sore hands. 

Check out our “Sunday project

I’ll have knitting updates listed tomorrow