Friday, April 15, 2011

Just a Bit of Catching up Finished Knits!

What a slacker I’ve been!  On posting not the knitting! Access to the camera has been a bit limited

I fell the end of last week and have been banging around on crutches,  so forgive the terrible indoor photos

In random order of completion…

Heavy weight large girly longies.  Super thick, and really absorbent.These longies have beautiful clear colors & will be great for winter or night time super-soakers!

I recently bought another WAHM’s stash and found quite a few of the skein tags are are missing. If you recognize the dyer or the name of this beautiful color way please let me know!  These are available & will be listed to the Etsy shop this afternoon.


The colors in this photo are waaaay off but,  A YYMN pair of soakers the Mama requested to match a Cali Cargo Tunic…


Custom knit Medium Capris using Little Trunks Knits kettle-dyed “Emily”.

Again my photo doesn't;t do justice to the beautiful clear colors of pinks, teal, cream & chocolate



And lastly  a pair of small mid weight longies with a coordinating “Sweet Mama Small Sugar”  “Fae Folk Hat”.

The standard front decreased were omitted which allowed the top to form to a Elfin style. This set is on the dry rack now and will be listed to the Etsy Shop this afternoon!


I’ve another pair of custom capris coming off the needles this afternoon and then have 2 Easter outfits to get cracking on.

With the injury and needing to be off my feet I’ve had plenty of knitting time. Customs are caught up & actually ahead of schedule so, I’ll be able to offer 2 more custom slots for the last 2 weeks of April. 

Got your wool on?

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