Friday, November 4, 2011

Peace Please! Stocking to Etsy Katidids

“Peace Please” Longies stocked to the Katidids Etsy Shop .

Ahh, the durability of peace fleece! Nice and sturdy longies  that hold up to active crawlers and toddlers.  The durability of peace fleece some call nearly bullet proof which, makes them a must have for night time use or a heavy wetter.

These longies have a larger hip to accommodate the added night time fluff.

Peace Please Longies 003

Hand-dyed by me using wine, periwinkle & grey with touches of blue.

Peace Please Longies 002

After I listed these in the shop I  was checking out one of my favorite shops My Little Pitterpats and look what I found!

Funky little Kicks

   These handmade shoe’s are so stinkin cute & a perfect match for these longies! 

I think she has shoes that would match ANY outfit!

Be sure to pop in and take a look.


Finishing a few customs today and will have photo’s up tomorrow!

Have a great weekend


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