Saturday, December 31, 2011

Friday Finds

I have to admit I just may be as addicted to fabrics as I am to wool

Yesterday, Larry left hunting and wouldn’t be home till late this afternoon. I had a free afternoon to do what I wanted, no super to cook, no dishes.   

So I played….all day.  I had lunch out and headed to the fabric store. I wanted to see if they had Valentines fabric to make the girls outfits.

They had a pretty good selection & I fell in love with this print. 


left unsupervised in a yarn store 004

On the way to the cutting table, other prints jumped in my cart….

left unsupervised in a yarn store 001

Solid pink & purple for crib sheets to match the quilts

Honest I have no idea how they got there but, I couldn’t just leave them

left unsupervised in a yarn store 003

Scheduled to be pillow case dresses with coordinating stripe trimleft unsupervised in a yarn store 002

Tea cups!

The green was not an actual coordinate but, I think it works well for trim & pockets…then the butterfly and dragonfly prints just cried out to be princess sundresses.

Yes, I was alone unsupervised in a fabric store….which is just as addictive to me as a yarn store!

Last night I finished the Talullah dress and a quick cowl/headband.

Both are drying &I’ll have pic’s up tomorrow.

Have a safe and fun New Years!



Friday, December 30, 2011

A Bit Of Marathon Knitting Before The Years End


The “Plan” is to have my needles clear before years end & I think I may make it!

In the past few days….

Another Dakine Knits “Aloha Skirty” with striped leggings.  A YYMN

custom now blocked and ready to ship.

Using Lollytree Yarn in the colorway “June Bug”.  This is the “A” line skirty with the butterfly stitch hem, stripped legs in coordinating pink and blue.

Aloha Skirts & Leggings 002

Yet another “Aloha Skirty” with a chocolate soaker.  For this one I used gaia in the colorway “Emily” from Jenny of “Little Trunks Knits

Aloha Skirts & Leggings 014

and longies finished last night, blocked and ready to list

Micsknitz Aran BFL in the colorway “Talia”… soft and squishy! 

Aloha Skirts & Leggings 011


Which leaves me with 3 projects still on the needles…

The Tallulah Dress. This was my car knitting, this poor dress has been on the needles since mid September.  We have numerous train rails in the county and I’m always getting caught for 10-15 minutes at one or another… matter which way I go when I leave my house.  Rather than just sit and think about what I could be doing…. I’ve been working on this dress. 

I brought it in tonight to finish it.  Tonight I finished the last 4 inches of the skirt and started the sleeves.  I’d originally thought to make the sleeves long but knit with Gaia it has such a nice drape & weight it will work well through summer too. left unsupervised in a yarn store 006

The pattern is “Tallulah Dress” by Suzanne William’s of “La Petite Krott”.  It’s very well written and easy to follow.  The colorway is another from Jenny of “Little Trunks Knits” called “Foxtrot”

Which leaves me with 2 left on the needles which are in the finishing stages….  Whew! 

Now to get everything listed to the Etsy Shop.

Stay warm out there!


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Ready & nearly ready for delivery


First up & ready for delivery

The Jackson Hat, adult size using cascade 220 and embellished with simple lavender flowers.  The recipient loves it and asked if I would add a tad bit of the lavender to the tassel

Grey Hat 005


Nearly done is another custom pair of Skirted Leggings,  a new pattern I was able to test knit from Dakine knits.

I’m finishing the hem and it will be ready to be blocked.

Striped leggings 004

A Gap-tastic cowl  & longies are left to complete ….I think I’ll make it to my “empty needles” goal by years end

Stay warm out there!


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sweet Mama Pic & a bit of Family Knitting

I love Mama Pic’s & this one is super sweet

Miss Annika,  Rockin her BOKU Longies

BOKU LongiesThank You for sharing Rachael!  She’s a doll.

Miss Alix needed a warm hat to coordinate with her Christmas outfit.  Something warm and simple.

Using the Dakine Knits pattern “Be Gentle” & sizing up with aran weight Bollicine Lampedusa gave me the perfect newborn cap.

It will be great with her Christmas outfit and, after Christmas I’ll add a bit of pink flowers

wips 010

More not so great photos

I finished the longies to Alix’s pink, cream & green set.

  A SMSS Kimono and coordinating longieswips 005

Accented with a pink & green flower Tessa Ann button. 

