Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Riverbank Shorties, Just Listed


This past fall I visited my Mom in California.
My sister & I took a bit of time together and went for a walk buy the riverbank. It brought back a lot of childhood memories. Smooth round stones for skipping, driftwood caught on the shore, clear water near the bank until our foot steps & the tadpoles stirred it up. Rafters laughter on the deep blue and teal waters.
Conversations that held no urgency yet flowed like that river as we shared childhood memories and future dreams


It was a beautiful cloudless day that I will hold in my memory and treasure always.
Riverbank is my humble attempt to recapture that day.
Soft and silky BFL, strong enough for toddlers wear & tear.
Hand dyed by me in the colors of the day, trimmed in a brown the shade of wet drift wood. Accented with a pocket large enough for your little ones treasures...like the rock I brought home from the riverbank that afternoon.

Lanolized and listed to the Katidids Etsy shop this afternoon

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