Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Crazy busy week At Katidids Knits

Crazy busy week, there has been a lot of knitting, a lot of sewing a LOT of mess making.  I’ve overflowed from the work room to the dining room table.

Creative mess 003

3 days of blitz sewing and knitting have taken its toll on the house.  Thank goodness I have an understanding husband! 

I’ve spent the morning winding yarn for customs, prepping more skirts for dresses,blocking a completed test knit,  wrapping orders for the mail and **deep breath** attempting a bit of cleaning. 

In no specific order a few of the past weeks busy-ness!

A few dresses stocked to the Katidids Knits Etsy Shop with more in various stages

Owlie Dress 001Fall dress6-12 007









Another Candy dress finished & in the mail

Creative mess 001


Custom Skirted longies and dress for a sweet little lady

Blues longies 001SaraM Dress (2)









A “Tama” sweater and Budgie Bloomers” for a friend.  Both patterns new to me & will become a couple of “go-to” patterns to be sure!  I loved them. Sadly these are the only photo’s I have.  Both were wrapped and packaged for shipping when I pulled them back out for photos


Marianne Tama (2)Budgie Bloomers 006









I’m hoping the Mama will send a few photos. 

Well,  that’s my messy week/weekend in a nutshell. 

As you can imagine, there are a lot of trimmings and scraps laying about that have to be cleaned up before I can move on!

Have a great week!


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