Oops, just realized I forgot a hat!

Stay warm out there!


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Goodies In The Mail!

I had a very productive day, crazy busy & fun day but most importantly productive.  I ran all over the county finishing last minute shopping & came home worn out …ready to prop my feet up for a bit & have a fresh cup of coffee. And realized I forgot to check the mail.  So while a fresh pot was brewing I hoofed it down to the mail box…(cause I’m a sucker for Christmas cards, I just love them) anyways, the walk was more than worth it…look what I found! 

A sweet package of goodies from Corina of

Ayarina’s Button Shop!

I found her shop about a year ago & have been very satisfied with each and every purchase. I’ve gotten to the point I’ll just send her a photo of a colorway and say “I need buttons”…giving her the count and size needed & never been disappointed.

Now, if I can only remember which projects these go to or, if they were “just because they are so darn cute “ kinda purchase.

Button Mail! 001

There are a few things on the needles. ….

I’m not specifically working on customs until after the holiday but, when I find myself with a million and one things on the “to-do” list & need to settle my mind….I knit.  Maybe only a few rows but for me it’s calming.

So, this evening I started longies for Alix, smalls that are working up quickly.

They will match the SMSS Kimono I made a few days before she was born.

I should have them done in the morning & I’ll post photo’s of the set.

WIPS 001

Another test knit for Dakine Knits, stripped leggings with a skirty  The “leggings” portion is nearly done and I’ll start the skirt tomorrow afternoon.

WIPS 002.

And Larry was out of town on a business trip last night so I stayed up late knitting.  I’m not sure about you, but neither of us sleep well when the other isn’t there so, I though I’d start on family holiday knits……only when I looked at my mile long queue on Ravelry I couldn’t decide what to start.

  I ended up grabbing some stash yarn Micsknitz “Talia” and started

WIPS 003

what else Longies for the poor neglected Etsy shop! 

Time for me to toddle off to bed as tomorrow is another busy day.

Stay warm out there



Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Amanda Hat, Ready for the mail

Talk about a handful of squishy yummy-ness. Knit to coordinate with the “Bella Mittens” . I think this was the perfect combination of pattern and wool.  The Amanda Hat & Shasta Daisy Knits bulky

“Hoot Owl”

The Amanda Hat 005

  It was an interesting lace pattern to knit

This hat is not designed to hug your head, rather just slip on.  The brim is designed a tad longer than most to provide extra ear protection.

Well, I think this is the last of the custom knits until the first of the year

Time to get something done for my own family and reintroduce myself to my wheel “Joy”

The Amanda Hat 008 It’s been about 9 months since I broke my foot & had to quit spinning before I really got started.  This next week is “play” week for me

Wishing you and yours all the Blessings Christmas brings


Monday, December 19, 2011

BOKU Longies in the mail!

During the Black Friday/cyber Monday time frame I had a drawing for a free YYMN slot & the winner was Rachael.

She mailed me some yummy “BOKU” by Plymouth Yarns (Very similar to Noro)  I really like how the colors flowed.  I was working with multi skeins so I was able to match the colors pretty close for the legs.  The patterning changed right when I started the ruffle but I kinda like that…I hope Rachael does too.

Boku longies 008 There was just enough left to also knit a coordinating hat. The set has been lanolized and shipped this morning.

Also on the needles is “The Amanda Hat by Gina House” A custom knit using Shasta Daisy Knits “Hoot Owl” to coordinate with the custom “Bella’s Mitts” I made last week.

Boku longies 001

It’s much further along at this point than this photo shows.

I hope to have it in the mail tomorrow (Fingers crossed).

Stay warm out there!


Friday, December 16, 2011

Trying To Clear the Needles

This year I plan to spend a few days during Christmas knitting for us. But, to do that guilt free, I’m finishing up a few customs.

My first ever cables

This year, one of my goals was to learn to knit cables….I’d done a fairly good job ignoring that goal…..and almost made it to years end when I was asked to knit these gloves by a very good customer of mine…how could I say no! 

Bella's Mittens by Marielle Henault

Using Shasta Daisy Knit’s “Hoot Owl” on bulky merino.

These are so soft and squishy~ Super warm and comfy. 

Mitts, Girls sweaters and boku longies 001

They should be in the mail tomorrow if they are dry

And wow, I sure wish I’d tried cables earlier than this, they were so easy!


