Friday, April 29, 2011

Test Knitting Again!

Knit Baby Overalls

by Kylie Marie Brown

And were they a fun knit!  Constructed totally different than any I’ve knit before.

Fun, lots of options, LARGE size range… that works because of the design

Hopi Overall's 015

These were knit with Wildflower Whimsy “Hopi” Lily Organic Merino which, will be a nice weight for summer

These should be listed to the shop tomorrow evening

Hopi Overall's 017 Hopi Overall's 013

I’ve another pair completed, all but the buttons

Also just completed was a pair of custom shorties for Gail


Lanolized and on the way

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Summer Fun In Cloth Diapers by katidids on Etsy



Summer Fun In Cloth Diapers by katidids on Etsy

Summer Fun In Cloth Diapers


Be sure and check out a fun collection of cloth diaper items from the talented members of the Etsy Cloth Diaper Team! Diapers, covers, soakers…..I had a tough time choosing!



Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Riverbank Shorties, Just Listed


This past fall I visited my Mom in California.
My sister & I took a bit of time together and went for a walk buy the riverbank. It brought back a lot of childhood memories. Smooth round stones for skipping, driftwood caught on the shore, clear water near the bank until our foot steps & the tadpoles stirred it up. Rafters laughter on the deep blue and teal waters.
Conversations that held no urgency yet flowed like that river as we shared childhood memories and future dreams


It was a beautiful cloudless day that I will hold in my memory and treasure always.
Riverbank is my humble attempt to recapture that day.
Soft and silky BFL, strong enough for toddlers wear & tear.
Hand dyed by me in the colors of the day, trimmed in a brown the shade of wet drift wood. Accented with a pocket large enough for your little ones the rock I brought home from the riverbank that afternoon.

Lanolized and listed to the Katidids Etsy shop this afternoon

Custom Soakers & Headband

I had just enough of a previous YYMN custom to knit up a “Super Trim Fit” soaker. Ruffled cuffs and ribbed waist in such fun girly colors.


A simple headband to coordinate with both the soaker and the “Molly Bubble Romper”


It’s nice when the skein has enough yardage for a few extras!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Fluffy Mail! Shipments in & Shipments out!


Just had to save for a day of private petting and drooling..

OOAK From Little Trunks Knits 4.6 oz. on BBR.  Similar to “Boys Of Summer”  but deeper shades

“Spring Daisy” 4.2 oz., also on BBR.

Fun colors for a little ones summer wardrobe.

I can’t decide what I want to make so, they are both available for customs!

Customs in the mail today

A sweet Molly Bubble Romper


And a “Ruffled Sun Hat”


Soakers and a coordinating headband were  completed last night and will ship tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a blessed Easter!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Katidids Etsy Stocking!

Listed to the Katidids Etsy Shop last  night

Small Soaker knit with Mosaic Moon “Spiced Cocoa”. 

Super soft and and uber absorbent…besides being so darn cute!

The soaker was knit in the cocoa using the Super Trim Soaker pattern.  The legs, waist,drawstring & ruffled bottom knit with the coordinating color way.  

On the dry rack now…lanolized & ready to ship!


Also listed…

Large Shorties knit with Brown Sheep Wool in

“Velvet Rose”


For the heavy wetter's or, night time use, these will be super absorbent!

Listings are up on Little Trunks Knits & The Auction Fundraiser for Baby Memphis (second auction) goes live tonight at 9pm. 

See you there!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

Guest Spot on Nocturnal!

Oh!  I nearly forgot I’m participating in the Auction Fundraiser for Baby Memphis on Nocturnal!

I’ve offered the Easy Access Romper for auction.

Easy Access Romper (2)

Be sure and read the purpose of this fundraiser.

It seems you have to search on line & the news to hear of the good people do but, not in the WAHM community!

This is a 2 part auction, one batch of items is on now, baby items, toddler toys, yarn, stitch-markers, a few adult garments….something for everyone!  The second will start the 23rd.  Check it out I’m sure you’ll find something for your family or to be tucked away for future gifting!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Custom Molly Bubble Up Date!

Molly Bubble on the needles!

