Thursday, September 16, 2010

Etsy Stocking in the Katidids Shop!


Poor Isaiah, I think my days of coercing him to model for me are almost over. 

This time its going to cost me another hat…he just didn’t realize I’d already had one planned for him!

The Tickle Hat, a design of Kristi Pyatt, fun, functional and most importantly warm!

He’s wearing an adult size so its a tad big but, you get the idea.  I’ll start stocking the shop with these. 

Sizes range from infant to adult.  The possibilities are endless!

Real Tree & Earflap 006

Real Tree & Earflap 005


This one is on its way to Audies Mom tomorrow morning! Montana winter can be pretty cold so, this Tickle Hat has a bit of extra room to wear a fleece layer underneath. 

Tickle for Audies Mom 004 Tickle for Audies Mom 003

“Leaves of Grass” Large wool Longies.  More yummy yarn from Moonlight & Laughter my fellow Etsian!

Just listed in the shop.

Leaves of grass Longies 014

I ran out of time to list the sweaters today so they should be up by tomorrow afternoon.



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