Friday, August 17, 2012

Small bits stocked

While there has been very little blogging there has been knitting.

The Ravellenic Challenge ended with the Olympics and while I did not meet all of my personal goals I did medal in a few….I think I ended up with 8 total.

Catch a Breeze Cowl 

Catch a Breeze Cowl 002

Waldorf Longies

Steps 012

The Apple Cart Longies using Dakine Knits Longies Pattern

Steps 017

A Fun Waldorf Set

Test & WIP 009

And a “Baby Blue Pixie Hood

Yet to be listed…

Pixie Hood 010

“Knitting in Vegas” Leggings, a custom knit. Using Dakine Knits Pattern

KIV 003


Waiting for buttons and the ends to be woven in is a pair of  Dakine Knits  “My Keiki Overalls”. which I modified to convertible legs. Rooting through the button box now…

Keiki Convertables 005

On the needles now.. Longies using a new color from Raya of Blissful Knits called


WIP & Fluffy Mail 012

I’ve a few more inches left to go on the legs. 

Unblocked they are measuring 20 hip and 18 rise and up for grabs. 

Fluffy mail which arrived yesterday

“Citron” on twist, another yummy color of Raya’s, ordered for a custom.

WIP & Fluffy Mail 013


More Blissful Knits!  Another new color

“Kimono”  8 squishy ounces, also on twist

WIP & Fluffy Mail 016

Kimono is just wanted to live here so it is available for custom.

Whew, I know I’ve left quite a few things out. 

The sweaters are completed and simply need buttons, there was more fluffy mail Mosaic Moon scraps for waldorf doll clothing, we’ve been working on shelving & storage space for the work room.  Drove to Indianapolis to visit family and the State Fair…I will be entering knits next year…

deep breath after this spastic post

Back to knitting

Hope you’re having a great one

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