Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Custom Honeysuckle Set in the mail

I just completed knitting the

Honeysuckle Top/Dress/Tunic from EviePants

& what a sweet pattern!

Some tops can become tedious after a knitting a few times but, this pattern has enough stitch changes to keep you on your toes.  I’d not knit a lateral braid before so it was a learning experience for me also.

Honeysuckle 001

Using a custom colorway from Family Pendragon on Avalon superwash

Bloomers were knit using the

Convertible Baby Bloomers by Carina Spencer

And accented with custom buttons from Ayarina’s Button Shop


Avalon set 007Avalon set 009

This 18 mo set will be used for a little ladies 1 year photo’s this weekend.

There is a Romper nearly done and a sweater on the needles.  Update photo coming soon!

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  1. Love it Katie. You have so much patience with knitting. I find it hard to finish any knitting that I start. It just takes so long is I find it tedious.