Friday, August 24, 2012

The Button Box (s)

No more searching for buttons!

Buttons 001 

I was/am using repurposed wipes containers to hold sets & bags but after a while it became a bit cumbersome.  Rooting through sets to find enough solids and then having incomplete sets when I needed them.

I was tired running our of colors for knit sets & frustrated when my knitting choices were determined by what buttons I had available. Nothing is worse than having a completed knit waiting weeks for buttons…because good buttons are worth the wait and take time to create!

So when the opportunity to bulk order was presented, I  jumped on it!

 Button Shop (3)

All those little buttons in the container

Buttons & Leg 001

1/2inch buttons for doll clothes

Buttons & Taters 001

A few dozen fit easily in a baby food jar

There are some great button designers out there right now.  Some are literal works of art.   A few of my favorites are Ayarina’s Designs, Buttons by Robyn, digit’s designs & Tessa Anne.  All fellow Etsy vendors. Each have ready to ship in the various shops and are willing to create custom buttons to coordinate with your projects.

Each have wonderful products and the customer service is fantastic.

Besides that, they are just plain fun!




  1. That's the same container I use for my resin snaps for my snap press! :) I have 4 of them since you need 3 sections for each color. Doesn't it feel great when you kind find stuff easier?

    1. I Love it! I have others for embroidery floss. You can purchase them in craft stores but, the same container is 1/3 the price in sporting goods/fishing!