Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Storm Knitting,

In the heat of summer?  Yes!

With tropical storm Isaac hitting Biloxi and & new Orleans we have family who evacuated the area and and came to stay with us till the storm passes.  They pulled in Monday late afternoon and we’ve been having a wonderful visit.  It’s my husbands, cousins, son’s. wife and daughter Whew! Her husband is stationed in Biloxi and needed to stay behind..

Talk about branches on the family tree! Isaiah was here last night and said Grandma,how are they related to me?  Not willing to explain 4th & 5th cousins to a 9 year old I cheated and said your cousins!  Family is always family right?

So, I haven’t tried to work on any customs so far this week.  To much going on to really focus.

There has been knitting in spurts while we chat and visit

Some striped longies.

WIPS 002

A denim blue seed stitch cowl… I finished the last few rows and cast off

WIPS 003

And a mulberry seed stitch cowl

WIPS 004

Seed stitch cowls I hope to have stocked in the next 1-2 days

Warm winter items for the shop that are always popular, and a simple pattern I can easily follow while we visit.  So far their house us ok, a lot of heavy wind and rain.  If  the power stays on she will head home Thursday & I’ll get back to work on customs.

Hope those of you in the south are staying safe and dry!


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