Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Custom Molly Bubble Up Date!

Molly Bubble on the needles!

A YYMN custom using “Woolen Mill St Yarn”IMG_3456

Such a beautiful color way but, I swear it hates me.  This is the 3rd attempt to stop the colors from stacking/pooling.  I think it’s the combo of the pattern fullness and color repeats in the skein

I should have this ready for the mail by weeks end!

And I finally got both pair of longies listed to the Etsy shop!  Took a few extra days as I kept getting side tracked…..

Custom spots are open!

I’ve been sorting thru the stash and have gathered up 2 10 gallon bags of wool scraps. 1 was in a full laundry basket I’d forgotten about.  So, It looks like a batch of scrappies are in order!  Longies, Elizabeth tunics, soakers and skirties.  Maybe even a romper or 2!  Let me know if there is a size you’re looking for!

Got your wool on?

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