And matching shrugs for Evie and Alix.

Erika requested washable so I used Lion Brand Vanna Solids with the pattern

“Something Beautiful” Shrug from DaKine KnitsMitts, Girls sweaters and boku longies 003

and accented with sweet Tessa Ann Buttons.

Mitts, Girls sweaters and boku longies 005

Now to see if I can get the matching skirts sewn!


Also on the needles are longies for the YYMN Custom Knit winner.

The mama sent me 3 skeins of Plymouth Yarns BOKU

I started these this morning and am at the gusset now.  I should have them ready to ship by Monday

boku Longies 001

I’d better get to knitting while I can as it looks like we will finally get our tree up to night!

Stay warm out there!


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Popsicle Not Just a Summer Treat!

Can I tell you how fun this was to knit?  Winter has set in and every thing is blech outside, grey dreary skies and brown grass…no snow yet to brighten things up…blech is the best I can describe it.

But inside, bright bold colors that are just so cheerful!  Using “Love Ewe Yarns” Licorice Twist “Popsicle” a sweet Kenna Button Top.

A fun & versatile pattern designed by Nicole Ratliff of “Dakine Knits” has become a “go to” staple for wool clad little ladies. 

The coordinating Leggings were knit to button on coordinating SMSS Bloomers, another wonderful pattern designed by Carina Spencer,

Kenna & Dakine Test Knits 002

The “Leggings” were knit to button on coordinating SMSS Bloomers, another fun pattern by Carina Spencer.  A sweet set that will be in the mail this afternoon

Both garments are accented with adorable custom colored “Tessa Ann” Posies buttons.

On the needles now,…

A sneak peek of a current test knit using Lolly Tree “June Bug”

Stripped Leggings 002

This project is much further along at this point then the photo shows & I hope to have completed by the weeks end.

Up coming knit is for the winner of the Black Friday YYMN custom.  It will be longies using Plymouth Yarn “Boku”. 

Off to knit!

Stay warm out there


Monday, December 5, 2011

Sweet Curly Mama Pic’s

I’m still a bit behind posting customs but here is another that was recently shipped

Sweet sweater knit for Miss Izzy, yet another photo off the dry rack

(and yes, the sleeves are the same length one just scrunched down)

Knits to list 002

Miss Izzy, helping her Mama Shop, styling her hand knit sweater. 

Using a wonderful handspun blend of fibers from

“Little Monkey’s Stitch & Spin” (Etsy)

A sweet hooded cardi accented with custom buttons from Ayarina’s Button shop (Etsy)

Izzi in handspun

How could you not want to just kiss those cheeks!

It’s cold and pouring rain today so my plans are to stay inside where it’s warm to knit and get the girls quilts completed.

Stay warm out there!


Friday, December 2, 2011

Bit Of Catch Up

Custom Reid Romper a pattern designed by Raya of “Blissful Knits” & using Little Trunks Knits, “Poetry Of The Earth” Trimmed in deep Teal.

Unfortunately I popped it in the mail before I took final photos so, these are mama updates on the dry rack.  Poetry on dry rack 003

And a sweet hat to coordinate using one of Dakine Knits new hat patterns from the new “Be” series “Be Joyful”.

Joy 004

The entire series is just adorable.  There are a variety of hat styles with plenty of options in each to fit preemie to adult.

This is “Be Gentle”

Knit preemie for a preemie

SCrappy Hat 014

Shown on a small grapefruit about the size of a standard orange.SCrappy Hat 022

Also in the mail and, again I rushed to ship leaving me with there cruddy photos.

Myla’s longies using Mosaic Moon in the colorway “Spring Basket”   Little pockets were added and accented with buttons from Digits Designs a fellow Etsian

Thanks giving 002

Theses were knit as a awesome trade,  Myla had outgrown some really cute baby clothes and needed longies…we needed the correct seasons baby clothes and could provide the longies.  It was a win win for us both.

It’s been a busy past few weeks with family and knitting. We’ve a new baby due to the family in the next few days, so of course there has been a few bitty things knit for her.  Customs are back on track and up-date photo’s will be posted tomorrow.

I hope you enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday as much as I did!

Stay warm and woolie out there!


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Scrap’s & Cap’s


Scrappy hat fresh off the needles. 

