Sunday, September 26, 2010

Scrappy Longies WIP & Customs nearly completed

Girly scrappy’s 18 rise and 21 hip, a few more inches to complete the legs.Edward unblocked & scrappy's 002

The “Edward” longies are done and just need blocked. The Kenna Top is waiting for sleeves and then matching longies,

  The cream longies are ready for legs. 


My fingers are tired but, there will be a lot of finishing tomorrow!

Hope your having a great weekend.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Fall Knits for weekend stocking and Custom Tickle hat DONE!

Large Longies on super soft and squishy BFL. 

The colorway is “Autumn” and it sure lives up to its name with all of its rich colors!  Tickle, Autum & Lime 009

  Another good pair great for fall, Orange lime and deep dark navy on cestari….

a bit of Halloween peaking throughTickle, Autum & Lime 008

A custom Scrappy Tickle Hat ready for the mail

Tickle, Autum & Lime 002

On the needles now for customs are a Kenna Top, Edward Longies, Cream Longies, and a pair of scrappy longies for stock

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Toppers & Bottoms on the needles

On the needles now

Sheepy Pants in yummy BFL in the colorway “Autumn”  I’m not real excited how the colors on upper body pooled but I think the legs will work out great.  I’ve worked this 3 times and am not doing it again! 

It WANTS to pool!

Autumn 001 I’m also working on a girly Tickle Hat, waiting for Mom’s approval and then I’ll work the ear flaps.  Hope to have in the mail to her tomorrow. 

Scrappy tickle & Choices 001


Bonnet & Pie 008 Bonnet & Pie 007

I love a baby in a traditional bonnet so when I found the “Simple Bonnet” pattern by Annie Soutter on Ravelry. I knew I had to knit some up.  

The timeless basic bonnet with a few updates. I know you’ll be seeing more of these in the shop!

The Kenna top and longies in the Mosaic Moon “Pumpkin Pie” knitting portion is completed.

Photos are of the garments unblocked

Bonnet & Pie 013

It’s waiting for buttons and an appliqué for the top….a pumpkin of course!

I’ve a few other things working  for the shop & a few completed waiting photos. 

So many ideas & colors, so little time!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Etsy Stocking in the Katidids Shop!


Poor Isaiah, I think my days of coercing him to model for me are almost over. 

This time its going to cost me another hat…he just didn’t realize I’d already had one planned for him!

The Tickle Hat, a design of Kristi Pyatt, fun, functional and most importantly warm!

He’s wearing an adult size so its a tad big but, you get the idea.  I’ll start stocking the shop with these. 

Sizes range from infant to adult.  The possibilities are endless!

Real Tree & Earflap 006

Real Tree & Earflap 005


This one is on its way to Audies Mom tomorrow morning! Montana winter can be pretty cold so, this Tickle Hat has a bit of extra room to wear a fleece layer underneath. 

Tickle for Audies Mom 004 Tickle for Audies Mom 003

“Leaves of Grass” Large wool Longies.  More yummy yarn from Moonlight & Laughter my fellow Etsian!

Just listed in the shop.

Leaves of grass Longies 014

I ran out of time to list the sweaters today so they should be up by tomorrow afternoon.



Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Customs Longies in the Mail!

My 2 (new) favorite Mosaic Moon Colors knit and posted today to 2 great customers!

Woodland Tale on 3 ply merino…OMGosh!!  Super soft for Sara’s Little one.

  (The tie was included I just forgot to attach it before the photos)Sep FO 007

World Tree Longies on Cestari super fine. Nice sturdy longies for Liz’s Little Man…

   I LOVE LOVE LOVE this colorway!Sep FO 018

I’d started using the World Tree for large longies but, I hated the legs.  Colors pooled badly and drove me nuts so, I was pulling them apart, moaning when Liz e-mailed and said she liked the colors…… so I still got to play with wonderful yarn!

On the needle now,   A Tickle Hat” for AudiesMom.  

Leaves of grass Longies 016

This photo was taken this afternoon,

I just need to complete the earflaps and pop it in the mail.

I’ll have a few new things listed in the Etsy Shop tomorrow.  2 CUTE baby sweaters and more longies.

And, has anyone seen a cool crisp fall day yet?  15 September and it was 93 today.  It’s 10:55 pm and still 85 degrees.  Thank goodness for wool!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

World Tree Longies on the Needles

I love this colorway.  Mosaic Moon colors are so rich and vibrant I think at times its difficult to appreciate individual colorway’s until you can look at them individually. I had a chance to purchase this one and snapped it up!    “World Tree” is one I’d not noticed before. Real Tree & Earflap 020 Teal, turquoise, 2 shades of brown greens & a touch of black, ultimate earth colors.  

This will rock for a little man but, great gender neutral color as well.

On Cestari superfine these longies will be super sturdy for an active toddler and warm for this winter.

If everything goes as planned I should have them completed for Tuesday stocking in the Etsy Shop

I thinks a Kenna Button Top and longies are up next! 

Friday, September 10, 2010

Are You Ready for Fall? Longies Stocking & Custom Progress

Fall longies stocking is starting.  I listed these this morning…

Large Girls longies, I dyed this will all the hot colors for little girls this year.  Designed to coordinate with numerous tops from the GAP & Old NavynEW fo'S 005

Small Longies in Blueberry Cascade. 

Soft for a new babe and wonderful gender neutral colornEW fo'S 012 Both are listed in the Etsy Katidids shop!

On the needles now are custom longies for Sara. 

She selected a in stock color by Mosaic Moon,

Woodland Tale. 

Woodland Tale WIP 005

She chose a deep rich red for the trim. 

I’m grafting for the legs now and plan to have them lanolized and ready to ship Monday…gotta keep those little legs warm!

I have updated the customs list and I think I have everyone but, I’m still scouring all the e mails and Etsy Convo’s that came through while I was out of town.

If your not on the list or you should be, let me know!

I’ll be stocking winter hats & a few sweaters soon so let me know if there is a size or color you need!

Enjoy the sunshine while you can!



Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Northern Lights longies and back in the knitting groove!

It’s feels like forever since I’ve updated here! 
I took a week trip to Calif to visit my Mom & sisters, which was wonderful!  I also flew down to San Diego to see my son then back to Sacramento before flying home.  Needless to say there was plenty of time for plane knitting but, I’m not a morning person and those 5 am check-in’s kicked my butt!

I do have 5-6 items in the works, tunics, overalls, and test knitting for other designers. A few things are actually done…..

Northern Lights Longies using 100% wool from Mountain Colors

Northern Lights Longies 003 Listed to the Etsy Shop last night

And 2 other customs that were mailed out.

No photos as I just replaced my cameras memory card…which I left in San Diego!  So,the

one other photo I have now is another pair of longies

OTN 001 A hand dyed of mine on a nice springy soft wool.  Ready to start the legs on these.

I’ll get more picks of other projects on the needles and the customs list updated tonight.

Hope everyone is adjusting well to the new school year!