A YYMN custom using “Woolen Mill St Yarn”IMG_3456

Such a beautiful color way but, I swear it hates me.  This is the 3rd attempt to stop the colors from stacking/pooling.  I think it’s the combo of the pattern fullness and color repeats in the skein

I should have this ready for the mail by weeks end!

And I finally got both pair of longies listed to the Etsy shop!  Took a few extra days as I kept getting side tracked…..

Custom spots are open!

I’ve been sorting thru the stash and have gathered up 2 10 gallon bags of wool scraps. 1 was in a full laundry basket I’d forgotten about.  So, It looks like a batch of scrappies are in order!  Longies, Elizabeth tunics, soakers and skirties.  Maybe even a romper or 2!  Let me know if there is a size you’re looking for!

Got your wool on?

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Customs In The Mail!

Sweet Faith Capri’s YYMN custom knit using

“Faith” by Creatively Ewe on Licorice Twist.  Until this point I’d not used any of her colorways but the way this one knit up is just stunning!


And the “Ballerina Girl” Set accented with Tessa Ann Buttons

. This is a new color way from “Little Trunks Knits”  knit on Gaia worsted  Such sweet soft colors I know will be very popular!


Elizabeth Tunic & Sheepy Tim Knit Bloomies

I’ve been playing in the dye pots again!

I’ve quite a few girlish colors but running short on boyish so I skeined up some BFL and started mixing colors…Royal to light blue, Chocolate to cream with touches of teal


I see cargo shorties in the near future for this one! What size do you need? Winking smile

Friday, April 15, 2011

Just a Bit of Catching up Finished Knits!

What a slacker I’ve been!  On posting not the knitting! Access to the camera has been a bit limited

I fell the end of last week and have been banging around on crutches,  so forgive the terrible indoor photos

In random order of completion…

Heavy weight large girly longies.  Super thick, and really absorbent.These longies have beautiful clear colors & will be great for winter or night time super-soakers!

I recently bought another WAHM’s stash and found quite a few of the skein tags are are missing. If you recognize the dyer or the name of this beautiful color way please let me know!  These are available & will be listed to the Etsy shop this afternoon.


The colors in this photo are waaaay off but,  A YYMN pair of soakers the Mama requested to match a Cali Cargo Tunic…


Custom knit Medium Capris using Little Trunks Knits kettle-dyed “Emily”.

Again my photo doesn't;t do justice to the beautiful clear colors of pinks, teal, cream & chocolate



And lastly  a pair of small mid weight longies with a coordinating “Sweet Mama Small Sugar”  “Fae Folk Hat”.

The standard front decreased were omitted which allowed the top to form to a Elfin style. This set is on the dry rack now and will be listed to the Etsy Shop this afternoon!


I’ve another pair of custom capris coming off the needles this afternoon and then have 2 Easter outfits to get cracking on.

With the injury and needing to be off my feet I’ve had plenty of knitting time. Customs are caught up & actually ahead of schedule so, I’ll be able to offer 2 more custom slots for the last 2 weeks of April. 

Got your wool on?

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fresh Knits, Stock & Customs

Garden Party ReMix

Small Shorties of Cascade 220 & trimmed in my colorway “Garden Party”

Garden Party Shorties Remix

Lanonlized and on the dry rack now.

I should have them listed in the Katidids Etsy shop this evening.

The custom Elizabeth Tunic in “Ballerina Girl” is done sans buttons & blocking.

Ballerina Girl Elizabeth Tunic

I LOVE how this knit up. Such a sweet colorway & any of the many shades would be perfect for trim colors.

These will be paired with bloomers which, are on the needles now.

There was no knitting accomplished this evening or, not much anyway.  We spent the time working on my studio & the rest of the addition!

Most of the drywall is up.  We’ve part of the ceiling and closet to finish but,the majority of it has at least the first run of mud done.


through the hall into the bathroom (green board)

We’ve left the outer hallway till last as we don’t want to ding it up when sheets of dry wall are carried in although Larry say’s all drywall will be done tomorrow. Guess that means more drywall mud for me!

Little bits at a time but we’re getting there!