Saturday, September 29, 2012

Playing Un-supervised in Fabric Stores

I’ve been having fun making a bunch of these little dressesFall dress6-12 006

and some sweet little skirts. 

Only a few have made it to the Katidids Etsy shop & Little Trunks Knits

Last night I decided I needed some color inspiration & to feed the fabric addiction fabric stash.

So, soon to be skirts and dreses…

Playing unsupervised 001Playing unsupervised 004Playing unsupervised 006Playing unsupervised 008Playing unsupervised 009Playing unsupervised 010

For some reason I just can’t pass owls or birdies!

Playing unsupervised 011Playing unsupervised 012Playing unsupervised 013Playing unsupervised 014Playing unsupervised 015Playing unsupervised 016

It’s been a fun way to blend my 2 favorite activities, sewing and knitting. I think the garden clean up may have to wait for an afternoon or 3 longer!


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  1. Amazing how parallel our tastes run. I have a stash of fabrics almost identical. Also have a little bodice top in my Ravelry Library waiting for me to get to it:) Love your finished product.