This time I used the “Jackson’s Hat” From Evie Wonder Pants on Hyena cart.  The pattern offers many different brims and hat finishing styles of which I chose the Stock Cap.  I have bags of scraps that need to be used & thought this was a perfect project.  This hat will fit youth to adult.

SCrappy Hat 004

SCrappy Hat 005


Brim measures 14 at rest but easily stretches to 22 inches (my big o’l noggin) with the tassel resting on my shoulder

Should be listed to the Katidids Etsy Shop this afternoon



SCrappy Hat 014SCrappy Hat 022

Also Just completed is a Preemie cap using a new pattern from Dakine Knits

“Be Gentle”

The pattern offers numerous brim options and is multi sized for preemie growth.


On the needles now are custom longies for Sara using Mosaic Moons “Charlie”

It’s a rainy dreary day out and the bright colors sure help chase the blah”s away

Charlie Longies 001

The handspun sweater is drying and I’ll have photo’s up tomorrow

Have a great day!


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Customs in progress, Mama update’s!

A hooded Cardi in progress using handspun from Little Monkey’s Stitch & Spin.  Wow, is it nice! Often handspun is overspun and kinks up while knitting with it…this is smooth and wonderful to work with.  The sweater is knitting up quickly as I want to knit to the next color change!WIPs 004

Also on the needles are longies for Sara.  Using Mosaic Moon Charlie” These longies are a fun knit as the colors are so bold they just pop !WIPs 006Friday I’ll be stocking again with Jenny on Little Trunks Knits,  I’ll have a few Christmas items & if your looking for overalls you need to see the Bayside Britches she’s stocking

WIPs 007

Tonight they are calling for snow so you can bet I’ll be inside knitting & venturing out as little as possible tomorrow

Have a great week!


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Custom Honeysuckle Set in the mail

I just completed knitting the

Honeysuckle Top/Dress/Tunic from EviePants

& what a sweet pattern!

Some tops can become tedious after a knitting a few times but, this pattern has enough stitch changes to keep you on your toes.  I’d not knit a lateral braid before so it was a learning experience for me also.

Honeysuckle 001

Using a custom colorway from Family Pendragon on Avalon superwash

Bloomers were knit using the

Convertible Baby Bloomers by Carina Spencer

And accented with custom buttons from Ayarina’s Button Shop


Avalon set 007Avalon set 009

This 18 mo set will be used for a little ladies 1 year photo’s this weekend.

There is a Romper nearly done and a sweater on the needles.  Update photo coming soon!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Custom Knits ready for the mail!

On the way to a Mama for Christmas photo’s, The Pacific Holiday Set

A YYMN Custom using a hand dyed color-way  “Pacific Holiday”from

Raya of Blissful Knits Pacific Holiday set 038

Sweet Shrug in a deep ruby red

Pacific Holiday set 036

A fun “Rumba” Skirty with 3 tiers of ruffles and coordinating leg warmers

Pacific Holiday set 039

This will be one well dressed little lady!


Also ready for the mail “Peace Please Longies”

Hand knit with “Peace fleece”. 

baby watch and Rainbow Peace 007

It often feels like a brillo pad when you first start knitting with it but softens as its handled.  When laundered it blooms and after a few washes will become cottony soft and wears like cast iron….sturdy enough for active toddlers


A few more customs are in the works and at least 2 should be completed this week.

Progress photos up tomorrow.

Have a great evening


Friday, November 4, 2011

Peace Please! Stocking to Etsy Katidids

“Peace Please” Longies stocked to the Katidids Etsy Shop .

Ahh, the durability of peace fleece! Nice and sturdy longies  that hold up to active crawlers and toddlers.  The durability of peace fleece some call nearly bullet proof which, makes them a must have for night time use or a heavy wetter.

These longies have a larger hip to accommodate the added night time fluff.

Peace Please Longies 003

Hand-dyed by me using wine, periwinkle & grey with touches of blue.

Peace Please Longies 002

After I listed these in the shop I  was checking out one of my favorite shops My Little Pitterpats and look what I found!

Funky little Kicks

   These handmade shoe’s are so stinkin cute & a perfect match for these longies! 

I think she has shoes that would match ANY outfit!

Be sure to pop in and take a look.


Finishing a few customs today and will have photo’s up tomorrow!

Have a great weekend