Saturday, December 31, 2011

Friday Finds

I have to admit I just may be as addicted to fabrics as I am to wool

Yesterday, Larry left hunting and wouldn’t be home till late this afternoon. I had a free afternoon to do what I wanted, no super to cook, no dishes.   

So I played….all day.  I had lunch out and headed to the fabric store. I wanted to see if they had Valentines fabric to make the girls outfits.

They had a pretty good selection & I fell in love with this print. 


left unsupervised in a yarn store 004

On the way to the cutting table, other prints jumped in my cart….

left unsupervised in a yarn store 001

Solid pink & purple for crib sheets to match the quilts

Honest I have no idea how they got there but, I couldn’t just leave them

left unsupervised in a yarn store 003

Scheduled to be pillow case dresses with coordinating stripe trimleft unsupervised in a yarn store 002

Tea cups!

The green was not an actual coordinate but, I think it works well for trim & pockets…then the butterfly and dragonfly prints just cried out to be princess sundresses.

Yes, I was alone unsupervised in a fabric store….which is just as addictive to me as a yarn store!

Last night I finished the Talullah dress and a quick cowl/headband.

Both are drying &I’ll have pic’s up tomorrow.

Have a safe and fun New Years!



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