Saturday, April 2, 2011

Fresh Knits, Stock & Customs

Garden Party ReMix

Small Shorties of Cascade 220 & trimmed in my colorway “Garden Party”

Garden Party Shorties Remix

Lanonlized and on the dry rack now.

I should have them listed in the Katidids Etsy shop this evening.

The custom Elizabeth Tunic in “Ballerina Girl” is done sans buttons & blocking.

Ballerina Girl Elizabeth Tunic

I LOVE how this knit up. Such a sweet colorway & any of the many shades would be perfect for trim colors.

These will be paired with bloomers which, are on the needles now.

There was no knitting accomplished this evening or, not much anyway.  We spent the time working on my studio & the rest of the addition!

Most of the drywall is up.  We’ve part of the ceiling and closet to finish but,the majority of it has at least the first run of mud done.


through the hall into the bathroom (green board)

We’ve left the outer hallway till last as we don’t want to ding it up when sheets of dry wall are carried in although Larry say’s all drywall will be done tomorrow. Guess that means more drywall mud for me!

Little bits at a time but we’re getting there!



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