Saturday, September 29, 2012

Playing Un-supervised in Fabric Stores

I’ve been having fun making a bunch of these little dressesFall dress6-12 006

and some sweet little skirts. 

Only a few have made it to the Katidids Etsy shop & Little Trunks Knits

Last night I decided I needed some color inspiration & to feed the fabric addiction fabric stash.

So, soon to be skirts and dreses…

Playing unsupervised 001Playing unsupervised 004Playing unsupervised 006Playing unsupervised 008Playing unsupervised 009Playing unsupervised 010

For some reason I just can’t pass owls or birdies!

Playing unsupervised 011Playing unsupervised 012Playing unsupervised 013Playing unsupervised 014Playing unsupervised 015Playing unsupervised 016

It’s been a fun way to blend my 2 favorite activities, sewing and knitting. I think the garden clean up may have to wait for an afternoon or 3 longer!


Friday, September 21, 2012

Ruffled Skirty Ready For the Mail

How fun is this skirty!  I’m really pleased with how it knit up & think the Mama will be too

The ruffles are knit with Family Pendragon Knits

“Banshee” on Gaia Organic Merino Lt Worsted DK

Banshee Ruffled Skirty 003

The perfect weight for ruffles that behave with a soft drape.

Off to wrap for tomorrows mail

And I ‘m stocking a few dresses on Little Trunks Knits this week!

Thanks for stopping in!


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Crazy busy week At Katidids Knits

Crazy busy week, there has been a lot of knitting, a lot of sewing a LOT of mess making.  I’ve overflowed from the work room to the dining room table.

Creative mess 003

3 days of blitz sewing and knitting have taken its toll on the house.  Thank goodness I have an understanding husband! 

I’ve spent the morning winding yarn for customs, prepping more skirts for dresses,blocking a completed test knit,  wrapping orders for the mail and **deep breath** attempting a bit of cleaning. 

In no specific order a few of the past weeks busy-ness!

A few dresses stocked to the Katidids Knits Etsy Shop with more in various stages

Owlie Dress 001Fall dress6-12 007









Another Candy dress finished & in the mail

Creative mess 001


Custom Skirted longies and dress for a sweet little lady

Blues longies 001SaraM Dress (2)









A “Tama” sweater and Budgie Bloomers” for a friend.  Both patterns new to me & will become a couple of “go-to” patterns to be sure!  I loved them. Sadly these are the only photo’s I have.  Both were wrapped and packaged for shipping when I pulled them back out for photos


Marianne Tama (2)Budgie Bloomers 006









I’m hoping the Mama will send a few photos. 

Well,  that’s my messy week/weekend in a nutshell. 

As you can imagine, there are a lot of trimmings and scraps laying about that have to be cleaned up before I can move on!

Have a great week!


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Molly Dress Ready To Stock

I’ve had so much fun making these!  It takes care of my knitting and sewing urges

A mix of knit and fun fabrics

“Falling Leaves” Size 3-6 months

Chest 16-17

Length shoulder hem 12 1/2 inches

The bodice is knit of 100% superwash wool for easy care.

Falling Leaves 3-6 mo 001

The 100% cotton skirt of “Falling Leaves” have a wonderful fall-ish flavor with shades of greens. rust, orange & gold

The bodice is accented with a simple fabric flower and button by Corina of “Ayarina’s Button shop.

Falling Leaves 3-6 mo 006

For the skirt I chose a french seam to avoid possible irritation to a babe

Falling Leaves 3-6 mo 005

I also used a deep hem to help the skirt hang nicely & avoid that curl some hems tend to do.

This dress is available for $20.00.

I’ve enough to make 1-2 more in larger sizes.

I popped in to the fabric store and found these fun prints

Fall Fabrics 001

so you will be seeing more of these sweet little dresses.

If you’d like to order one you can leave a message here or at the Katidids Knits Etsy Shop

Thanks for stopping in!


Friday, September 7, 2012

Repurposing & Progress in the Workroom

I’ve been pricing shelves for the wool bins.

Finding shelves big enough & deep enough has been the cause of some serious sticker shock & pricing lumber to build them even more so.(I can’t get over how much lumber prices have risen this past year!)

So the other day we were in the work room talking about design…I need deep shelves as with anything shorter than 14 inches lets the tubs slide right out on the floor.  I also needed a deep top shelf to protect the wool from fading under the light bars.  Shelves tall enough to store the tubs 1-2 on a shelf.  Anything more is an avalanche waiting to happen. Grocery store shelving would be perfect…. & he just grinned like dream on !

  Look what he brought home….SHELVING! 

Shelving 001

When they redesigned the parts store, they had a few extra heavy duty commercial shelving units left over which have been stored in the barn out back.  Sunday he pulled a set out for me and hauled them home.  Within half an hour we had frame up and I was able to load the tubs as we went to set the shelf height. Crazy as it sounds I’ve actually gained floor space.   The added bonus is the these leftover shelves had been stored freshly painted to be nice and clean for the redesign!

This how it still looks this morning.  I’d already had each color labeled in its own tub & now I need to repack a few bulging tubs and arrange colors as I’d like them. 

Shelving 003Shelving 004

I love my new rainbow wall& my hubby who I swear has a computer hard drive built into his brain.

I need to gather bags from prior projects and get them sorted out &, I’m thinking to store the un-dyed on the upper empty shelves with an overflow bin…..I’ve so many ideas & hope this weekend I can dive back in there and start arranging.

On the knitting front I’ve 2-3 WIP’s nearly done and will have photo’s up soon.

Have a wonderful weekend, I know I will Smile